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Wolfe, Morris
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Books In Canada.

  • Correspondence (n.d., 1974 May 1 - 1974 August 13), between editors at Books in Canada and Alden Nowlan.
  • Correspondence relating to an article and book reviews published in Books in Canada. Item 4 enclosed article Atlantic letter and item 5 enclosed Review of Clark Blaise's Tribal justice; both manuscripts removed to Prose Series. Includes references to the following: Atlantic letter; Review of Clark Blaise's Tribal justice; Review of Donald H. Clairmont and Dennis William Magill's Africville; Review of G. Bruce Doern and V. Seymour Wilson's Issues in Canadian public policy.

Canadian short story anthologies : reviews

  • CA ACU SPC F0012-S0003-FL0337
  • File
  • 1978 November-1979 March 31
  • Part of Alice Munro fonds.

Photocopies of reviews of anthologies which include short stories by A. Munro. Anthologies reviewed include Canadian short stories : third series (selected by Robert Weaver); 78 : best Canadian stories (edited by John Metcalf and Clark Blaise); The best modern Canadian short stories (edited by Ivon M. Owen and Morris Wolfe). Short stories by A. Munro in the anthologies are Material and The beggar maid. Includes covering note to A. Munro from "Bob", probably Robert Weaver.

Doubleday Canada.

  • CA ACU SPC F0016-S0002-FL0303
  • File
  • 1975 July 21 - 1978 December 13
  • Part of George Ryga fonds.

  • Correspondence between representatives of Doubleday Canada, Toronto, Ont., and George Ryga.
  • Correspondence relating to submission and consideration of G. Ryga's works for possible publication. Includes contracts for essay Extracts from a China diary for publication in Aurora (1978) and travelogue Beyond the crimson morning.
  • Includes references to the following: The ecstasy of Rita Joe; Ballad of a stonepicker; The last of the gladiators; Night desk; Extracts from a China diary; Beyond the crimson morning; Prometheus bound.

Doubleday Canada.

  • CA ACU SPC F0004-S0001-FL0197
  • File
  • 1970 September 29 - 1980 August 11
  • Part of Michael Cook fonds.

  • Correspondence between representatives of Doubleday Canada and Michael Cook.
  • Correspondence regarding the submission of various M. Cook manuscripts to Doubleday, corrections for the section on M. Cook in Stage voices, publicity for that book, and the publication of an excerpt from novel The Island of Fire in Aurora : new Canadian writing 1980.

Doubleday Canada.

  • Correspondence between representatives of Doubleday Canada, Toronto, Ont., George Ryga and Keith Ledbury, Ryga & Associates, Summerland, B.C.
  • Correspondence relating to publication of G. Ryga's essay Extracts from a China diary in Aurora, travelogue Beyond the crimson morning, excerpt from Beyond the crimson morning in The Canadian, and discussing possibility of its translation into Chinese and author promotional tour. Includes list of photographs for book. Item 29 removed from copy of Ballad of a stonepicker, Michael Joseph publication. Items 30-35 relating to Keith Ledbury's request for copies of contracts and letters of agreement between G. Ryga and Doubleday Canada. Most items are photocopies.

Doubleday Canada Limited.

  • Correspondence (1977(?) - 1983 May 20), between various representatives of Doubleday Canada Limited and Alden Nowlan.
  • Correspondence relating to requests for literary submissions for publication consideration in anthologies, to reviews by A. Nowlan of books published by Doubleday Canada Limited and to a promotional quote for Raymond Fraser's The fighting fisherman, and discussing the process of writing poetry. Includes references to the following: Review of Raymond Fraser's The fighting fisherman; Word from the losers; Review of Bruce Armstrong's Sable Island; Alden Nowlan reports; I might not tell everybody this; Miracle at Indian River : short story collection.

Guy Vanderhaeghe fonds.

  • CA ACU SPC F0180
  • Fonds
  • 1960-2017

Fonds consists of correspondence; manuscripts, ranging from fragments and rough drafts to printers' copies and page proofs, of novels, short stories, short story collections, stage plays, poetry and lyrics; screenplays by G. Vanderhaeghe and others based on G. Vanderhaeghe's works; articles, book reviews, essays, lectures and speeches; promotional material; articles, essays and thesis about G. Vanderhaeghe and his works; interviews with the author; miscellaneous material; works by other authors; and published work.

Vanderhaeghe, Guy

Saturday Night

File consists of letters (1961 February 9-1972 February 9), Toronto, Ont., from various officials of Saturday Night to Mordecai Richler, Kingston Hill, England; letters concerning suggestions and deadlines for articles written by M. Richler for Saturday Night. Includes reference to the following: The incomparable Atuk; Sticking together; The high cost of leaving; The nice thing about getting a new heart is that you then meet famous people. Why, Phil Blaiberg even got to meet Liberace; St. Urbain's horseman; Yes, there are still people who wear ties; The life and times of Detective Inspector Greenberg; Perceptions and portents: the new Canadian style.

The Island of Fire : [novel].

  • CA ACU SPC F0004-S0003-FL0140
  • File
  • 1980 May 22 - 1980 August-September
  • Part of Michael Cook fonds.

  • File consists of galley proofs of chapter one of novel published in Aurora : new Canadian writing 1980 edited by Morris Wolfe, published by Doubleday Canada, and August-September issue of Books in Canada containing an advertisement for Aurora. Excerpt is identical to p. 1-17 of Msc 39.22.12.
  • Photocopy.