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Beavers family fonds

  • ACU GBA F0170
  • fonds
  • 1855-1943, predominant 1902-1943

The fonds consists of correspondence with Lina's family in the USA (1912-1913), her personal diaries (1910-1913, 1936-1944), Gordon's departmental exams (1927- 1931), and all three sons' school reports (1918-1933). Includes Club Cafe menus, postcards, a proposed constitution for the American Woman's Club of Calgary, and journals from the Alberta Boys' Parliament. Also includes photographs of the Beavers and Shirley families (1855-1940s), Al Azhar activities, the Club Cafe, and various carnivals (1908).

Beavers (family)

William Dudley Ryder fonds

  • ACU GBA F1611
  • fonds
  • Microfilmed 1965 (originally created 1860-1861)

The fonds consists of a diary of the hunting trip.

Ryder, William Dudley

Harold and Christine Herriot fonds

  • ACU GBA F0925
  • fonds
  • [ca. 1860s]-1978, predominant 1912-1978
  • The fonds consists of Harold's diaries (1920, 1923, 1953, 1957 and nd), correspondence (1916-1977) and records of organizations to which he belonged; Christine's correspondence (1917-1977); and certificates, programs, family photographs and other family papers.
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Alpine Club of Canada, Boy Scouts of Canada, Bryan family, Calgary Board of Trade, Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary Tourist and Convention Association, Canuck Club, Crescent Park Community Club, J. Fred Driver, Economic Safety League, George Edworthy, Bob Gibson, Lester Glass, James Herriot, Jessie Grierson Herriot, Mathesis Club (Lethbridge), Men's Canadian Club of Calgary, Howard B. Nelson, Sarah Cromwell Nelson, William F. Nelson, Alexa Nettleton, Ramage family, recipes, Dudley H. Seltzer, Social Credit, Stockton Oil and Gas Co. (Drumheller), tennis, Trail Rangers, Tuxis, United Grain Growers, and YMCA.

Herriot, Harold

J.H.R. Thomson's Popular Songs collection

  • ACU GBA C0104
  • Collection
  • 1868-1969, predominant 1868-1949, 1969

The collection consists of sheet music (1874-1949); and lists and recordings of popular songs dating from 1847 to 1950 (1969).

Thomson, J.H.R.

Tom Baines fonds

  • ACU GBA F0134
  • fonds
  • [ca. 1874]-1998

The fonds consists of notebooks, personal correspondence, a transcript and recorded of interviews about his life, sound recordings of his presentations to school children, broadcasts from the Calgary Zoo, newsclippings, share certificates, records and souvenirs of his military service, a brief history of the early Calgary Parks Department, and notes regarding the Calgary Public Museum. Includes photographs of Calgary, St. George's Island and the zoo, and a slide of Billy Henry's 100th birthday.

