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Seven Persons Historical Society collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0128
  • Colección
  • Copied 1980 (originally created 1907-1946)

The collection consists of views of personalities, events and buildings, including a blacksmith shop, school, church, and farm implement shop.

Seven Persons Historical Society

Gleichen United Church Women collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0035
  • Colección
  • Copied 1968 (originally created 1895-1955)

The collection consists of photographs of personalities, buildings and agriculture in Gleichen and area. Also consists of historical articles written by Rev. R.F. Brown about the Old Sun School, the Anglican Church and education.

Gleichen United Church Women

Iris Miller's William Aberhart collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0223
  • Colección
  • 1954-1956

The collection consists of transcripts of interviews related to William Aberhart, undertaken for her biography. Interviewees included Jessie Aberhart, Earl Ansley, J.E. Brownlee, L. Denis Byrne, Stewart Cameron, Mr. Cartwright, Charles Cockcroft, J.B. Cunningham, Professor Farris, James D. Ferguson, Reverend E.G Hansell, Mrs. W.P. Harvey, John William Hugill, Cyril Hutchinson, William Irvine, N.B. James, Fred Kennedy, E.C. Manning, John McLellan, Charles Palmer, Charles Read Pearce, Norman Priestley, R.G. Reid, Clive Wilmott, Dr. Victor W. Wright, and many others. The collection also consists of various research material she compiled in the mid-1950s, including transcripts of radio broadcasts, a copy of Fred Kennedy's "black book" of Social Credit happenings (1934-1939); an episode of "The Man From Mars" radio broadcasts; excerpts from New Age Club correspondence and Westbourne Baptist Church minutes; and notes on Social Credit campaign methods.

Aubut, Iris

Peace River Country Research Project collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0078
  • Colección
  • Compiled 1955-1956 (originally created 1837-1956)
  • The collection consists of typescripts of interviews (1955-1956), reminiscences, diaries (1897-1914), and autobiographies; files of biographical and historical notes; and photographs of pioneers and the area. Includes typescripts of Fort St. John fur trade post journal (1866-1924), and Fort Dunvegan post account book (1837-1864).
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS COLLECTION. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: W.D. Albright, Kristjan F. Anderson, Athabasca Trail, Dr. Lucy Bagnall, Frank Ward Beatton, John Beatton, Beaver Indians, Bredin and Cornwall, Charles Bremner, Absalom Clark Bury, Mrs. Harry Clifford, Louise Clubine, James Kennedy Cornwall, S.E. Cushway, Henry Fuller "12 Foot" Davis, Ralph Dyer, Edson Trail, Agnes Sorrel Forbes, I.E. Gaudin, H.A. George, Pliny E. Goddard, Bishop Emile J.B.M. Grouard, Peter Gunn, Mrs. Robert Holmes, William Innes, Oliver H. Johnson, George Kennedy, Klondike gold rush, Albert Lawrence, L. Grace Lawrence, Margaret M. Lawrence, Sheridan Lawrence, A.H. McQuarrie, Mrs. Sam McNaught, Metis, Alwexander Monkman, Father Philippot, Mrs. Guy Randall, H.N. Ronning, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Adolphus St. Germaine, St. Joseph's Catholic Church (Grande Prairie), school districts (Kleskun, Wapiti, MacHenry, Halcourt, Lower Beaverlodge), Felix Shaw, William Shaw, Mrs. Thomas B. Sheehan, and Treaty 8.

