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Series consists of photographs of Roberts at various events throughout his career alongside composers, artists and collegaues. There are additional photographs throughout the series which were kept in the file they belonged with.


Series consists of records relating to teaching Social Work 691 and 693 on private social work practice. Records include background research materials, correspondence, course handouts, course outlines, reading lists and assignments.


Series consists of records related to courses taught in the Faculty of Social Work, and early courses from the University of Ottawa and Memorial University.

City Council alderman designation change

Series consists of correspondence, newspaper articles and letters to editor, background research materials, Human Rights complaint and correspondence related to the change in language from City of Calgary Alderman to Councillor. Also consists of files on sexist language, depiction of women in politics, typescript of "Does Language Matter in Local Governance Issue?"

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

  • Series consists of correspondence, planning documents and budgets, reports, concert programs, newsclippings, and associated reference materials reflecting the activities and responsibilities of Roberts in his various roles at the CBC, between 1957 and the 1970s. While more recent documents are not technically received during his employ at the CBC, they were kept in this series because Roberts collected them and sometimes interfiled them with older CBC records. Examples are reports and press clippings.
  • Series is arranged into seventeen subseries: 1. Celebrity Series; 2. Commissions; 3. Competitions; 4. Concerts; 5. Conferences; 6. European Broadcasting Union; 7. Festivals; 8. General; 9. Orchestras; 10. Policies; 11. Press Clippings; 12. Programming; 13. Program Schedules; 14. Reports; 15. Senior Advisor; 16. Special Advisor; 17. Tuesday Nights.
  • Series is arranged in alphabetical and chronological order.


  • Series consists of correspondence which were kept in three separate sub-series: an alphabetical correspondence while Roberts was at the CBC and possibly in other organizations; chronological correspondence exclusively from CBC maintained by a record keepng assistant in day file order while Roberts was head of serious music at CBC; and personal correspondence with composers and other colleagues which Roberts maintained in his home and alongside correspondence he received during his various professional engagements and after his retirement. There is correspondence interfiled in other series as well.
  • Series is arranged in alphabetical and chronological order.


Series contains Jeffrey Lindsay's model supplies, tools, and lecture notes. Series is divided into subseries according to his preofessional position and nature of the projects.

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