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Dingman family fonds

  • ACU GBA F0679
  • Fundos
  • 1894-1964

The fonds consists of photographs of the Turner Valley oilfields and area, Dingman Wells #1 and #2, the Southern Alberta Oil Refinery, derrick construction, transportation of oil and gas, and the Dingman family. The fonds also consists of A.W. Dingman's reports and prospectuses related to the Calgary Natural Gas Company and Calgary Petroleum Products Company; Claude Dingman's notes and articles on the petroleum industry; Turner Valley operative results (1913-1935); and Corrine Dingman Patteson's family scrapbook. Includes a 1956 speech by Eric Harvie about the discovery of oil in Turner Valley.

Dingman (family)

Women's Canadian Club of Calgary fonds

  • ACU GBA F1955
  • Fundos
  • 1911-2016
  • The fonds consists of constitution and bylaws (ca. 1920s-2011); minutes (1911-2016); autographs of, and correspondence with, speakers (1921-2012); sound recordings of addresses by speakers (1974-1974, 1990-1991); President's report and papers (1960-2011); general correspondence (1948-1998); membership records (1925-2000); financial records (1925-2012); miscellaneous reports, certificates and newspaper clippings (1921-2011); publicity records (1991-2003); and papers related to the Association of Canadian Clubs and other affiliated organizations.
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Association of Canadian Clubs, R.B. Bennett, Clara Butt, Calgary Arts and Crafts Club, Calgary Boys' Fair, Famous Five, Famous 5, William Roper Hull, Edna Jacques, Dan McCowan, Louise McKinney, Mathesis Club (Lethbridge), Nellie McClung, Agnes McPhail, Men's Canadian Club of Calgary, Emily Murphy, Martha Ostenso, Irene Parlby, Kathleen Parlow, A.M. Scott, and Graham Spry.
  • RECORDED ADDRESSES FOR THE FOLLOWING SPEAKERS ARE IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: W. Cochrane, Ellen L. Fairclough, Stevenson M. Gossage, Naomi Jackson Groves, Peter Gzowski, Paul Hellyer, Randall Ivany, Donald A. Jamieson, John P.S. McLaren, H. MacLennan, Beryl Plumptre, Arthur Porter, Richard Rohmer, Chester Ronning, Phyllis Ross, and Patrick Watson.

Women's Canadian Club of Calgary

Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary fonds

  • ACU GBA F0719
  • Fundos
  • 1965-1994

The fonds consists of constitution and bylaws, minutes (1965-1992), correspondence, financial records, membership and officers lists, reports, annual reports, court work statistics, history of society, workshop files, and newsletters.

Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary

Lilly Craigie fonds

  • ACU GBA F0599
  • Fundos
  • 1879-1969, predominant 1938-1962
  • The fonds consists of personal correspondence, diaries and journals of trips (1954-1957); scrapbooks regarding history and personalities of the Lacombe area (1911-1960); programs and reports of the Women's Missionary Society (1926-1928, 1948-1949); photographs of the Sharpe family and Lacombe groups and views; and miscellaneous family postcards, greeting cards, programs, poems and autograph books.
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Alberta Horticultural Association, Mrs. T.C. Buchanan, Lila Ann Elizabeth Carter, Walter Carter, Chautauqua, Raymond Leonard Gaetz, Lacombe and District Gardening Club, Nellie McClung, Louise C. McKinney, royal visits (1939), Rev. F.W. Locke, Dr. Edward Montrose Sharpe, and snowstorms.

Craigie, Lillian Bertha

A.E. Cox family fonds

  • ACU GBA F0594
  • Fundos
  • 1885-1973, predominant 1885-1913

The fonds consists of A.E.'s teaching certificates and agreements, and homestead documents; photographs of the Willock and Cox families, and Pincher Creek area and personalities; recorded reminiscences of Mabel Cox Sykes about her family and nursing (1973); and A.E.'s extensive correspondence as Dominion Land sub-agent (1897- 1907) and as agent for the Calgary and Edmonton Land Company (1899-1911). Includes minutes of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, Castle View Lodge No. 43 (1903-1905). Also includes list of lands for sale on the Peigan reserve (1913).

Cox (family)

Coutts family fonds

  • ACU GBA F0591
  • Fundos
  • 1795-1968, predominant 1911-1968
  • The fonds consists of family correspondence (1911-1968); George's historical society correspondence, history articles by various authors (1923-1926), and newsclippings on historical topics (1897-1965); David's diary of boy scout activities (1927); family certificates, memberships, programs, greeting cards and autograph book; and photographs of farm machinery, the Ranchmen's Club and Calgary.
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Alberta Military Institute, Bow River, Ephrem A. Brisebois, Leonard W. Brockington, George F. Buchanan, buffalo hunting, Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) construction and land, Chiniquay (Stoney), Fort Calgary, Isaac Cowie, Crowsnest Pass, Insp. Francis J. Dickens, Alexander L. Fortune, fur trade, F.W. Godsal, golf, George H. Gooderham, Hudson's Bay Company (HBC), Fort Livingstone, liquor traffic, Marquess of Lorne, Charles C. McCaul, Archibald McDonald, Joseph McDonald, Metis, William Pearce, Peigan Post, Walter Joseph Phillips, Peter Pond, Prince's Island Tennis Club, Riel Rebellion (1885), Saskatchewan River, Selkirk Settlement, Andrew Sibbald, T.M. Steedman, surveyors, Edmund Taylor, Archdeacon J.W. Tims, University of Alberta, James N. Wallace, and A.R. Wright.

Coutts (family)

Cooper family fonds

  • ACU GBA F0576
  • Fundos
  • 1895-1993

The fonds consists of account books, grain and livestock sales records, brand applications, property tax notices, insurance and other farming records of Hugh, Hugh H. and George S. (1900-1978); Hugh's correspondence (1900-1958), will and files on estates of Sydney and W. