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Marjorie Rice fonds
CA ACU SPC F0229 · Archief · 1975-2017

Fonds consists of records created or received by Marjorie Rice during her mathematical research and discovery of tiling patterns, and her study and exploration of tessellations and patterns derived from various geometric shapes.

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Tom Baines fonds
CA ACU GBA F0134 · Archief · [ca. 1874]-1998

The fonds consists of notebooks, personal correspondence, a transcript and recorded of interviews about his life, sound recordings of his presentations to school children, broadcasts from the Calgary Zoo, newsclippings, share certificates, records and souvenirs of his military service, a brief history of the early Calgary Parks Department, and notes regarding the Calgary Public Museum. Includes photographs of Calgary, St. George's Island and the zoo, and a slide of Billy Henry's 100th birthday.

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CA ACU GBA F1005 · Archief · 1949-1992

The fonds consists of executive and committee minutes, extensive newsclippings about the petroleum industry and microfilms of committee records and general correspondence/subject files.

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Joe and Mary Clitheroe fonds
CA ACU GBA F0543 · Archief · 1934-1979

The fonds consists of Mary's physed instructor's manuals (1930s-1940s); theatre scrapbook (1942-1950) and stage manager's scripts; hostelling scrapbook (1944-1945), nine films about mountain hostels (1933-1940s), extensive photographs of hostels and hostellers (1930s-1940s), and various hostelling reports, correspondence, circulars and newsclippings (1940s-1979). Includes a film of the Calgary Stampede (nd).

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Evelyn de Mille fonds.
CA ACU SPC F0071 · Archief · 195-?-2000

Fonds consists of business, professional and personal papers reflecting E. de Mille's activities in the bookselling trade. Includes the following material relating to Evelyn de Mille Books Ltd.: correspondence (1961-1975); material relating to staff, advertising, statistics and finances; book catalogues; scrapbooks; newsclippings; newsletters; and miscellaneous material. Material relating to the Canadian Booksellers Association: correspondence (1957-1978), brochures, financial and other reports, contracts, press releases, policy statements and materials relating to conventions and seminars. Personal papers including correspondence, family papers and material documenting professional and volunteer activities.

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CA ACU TMM F0098 · Archief · 1894, 1942-2012

Collection consists of original (25%) and copied (75%) research material related to the history of the Canadian Airborne Regiment. It includes correspondence, taped interviews and transcripts, and photocopies of related material held at various American, Canadian and British archives and museums.

The collection comprises Michel Wyczynski and Bernd Horn's research material over the course of six co-authored books, chapters in military anthologies, and dozens of articles published in Canada, the United States, and Britain.

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CA ACU GBA F1091 · Archief · 1902-1938

The fonds consists of correspondence, legal papers and financial records of the sugar factory and farming operations (1902-1925); and a microfilm (1959) of minutes (1902-1938).

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Douglas Doherty fonds
CA ACU GBA F2153 · Archief · 1940-1997

The fonds consists of scrapbooks, programs, brochures, and newsclippings regarding drama events; an interview regarding theatre history (1971) and related notes; and photographs of theatrical productions of Northside Players, Sacred Heart Young People, and Calgary Civic Theatre.

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Henry E. Spencer fonds
CA ACU GBA F1717 · Archief · 1914-1972

The fonds consists of correspondence, speeches, radio broadcasts, newspaper clippings and pamphlets pertaining to the UFA and Spencer's political career; and correspondence, addresses, convention proceedings, etc., related to ASTA, CSTA and other educational organizations. Includes interviews with, and recordings by, Henry Spencer.

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Ned Gilbert fonds
CA ACU GBA F2095 · Archief · 1922-2015, predominant 1950-1998

The fonds consists of reminiscences; business papers and diaries; taped interviews and research materials for his history of petroleum landmen; historical articles on Sun Oil Ltd. and Suncor; slides of Atlantic Leduc #3 well and surrounding area (1948); and files from George S. Hume and George H. Cloakey regarding the testing and development of alternative devices for petroleum exploration.

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