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Calgary Herald Photographic collection.
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  • Accompanied by6newsclippings. Captions: "Residences rise; steady progress. Work continues at a steady pace on future homes for students who will live on campus at UAC. The building shown is one of two 450 student residences which will be open for occu One photograph does not appear to be of the residences as there is a river in the foreground.
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Accompanied by newsclippings. Captions: "...Students from Mount Royal College cluster around the flames on Prince's Island Friday night before linking hands in a snake dance through downtown streets..."; "Three Mount Royal students swing along downtown ... leading the annual college snake dance."

Freshman activities

Accompanied by newsclippings. One caption: "...Testing to see that all is in order. Freshmen...hold up a 25 lb. chunk of barbecued beef for inspection at the UAC barbecue Saturday." The other newsclipping depicts two female students dressed in footba


  • Accompanied by newsclipping. Caption: "Automation. One of the top brains at UAC this year is a computer which aids students in course selection... Dr. J.E.L. Peck, head of the computing department looks on."
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Accompanied by newsclipping. Caption: "Biggest in Canada. This huge tank is part of a new air conditioning unit being installed in the biology science building..."


Accompanied by newsclipping.."Caption: "...Lou Goodwin, head of the Calgary University athletic department, gets ready to catch a shower of bills from a couple of supporters. Danny McCullough...president of the Dinosaur Society and Ron Ghitter make the presentation to Dr. Goodwin."

Engineering Building handed over to the University

  • Accompanied by newsclipping. Caption: "Engineering milestone. Another milestone in the road toward a full-fledged engineering school at UAC was passed Wednesday when the province turned over a new $900,000 engineering building."
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