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CA ACU SPC F0342-S0001 · Série organique · 1992-2011
Fait partie de Dr. Suzette Mayr Fonds

Series consists of manuscript drafts and fragments from Dr. Mayr's novels: Moon Honey (1995 NeWest Press), The Widows (1998 NeWest Press), Venous Hum (2004 Arsenal Pulp Press) and Monoceros (2011 Coach House Books). Series includes handwritten, typescript and digital drafts with edits comments, feedback and correspondence with editors including Nicole Markotic, Rosemary Nixon, Nancy Jo Cullen and Aritha van Herk. Contents include assorted research materials and correspondence with the presses that published her works.

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Dr. Suzette Mayr Fonds
CA ACU ARC F0342 · fonds · 1992-2011

Fonds consists of manuscripts of drafts, proofs, notes, research articles, correspondence and other related material to S. Mayr's published novels.

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Annie Glen Broder fonds
CA ACU GBA F0270 · fonds · 1880-1949
  • The fonds consists of diaries (1891-1892, 1897), writings, musical compositions, scrapbooks about her career and Calgary musicians, and photographs of herself and Calgary orchestras. Includes her special compositions for Western Canada College and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).
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Erin Moure fonds.
CA ACU SPC F0206 · fonds · 1961-2012
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E. D. Blodgett fonds
CA ACU SPC F0203 · fonds · 1950-2018

Fonds consists of the personal and professional records of E. D. Blodgett. The fonds is related to the many aspects of his career as a poet, professor, and lecturer.

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Guy Vanderhaeghe fonds
CA ACU SPC F0180 · fonds · 1960-2017

Fonds consists of correspondence; manuscripts, ranging from fragments and rough drafts to printers' copies and page proofs, of novels, short stories, short story collections, stage plays, poetry and lyrics; screenplays by G. Vanderhaeghe and others based on G. Vanderhaeghe's works; articles, book reviews, essays, lectures and speeches; promotional material; articles, essays and thesis about G. Vanderhaeghe and his works; interviews with the author; miscellaneous material; works by other authors; and published work.

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Francis Edwin Richmond fonds.
CA ACU SPC F0178 · fonds · 1920-1928

Fonds consists of letter, notes and manuscripts of poems.

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rob mclennan fonds.
CA ACU SPC F0173 · fonds · 1980-2015

Fonds consists of correspondence; notebooks, manuscripts of poems, poetry collections, novels, essay collections, articles, book reviews, essays, conference papers, interviews and prose from rob mclennan's blog; editing and publishing files; material relating to reading series; articles, interviews, reviews and other material about r. mclennan; works by others; and miscellaneous materials of interest collected by r. mclennan.

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William Hawkins fonds.
CA ACU SPC F0170 · fonds · ca. 1971

Fonds consists of revised proof of The gift of space : selected poems 1960-1970 probably from New Press, publisher of the collection in 1971.

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Helen Ball fonds.
CA ACU SPC F0163 · fonds · 1958-1962

Fonds consists of poems, some undated. Typescript manuscripts initialled by the author. Also includes poem titled Contempt on verso of front cover of The moment snared / by Helen Ball. -Toronto : s.n., 1952. Book inscribed to Frieda Hild.

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