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Cook, Gregory M.
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Nowlan, Claudine.

  • Tributes paid to Alden Nowlan following his death, 1983 - 1984 March.
  • Tributes in periodicals, in University of New Brunswick Department of English annual report for 1982-1983 and in welcoming remarks at 1983 Maritime Writers' Workshop. Those paying tribute to A. Nowlan include Lesley Choyce, Ted Jones, Joseph Sherman, Stephen Franklin, Gregory M. Cook, Michael O. Nowlan, Robert Gibbs, Harry Bruce, Peter Thomas, Frank J. Ledwell, Clifton Whiten, Eli Mandel, Irving Layton and Janice Tyrwhitt. MsC, a special Alden Nowlan tribute edition of the Pottersfield Portfolio, v. 5, 1983-1984, contains L. Choyce's tribute and interview; poems Field day, The morning's mail and Home from the wars by A. Nowlan; and poem dedicated to A. Nowlan, The final gesture by Allan Cooper. MsC, UNB Perspectives, v. 10, no. 2, September 1983, contains eulogy delivered by Walter J. Learning at A. Nowlan's funeral. MsC, Poetry Canada Review, v. 5, no. 1, Fall 1983, contains several tributes by Canadian poets, A. Nowlan's poem He and untitled poem about A. Nowlan by C. Whiten. Includes duplicates of some items. Includes references to the following: Field day; The morning's mail; Home from the wars; He.


  • CA ACU SPC F0008-S0009-FL0015
  • File
  • Fredericton, N.B. : University of New Brunswick : St. Thomas University, 1969.
  • Part of Alden Nowlan fonds.

  • Alden Nowlan special issue.
  • The Fiddlehead, no. 81, August-October 1969. Special Alden Nowlan issue featuring poetry and short story by A. Nowlan; and biographical sketch, bibliography, interview and essays relating to A. Nowlan and his work. Sketch of A. Nowlan by Marjory Donaldson; drawings by Tom Forrestall; issue edited by Robert Cockburn. Includes references to the following: On the stairs; Two poems for the Nova Scotia Department of Highways; In memoriam : Claude Orser (1894-1968); Stoney Ridge dance hall; Comparison; The stenographer; The grove beyond the barley; His native place; Playing the Jesus game : poem; X-ray; A black plastic button and a yellow yoyo : poem; The barmaid's daughter; A mime for lovers; The silence; For Claudine, because I love her; Daisies; Picking raspberries; October snow storm.

In praise of parenthood : poem

Typescript rough draft fragments; typescript rough draft with holograph revisions; and typescript (carbon copy) clean copy with A. Nowlan's signed holograph annotation of date. Item 2 draft dedicated to "Greg and his kids", probably referring to Gregory M. Cook; item 3 includes second carbon copy. Includes references to the following: In praise of parenthood.

Mount Allison University.

  • Correspondence (1968 November 30 - 1976 February 19), between various faculty members at Mount Allison University and Alden Nowlan.
  • Correspondence arranging poetry readings at Mount Allison University, discussing briefly several poems by A. Nowlan, forwarding essay The poetry of Alden Nowlan : a revolt against death by student Bruce Hatfield (essay in Works on Nowlan Series), and relating to A. Nowlan's contributions to the student journal First Encounter and to letters written in support of several Canadian poets. Includes programs for November 1979 Arts Festival at Mount Allison University and a pamphlet of poetry by poets at Mount Allison. Verso of item 14 contains A. Nowlan's holograph notes about school children. Includes references to the following: The execution; Bread, wine and salt; Miracle at Indian River : short story collection; The mysterious naked man : poetry collection; Playing the Jesus game : poetry collection; Alden Nowlan reports; Tolstoy; For Yukio Mishima; Beets.

Cook, Gregory M.

  • Correspondence (n.d., 1967 January 7 - 1983 May 27), between G. M. Cook and Alden Nowlan.
  • Correspondence relating to G. M. Cook's proposed publishing of A. Nowlan's short story collection tentatively titled The glass roses and other stories, possibility of co-editing a proposed Maritimes literary journal, publishing of Amethyst and poetry readings at Acadia University; and discussing G. M. Cook's and A. Nowlan's current literary endeavours, Canadian literature and publishing, as well as a wide variety of other topics. Includes poems by G. M. Cook. Includes references to the following: The glass roses and other stories; Bread, wine and salt; A call in December; The grove beyond the barley; And he wept aloud, so that the Egyptians heard it; Daughter of Zion; A view from the bridge; The fresh-ploughed hill; The spy; The changeling; Temptation; The knock; The dark companions; The sleepwalker; July 15; A treaty to be signed with guests; Every man owes God a death; A dog barking at night; For Carol; The wickedness of Peter Shannon; Rivalry; Escape from Eden; Miracle at Indian River : short story collection; A darkness in the earth; Hymn; The girl who went to Mexico; The conspiracy; Hurt; Hainesville is not the world; True confession; The people who are gone; A signboard in Soho; The mysterious naked man : poem; A December conversation with Professor Algernon Squint; The guide; Under the ice; The things which are; Talk, Saint John Unitarian Fellowship; The werewolf revisited; The mysterious naked man : poetry collection; Gardens of the wind; For Yukio Mishima; Another poem; For my grandchildren, as yet unborn; Between tears and laughter; The execution; The wanton troopers; Campobello : the outer island; Miracle at Indian River : radio play; Testimony of a tent preacher; Miracle at Indian River : television play; Various persons named Kevin O'Brien; Incident observed while picking up the mail; In praise of parenthood; Hands (Watching another's hands...); I'm a stranger here myself; Frankenstein : the man who became god; Frankenstein : radio play; Shaped by this land; A boy with a shotgun; Learning about the Bobaks; The dollar woman : stage play; A walk in spring; Smoked glass; The incredible murder of Cardinal Tosca : stage play; An introduction to the Moon People; Only when my heart freezes; Alden Nowlan's notebook; I might not tell everybody this; For Hans Christian Andersen; Driving a hard bargain; He gives himself good advice and does not take it; The games of spring; All the levels of meaning.