Peace River Country Research Project

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Calgary Library collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0013
  • Colección
  • [ca. 1930-1957]

The collection consists of scrapbooks of births, engagements, marriages, wedding anniversaries, deaths and Mormon events and appointments in Lethbridge and surrounding southern Alberta towns.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Calgary Library

Southern Alberta Research Project collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0094
  • Colección
  • 1956-1961 (originally created 1867-1961)

The collection consists of alphabetically arranged biographical files, typescripts of newspaper articles and research notes, and photographs of NWMP, oldtimers and general views of southern Alberta. Consists of these series: Fort Benton and Montana (1867-1956); North-West Mounted Police - General (1872-1947); North-West Mounted Police - Detachments and outposts (1882-1955); North-West Mounted Police - Old timers (1913-1957); Southern Alberta newspapers and editors (1923-1955); Presbyterian Church and ministers (1883-1926; First Nations (1877-1954); High River pioneers (compiled 1956-1960); Southern Alberta general history (compiled 1956-1961); and photographs (1870s-1930s).

Southern Alberta Research Project

Stephen Wilk Airdrie History collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0115
  • Colección
  • 1962-1965
  • The collection consists of interviews with and biographies of Airdrie pioneers, completed questionnaires about schools and churches, newsclippings and articles, Westminister S.D. records (1908-1927), Airdrie United Church records (1917-1948), and miscellaneous photographs, programs, poems, notes, etc.
  • INTERVIEWS WITH/BIOGRAPHIES OF THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS ARE IN THIS COLLECTION. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Archie Aitken, Emily Blankley Aitken, Neil Beaton, Rev. A.T. Bell, Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Black, Bill Brandon, Bert Clayton, Mrs. E.M. Clayton, Nina Cole, Dr. Collicutt, Willian Croxford, Joe Davy, Edith Duncan, Mr. Evans, William Evans, Tom Farr, Fred Fletcher, Mrs. John Fletcher, Sara Fletcher, Lillian Graham, Lloyd Koffsky, Daniel MacDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Northcott, Clem Perry, Thomas Pole, Ada Ryan, and Adam Watson.

Wilk, Stephen

Southern Alberta Hutterian Brethren collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0045
  • Colección
  • 1527-1971, predominant 1527-1825, 1924-1971

The collection consists of Stand Off colony records: recording of church service (1963) and singing (1971); photographs (1940s-1964); recorded interview with Jacob Walter on early history of colony (1971); sketches of early buildings; ethnological study, recorded observations and films by Dr. Karl Peter on colony life; microfilm of early religious writings (ca. 1550s-1560s), chronicle of Hutterian history (1527-1665, 1947- 1960), and legal agreements with government authorities (1782-ca. 1960) (predominantly in German); articles of association for Stand Off colony (1924-1956); and genealogy of Jacob Walter family (in German). Also consists of records from a number of southern Alberta colonies, especially Red Willow: German songbooks (1800s-1955, and some microfilmed from 1696-1825); medical book (1612, in German); microfilm of religious writings (1696-1875); recorded songs and interviews; and photographs (1961-1964). Includes microfilm of correspondence between Russian Hutterite colonies (1800s).

Hutterian Brethren

Bodil Jensen Oral History Project collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0051
  • Colección
  • 1967-1973

The collection consists of recorded interviews with pioneers of the County of Mountain View. The following individuals were interviewed: Mrs. Frank Bracken, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Buckley, George Epp, Mrs. C. Fessenden, Albert Gaitez, Mr. Grisdale, Ed Miller, Magdalene Moore, Martin Overgaard, Annie Pawson, Mrs. Fred Pekse, Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Reid, Mrs. E. Reid, Marion Reid, Jappie Rogers, Fay Stone, and Glen Warren. Includes Jensen's research papers about Olds and the County of Mountain View. Also includes historical data about the Evangelical United Brethren Church, which was active in the Didsbury area.

Jensen, Bodil

Coyote Flats Historical Society collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0015
  • Colección
  • 1975

The collection consists of reminiscences and historical information regarding families, churches, schools and organizations in the area. Includes information about families of these ethnic groups: Americans, Austrians, Belgians, Czechs, Danes, Dutch, English, Germans, Hungarians, Japanese, Jews, Lithuanians, Poles, Russians, Slavs, and Ukrainian.

Coyote Flats Historical Society

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