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  • CA ACU SPC F0008-S0001-FL0042
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1973-1979
  • Parte deAlden Nowlan fonds.

Correspondence (1973 January 22 - 1979 July 31), between various editors of Ariel and Alden Nowlan.Correspondence relating to submissions and publication of poetry and biographical material in Ariel. Includes references to the following: At Speake...

Arts : Bulletin Of The Canadian Conference Of The Arts.

Letters (1976 May 19 - Summer(?) 1976), from Terry Poulton, Editor, Arts : Bulletin of the Canadian Conference of the Arts, to Alden Nowlan.Letters discussing A. Nowlan's Telegraph-Journal column (dated April 24, 1976) reprinted in Arts : Bul...

Arts Atlantic.

  • CA ACU SPC F0008-S0001-FL0047
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1980-1983
  • Parte deAlden Nowlan fonds.

Correspondence (1980 February 5 - 1983 March 6), between Joseph Sherman, Editor, Arts Atlantic, and Alden Nowlan.Correspondence requesting submissions to Arts Atlantic, and discussing editorial policy and various other topics. Includes references ...

Arts For Peace.

Letters (n.d., 1982?), from W. E. Dan Ross, Chairman, Arts for Peace, to Alden Nowlan.Newsletters.

Association Of Canadian Television And Radio Artists.

  • CA ACU SPC F0008-S0001-FL0053
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1974, 1977, 1982
  • Parte deAlden Nowlan fonds.

Letters and invitations (1974 December 9 - 1982 May 26), from various officials of ACTRA to Alden Nowlan.Letters and invitations relating chiefly to A. Nowlan's nomination and selection as a finalist in the Best Writer - Television Variety ca...

Association Of Canadian University Teachers Of English.

Letter (1981 February 12), Fredericton, N.B., from Daniel W. Doerksen, ACUTE Campus Representative, ACUTE, to members of the English Department, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, N.B.Letter reporting on an upcoming ACUTE conference.

Association Of Teachers Of English Of Nova Scotia.

  • CA ACU SPC F0008-S0001-FL0055
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1970, 1977-1978
  • Parte deAlden Nowlan fonds.

Correspondence (1970 September 12 - 1978 December 15), between officials of ATENS and Alden Nowlan.Correspondence regarding submission and publication of articles in ATENS Newsletter, and arranging a poetry reading by A. Nowlan at a 1977 ATENS con...

Atkinson & Atkinson.

  • CA ACU SPC F0008-S0001-FL0057
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1967-1968
  • Parte deAlden Nowlan fonds.

Correspondence (1967 March 20 - 1968 September 18), between Francis E. Atkinson, Atkinson & Atkinson, and Claudine and Alden Nowlan.Correspondence regarding legal matters.

Atkinson, Caroline.

Correspondence (n.d.), between C. Atkinson and Alden Nowlan.Personal correspondence discussing various topics.

Atlantic Insight.

  • CA ACU SPC F0008-S0001-FL0061
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • [1979-1983]
  • Parte deAlden Nowlan fonds.

Correspondence (n.d., 1979 February 1 - 1983 June 8), between various editors at Atlantic Insight and Alden Nowlan.Correspondence discussing possible topics for articles, publication of articles, short stories and book reviews in Atlantic Insight,...

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