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Campbell Aird Petroleum Industry Film collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0001
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1940s-1987]

The collection consists of film footage of petroleum industry related views (ca. 1940s-1955) including Atlantic #3 blowout and fire at Leduc field, Alberta in 1948; recorded interview with Aird's colleagues, Willis Gibson and Labby LaBerge, about the film (1987); and photocopy of letter to LaBerge and a colleague, Allan Carr, about the film (1987).

Aird, Campbell

Frank Wesley Anderson collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0003
  • Collection
  • 1880-1972

The collection consists of photographs collected for his books depicting Crowsnest Pass; Alberta ghost towns; Windthorst and Macoun, Saskatchewan; Princeton, Copper Mountain and Hedley, British Columbia; Exshaw, Alberta; Hope slide; Bill Miner; Metis and Batoche; Almighty Voice; and RCMP constables. Includes reference material including transcripts of interviews with George Williamson and Walter Parey.

Anderson, Frank Wesley

Charles R. Bunn Genealogy collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0007
  • Collection
  • 1866-1964

The collection consists of Charles R. Bunn's genealogical correspondence, research notes and newsclippings (1921-1964); John R. Bunn's diaries (1930-1931); and miscellaneous Red River letters, accounts, and fur lists (1866-1879). Includes credit record book (1866-1894) kept by A.G.B. Bannatyne, in which he recorded the credit ratings of his various customers. In this volume Bannatyne also copied the journal of Alexander Begg. His son, A.R. James Bannatyne, later annotated the volume with biographical sketches of individuals named in Begg's journal, and of his father's customers.

Bunn, Charles Randolph

Carbon and District Historical Society collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0010
  • Collection
  • 1904-1955

The collection consists of posters for dances sponsored by the Carbon Old Timers' Association (1934-1949), Knee Hill Coal Company, prospectuses (1904), interview with Mrs. Van Loon (1955), Farmers' Exchange invoices (1919-1920), and photographs of the Gallagher and Stopp coal mines.

Carbon and District Historical Society

Castor and District Museum collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0011
  • Collection
  • Copied 1977-1980 (originally created 1906-1957)

The collection consists of photographs of personalities, buildings, schools, social and sports events, and coal mining.

Castor and District Museum

Crowsnest Pass Historical Society collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0016
  • Collection
  • Copied 1973-1987 (originally created [ca. 1895-1955])

The collection consists of photographs of local personalities, businesses, mining, schools and events.

Crowsnest Pass Historical Society

Dinosaur Valley Heritage Society collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0020
  • Collection
  • Copied 1987 (originally created 1929-1961)

The collection consists of photographs of mines and personalities in East Coulee, Alberta.

Dinosaur Valley Heritage Society

Larry Ewashen Oral History Project collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0028
  • Collection
  • 1983

The collection consists of recorded interviews and transcripts; and photographs of Crowsnest personalities and locations.

Ewashen, Larry

Tom Kennedy's Panarctic Oils collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0057
  • Collection
  • 1986-1988

The collection consists of research notes and recorded interviews for Quest. The following people were interviewed: Grey Alexander, John Andriuk, Judith Armitage, R.J. Armstrong, Jim Atkinson, Jack Austin, Celia Beal, Bob Blair, Rod Brooks, R.J. Brown, Alan Bryant, Bob Campbell, Jean Chretien, Don Connolly, Eric Connelly, Pierre Cote, Ewen Cottrell, David Craig, Lynn Cross, Marshall Crowe, Bob Currie, Doc Dixon, Rod Douglas, Neil Fluker, Glen Fox, J.L. Franklin, Lynn Fross, Jack Gallagher, Alan Gates, Stan Harding, Jake Harp, Dallas Hawkin, Charles Hetherington, Mark Hinton, Gordon Hood, Bill Hopper, Digby Hunt, Andy Janich, Dr. Gordon Jones, Pat Jurisic, Steve Kaye, John King, Peter Kutney, Jim Learmont, John Lee, Howard Leslie, Helmut Linsser, Fred Mannix, Dick Matthews, D.P. Macdonald, John A. MacDonald, Don McGavin, A.M. McKenzie, Sam McKinley, Gary McLaren, Bob Merritt, W.R. Newman, E. Palliser, Maurice Palmer, Doug Parker, Mike Pegler, Rob Peters, Rea Point, Rolli Prather, Red Ratke, Jack Ray, Bill Richards, Bill Rimmer, Saul Rothman, Wilton Scott, Doc Seaman, W. Seben, Barry Singleterry, Mr. Sproule, Jim Standford, Lou Starck, Len Storvold, Jim Strain, Don Taylor, John Taylor, Charles Templeton, Bob Thomas, Gary Weyman, Doug Whylett, Mr. Wilton, Don Wolcott, and Len Youell.

Kennedy, Tom

Tom Kirkham Oral History Project collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0059
  • Collection
  • 1977-1982
  • The collection consists of recorded interviews. Transcripts are available for nine of the interviews.
  • INTERVIEWS WITH THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE ARE IN THIS COLLECTION. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Robert Armstrong, Peter Aumonier, Betty Baker, G. Keith Bevans, Abe Bickman, Gary Bikman, Gordon Black, Don Blake, Fred Blake, R.F.P. "Puddy" Bowman, Marty Boyce, John Breckenridge, Florence Campbell, Joseph Caruana, John C. Charyk, Harry W. Clark, Ernest Corbett, Samuel G. Coultis, Clarence Crockett, Carl B. Cummer, William P. Davidson, Frank Dawley, William Dick, Arthur H. Dixon, Frank Fallwell, E. Fielder, E.C. "Pat" Fitt, Robert Fleming, Don Frache, Bill Gillott, Dick Girardi, Albert Goodwin, Ruth Gorman, Alva Gross, John Hamilton, George Ho Lem, Art Hollings, Mrs. Rickie Horodezky, Charles Hubman, Bob Hulbert, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Johnson, Doug Johnson, John Kapalka, Peter Karsten, Harold J. Kellam, Mart Kenney, Owen Kenney, James Kerr, Ernie Kipp, Thomas W. Kirkham, Stanley Kitchen, Steven Kotch, Eugene Kush, Lorne Laidlaw, Ike Lanier, Vic Lewis, Robert L. Llewellyn, G. Webb Lomas, Keith Matthews, Fred J. Mellen, Hugh McCarthy, Richard McLaren, Barbara Moore, Pearl Morrison, Joseph Moscovitch, Harry Musgrove, James Nesbitt, Gordon B. Nicoll, Harry F. O'Hanlon, Carl V. Pearson, Mary-Jane Piotrowski, Hans Pfister, Marie Podbielski, Tommy Price, Orville Reber, C.W. Redfern, Donald C. Remington, J. Kenneth Ringland, Herbert Ripley, Philip Rogers, Fred J. Ronicker, Bertha Rosewarn, Harold Routledge, Ken Ruttle, David Schriner, Steve Sears, Gerry C. Shapter, A.W. "Archie" Sheffield, Dr. A.E. Shore, Art Simpson, Wayne Smith, Alan Spencer, Eleanor "Nell" Spragins, Robert F. Spragins, Rod Stafford-Mayer, Carly Stewart, Carl Stone, J. Ivor Strong, James Tamagi, Myron Thompson, Alrik Tiberg, Alvie Tillotson, Judge Louis Sherman Turcotte, William J. Watts, H.K. "Pat" Williams, Clifford Willmott, and Noel Wilson.

Kirkham, Tom

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