Baines, Tom

E.T. Brown and Audrey Severson fonds

  • ACU GBA F0283
  • fonds
  • 1876-1968, predominant 1927-1968
  • The fonds consists of E.T. Brown's architectural plans (1927-1950), project cashbooks and ledgers (1945-1950), building specifications, income tax returns, and miscellaneous personal papers. Includes Audrey Brown's Glencoe Club skating records (1955-1968). Includes photographs of architect's renderings and construction of the Radium Hot Springs development.
  • THERE ARE PLANS IN THIS FONDS FOR THE FOLLOWING CALGARY BUILDING PROJECTS: Alberta Corner, Alberta Furniture Co., Alberta Loan Co., Alberta Motor Association, G.H. Allan (building supplies), Anderson Plumbing Co., Bamlett Agencies, Belzberg and Singer (store), Bow River Construction Co., T. Brookes, Calgary Co-op Fur Farmers Association, Calgary Shoe Hospital, Canadian Freightways, G.L. Chesney (store), Commonwealth Press, J. Condon (clinic, store), Consolidated Fruit Co., C.J. Cote (store), Cowan and Crossland (garage), Dad's Cookies, S. Diamond (warehouse), C.M. Donald (apartments), Electric-Crafts Ltd., Electrical Contracting and Machinery Co., Elks Building, Empress Store, The English Shop, J. Feldman (steam bath), Fraternal Order of Eagles, General Supplies, G.M. Graham (apartments), L. Gutman (store), J.J. Hambley (hatcheries), S. Hanen (stores), E.P. Hanson (apartments), James Storage and Cartage Co., Jenkins Warehouse, Jewish Community Building, Johnston Storage and Cartage Co., N. Krowitz (store), Leeson-Lineham Block, S. Libin (dry cleaners), Lions Oils, Maclin Motors, McTavish & McKay contractors, Nash Garage, H. Neilsen (apartments), Neilson Furniture Co., Northern Asbestos and Building Supplies, Oddfellows Hall, H. Pedersen (restaurant), Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Petroleum Products Manufacturing Co., R.R. Powell (apartments), Ramsay Block, Renfrew Motors, Riverside Hotel, Salvation Army, J. Shannon (apartments), Shell Oil Co., P.J. Spear (apartments), Standard Grocery, H. Steinberg (store), Sterling Shoes, Stockmen's clubhouse, D. Switzer (store), Sykes Imperial Furniture Store, Trans Canada Tourist Camp, Tudhope Anderson Building, Tuxedo Garage, Union Packing Co., Union Milk Co., Union Tractor and Equipment Co., Mrs. L. Walsh (apartments), West Printing Co., and Wilkinson and McLean.
  • THERE ARE PLANS IN THIS FONDS FOR THE FOLLOWING CALGARY DWELLINGS: J.B. Barron, W. Benedict, G.W. Blake, R.V. Briggs, Dr. P.S. Brown, G. Cameron, Grant Carlyle, E. Causton, James Christie, Jimmy Condon, G.E. Darroch, D.A. Ebsworth, A.A. Fraser, J. Gibson, S. Gurevitch, P.H. Hansen, E. Harrison, Thomas Hayhurst, W.S. Herron, E.R. Hoover, W. Horner, W.E. Howard, G.F. Ingraham, R.A. James, C.F. Kenner, W. and H. Kirkwood, C.E. Leney, I. MacPherson, Dr. D.G. MacQueen, C.H. Magee, A.W. McLeod, T.K. Newcombe, F.H. Ougden, J.G. Patterson, W. Polsky, H.S. Price, E.A. Rasom, C.V. Rose, S. Sandor, A.K. Severson, B. Sheftel, D.L. Shores, E. Sonet, L. Stockhammer, Mrs. H.A. Taylor, J.T. Thompson, J.G. Venini, S. Wegh, G.R. Weir, T.O.A. West, and B.F. Zwick.
  • THERE ARE PLANS IN THIS FONDS FOR BUILDING PROJECTS OUTSIDE CALGARY: Abbotsford: Hargreaves Garage; Acme: memorial hall; Airdrie: H.A. Hansen dwelling, school; Arrowwood: school; Banff: Mrs. Bryant dwelling; Bassano: Bow Valley School District dormitory; Beiseker: memorial hall, M. Schmaltz building; Blackie: J.B. Swartz dwelling; Champion: W.J. Harris garage; Cluny: community hall, high school; Cochrane: hotel; Delburne: theatre; Drumheller: Legion Hall, hotel; Edmonton: Edmonton Oil Tools Co., James and Reimer, James Storage and Cartage, Standard Electric and Auto Parts; Empress: community hall; Esquilmalt: A.E. Shaw dwelling; Gleichen: W. Sutermeister garage; Grande Prairie: Union Tractor and Equipment; High River: creamery, Derek dwelling; Jasper: P.A. Noullet store; Kamloops: community building, Elks building, Dr. R.W. Irving dwelling, Johnson and Co., New Hotel, Plaza Hotel; Lethbridge: Collegiate Institute, Marquis Hotel, G. Marshall warehouse; Nelson: medical-dental building; Newcastle: theatre; Pincher Creek: theatre; Red Deer: Adry Phillips dwelling, United Dairies; Rimbey: community hall; Standard: community hall; Stavely: community hall; Strathmore: H.T. Colpoys dwelling, Sylvan Lake: Russell C. Berscht cottage, F.J. Bloom store, theatre; Trail: Crown Point Hotel, Interior Bus Lines; Veteran: K.E. Thulien service station; and Windermere: E.T. Brown cottage.

Brown, E.T.

