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University of Calgary. Office of the Vice-President (Research)

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University of Calgary. Office of the Vice-President (Research)

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The University of Calgary's vice-presidents are appointed by its Board of Governors, which has been granted this power by The Universities Act as well as the authority to assign duties to the vice-presidents on the recommendation of the President. The Vice-President (Research) reports to the President and is responsible for all areas concerning research, including overall responsibility for research policy and administration; development of research strategy; and supervision of University computer facilities. This includes developing and implementing research policies and guidelines; identifying and encouraging new research and technological initiatives; providing for research space, equipment and program needs; and fostering public awareness of the research expertise at the University and the value of University research and technology research. The VP(Research) acts as a liaison with research funding councils and agencies; business and industry leaders; federal, provincial and municipal politicians and civil servants; tenants and prospective tenants of University Research Park; and The Calgary Research and Development Authority. The Vice-President is an ex officio member of the Research Policy Committee and the University Planning Committee, and ex officio chair of the General Faculties Council University Research Policy and Grants Committee.

Responsibility for research on campus was transferred in 1973 from the University Grants Office in the Faculty of Graduate Studies to the newly-created Associate Vice-President (Research) who reported to the Vice-President (Academic). This change was made as a result of the president's review of the University's research policies and related processes and management. It was decided to appoint a senior research officer to be in charge of general supervision of academic operations related to research, who would facilitate the development of research policies and related processes and management, with a view to developing a research program for the University. Some functions previously carried out by the University Grants Officer were taken over by the Associate Vice-President (Research) such as the development, operations, management and liaison functions related to University research grants, visiting scientists, and post-doctorate assistants; involvement with the University Grants Committee, President's Committee on Patents, and President's Advisory Committee on Senior Awards; and operations related to research grant applications, research contracts, patents, publication and copyright. The University Grants Office retained its other functions. It appears that The University Grants Office changed its reporting from the Faculty of Graduate Studies to the Associate VP (Research) around this time, and that its name was changed to Research Grants Office in 1974. The title of Associate VP (Research) was changed to Associate Vice-President (Academic) in 1974; in 1979, the position was changed to Vice-President (Research). This latter change reflected the expansion of research activity at the University: the amount of research grants and medical research trust funds was increasing, and the Research Park and Institutes on campus were growing in importance. In addition, a need was felt for national and international representation in the research field by an officer of appropriate rank, and for the development of an overall research strategy. Briefly, from ca. 2003-2007, the position was called Vice-President (Research and International), but it reverted to VP (Research) in 2007.

Incumbents in this position have been: W.R.N. Blair (Associate VP (Research) and Associate VP (Academic), 1973-[1978]); Keith Cooper (Associate VP (Academic) and VP (Research), 1978-1984); Michael A. Ward (VP (Research), 1984-1985); Don Detomasi (Acting VP (Research), 1985); Michael A. Ward (VP (Research), 1985-1992]); C.H. Langford (VP (Research), (1992-1998), Len Bruton (1998-2000), Keith Archer (Interim VP (Research), 2000-2002), Dennis R. Salahub (VP (Research and International), Rose Goldstein (VP (Research), 2007-2010 ), Jon Meddings (Interim VP (Research), 2010-2011), Ed McCauley (VP (Research), 2011-).


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