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Glenbow Archives Oddments collection

  • ACU GBA C0212
  • Coleção
  • [ca. 1880-1995]

The collection consists of paper artifacts including advertiques (blotters, paper placemats, etc.); transit and railway tickets; savings coupons from breakfast cereals, tea, coffee, etc.; various licences and certificates; soap wrappers; laundry b...

Glenbow Archives (oddments)

Lynch-Staunton, Adam family fonds

  • ACU GBA F1191
  • Fundos
  • 1889-1990

The fonds consists of financial records of Antelope Butte Ranch; Frank Lynch-Staunton's personal correspondence, speeches as Lieutenant Governor, and memoirs; miscellaneous records of Monica Lynch-Staunton and various other family members; Gr...

Lynch-Staunton (family)

Gardiner, Price family fonds

  • ACU GBA F2688
  • Fundos
  • [ca. 1870s-1970s]

The fonds consists of five series of correspondence, clippings, photographs and other memorabilia relating to the family, careers, personal lives and interests of Harold Warnica Price; Edward Parker Gardiner and Mary Jane Meters Gardiner and famil...

Burns, Mary

Tom Baines fonds

  • ACU GBA F0134
  • Fundos
  • [ca. 1874]-1998

The fonds consists of notebooks, personal correspondence, a transcript and recorded of interviews about his life, sound recordings of his presentations to school children, broadcasts from the Calgary Zoo, newsclippings, share certificates, records...

Baines, Tom

Somers family fonds

  • ACU GBA F1704
  • Fundos
  • 1942-1984, predominant 1942-1964

The fonds consists of Stuart's letters to Billy (1942, 1944), his essay on the effects of war on a soldier (1946), statement of his war service (1984), and photograph of the 8th Company, Canadian Dental Corps; and photocopied scrapbook about ...

Somers (family)

Bennett family fonds

  • ACU GBA F2658
  • Fundos
  • [ca. 1914-2000]

The fonds consists of photographs of military service of Michael and Hugh Bennett; and musical papers of Trevor Bennett.

Bennett (family)

Jack Peach fonds

  • ACU GBA F1455
  • Fundos
  • 1890-1993, predominant 1914-1945, 1974-1985

The fonds consists of manuscripts for books, newspaper columns and radio broadcasts (1974-1985); recorded interview about his life (1981); recording of "This is the House" lectures (1981); and photographs of the Peach family, RCAF, Calga...

Peach, Jack

Gus Lambert fonds

  • ACU GBA F1111
  • Fundos
  • Photocopied 1970 and 1991 (originally created 1900-1991)

The fonds consists of letters and sketches sent to his parents in England, depicting farm life in Arelee and his service with the Canadian Mounted Rifles (1913-1915); his last letter home and letters about his death (1917); family sketches and pho...

Lambert, Gus

William Guthrie fonds

  • ACU GBA F0865
  • Fundos
  • 1918-1965

The fonds consists of examples of his artwork, including cartoons, calligraphy, programs for 8th Canadian Field Ambulance reunions (1918-1965), and Christmas cards (1930s). Includes photographs of 8th CFA, and a banquet.

Guthrie, William

Richard Cunniffe fonds

  • ACU GBA F0623
  • Fundos
  • 1900-1971, predominant 1963-1971

The fonds consists of his manuscripts (1963, 1966, 1971); research notes (1961-1969); and photographs of Lord Strathcona's Horse (1900-1919, 1941), officer training units (1940), and Calgary cadets (1950). Includes Hilda's programs and ...

Cunniffe, Richard