Calgary Exhibition and Stampede fonds

  • ACU GBA F0350
  • fonds
  • 1879-2008, predominant 1899-1947

The fonds includes bylaws (1899-1947), minutes (1899-1927), annual reports (1899-2007), lists of shareholders, financial records, plans and construction records for buildings and grounds, and the General Manager’s correspondence (1897-ca. 1967). Includes records of The Stampede (rodeo events): entry forms, financial records, score sheets, results, correspondence of the Stampede Manager or Arena Director (1912-1950). Includes records of livestock shows and sales, including records of several livestock breeders’ associations: Alberta Livestock Associations (1901-1929), Alberta Cattle Breeders’ Association (1900-1985), Alberta Horse Breeders’ Association (1900-1917), Alberta Sheep Breeders’ Association (1902-1928), Alberta Swine Breeders’ Association (1903-1917), Hunters’ Improvement Association (1909-1921), and Canadian French Coach Horse Breeders’ Association (1910-1924). The Alberta associations used the geographical designation “Territorial” in their names prior to 1905. Includes horse racing programs, score cards, results, financial records, and correspondence (1905-1955). Includes records of the Victoria Athletic Club (1922-1924) and Western Canada Hockey League (1932-1938), and correspondence with the Calgary Tigers hockey club. Includes records of the Canadian tours of the Coldstream Guards Band (1926) and Royal Air Force Band (1928). Includes some personal papers of long-time General Manager E. L. Richardson (1908-1915). Includes historical and statistical information, programs, prize lists, guides, exhibit catalogues, promotional brochures, invitations, menus, stickers, tickets, bulletins, stationery, and posters. Includes photographs of Calgary Exhibition and Stampede events, buildings, grounds, contestants, guests, and other personalities. RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Alberta Farm Co., Alberta Kennel Club, Alberta Society of Artists, Alberta Stampede Co., Alberta Stampede Managers’ Association, Charles Beil, Jack Bullough, R. J. Burns, Burns & Dutton, CFAC (radio station), Calgary Turf Club, Canadian National Exhibition, Canadian Petroleum Association, E. J. Chambers, Chinook Jockey Club, Dick Cosgrave, James W. Davidson, Jack Dillon, Dutton Bros., Edmonton Exhibition, Maurice Hartnett, Industrial Exhibition Association of Toronto, Fred Kennedy, George MacKenzie, F. P. McOye, National Hockey League, Pacific Coast Hockey League, C. W. Peterson, O. W. Powell, Prairie Thoroughbred Breeders and Racing Association, Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba, R. James Speers Corporation, C. M. Richardson, Tiger Hockey Club, Lloyd Turner, R. A. Wallace, Guy Weadick, Western Canada Fairs Association, Western Canada Association of Exhibitions, J. Charles Yule.

Calgary Exhibition and Stampede

Tom Wilson fonds

  • ACU GBA F1942
  • fonds
  • 1879-1954, predominant 1895-1933
  • The fonds consists of correspondence, certificates, articles and notes, newsclippings, and photographs, primarily pertaining to Rocky Mountain personalities and history. Includes many photographs of Stoneys.
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Phillip S. Abbott, Silas Abraham, Samuel E.S. Allen, Alpine Club of Canada, G.P. Baker, Robert L. Barrett, Dwight James Baum, John Bearspaw, H.A. Beatty, Morley Beaver, Harry M. Beck, Jonas Bigstoney, Charles A. Bramble, G.D. Brophy, Sir George McLean Brown, A.B. Caeder, J.C. Campbell, caribou, J. Norman Collie, Hector Crawler, Guy Davenport, George M. Dawson, B. Deville, Devil's Head Mountain, Howard Douglas, Charles E. Fay, Floe Lake, Fort Steele, John Murray Gibbon, Jean Habel, George H. Ham, J.B. Harkin, Joshua Hunter, J.A. Jaffary, L.T. Keelie, Kootenay Plains, Frederick V. Langstaff, Agnes C. Laut, M. McDonald, John McDougall, James A. Macmillan, H.T. Mathews, S.H. Mitchell, Moraine Lake, Newton Newkirk, Frederick Niven, Walter J. Nixon, Frederick Ogilvy, Geoffrey O'Hara, Frank Oliver, Elizabeth Parker, William Pearce, Ralph Reed, Harold W. Riley, Mary C. Rundle, Charles Schaffer, Arthur L. Sifton, songs, Paul Standard, Samuel B. Steele, Ken Start, taxidermy, P.E. Thian, Charles S. Thompson, A.E. Tregent, James Walker, J.M. Wardle, P.S. Warren, Peter Wesley, Arthur O. Wheeler, Edward Whymper, Walter D. Wilcox, Elizabeth "Bessy" Wilson, and T.C. Zamaski.

Wilson, Tom

Barclay family fonds

  • ACU GBA F0149
  • fonds
  • [ca. 1880]-1996

The fonds consists of correspondence, certificates, school report cards and diplomas, essays, speeches, newsclippings, awards, photographs, slides etc., primarily of Mary and Catherine. Also includes many hostelling photographs.

Barclay (family)

Glenbow Archives Oddments collection

  • ACU GBA C0212
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1880-1995]

The collection consists of paper artifacts including advertiques (blotters, paper placemats, etc.); transit and railway tickets; savings coupons from breakfast cereals, tea, coffee, etc.; various licences and certificates; soap wrappers; laundry bills; ration books; and other items.

Glenbow Archives (oddments)

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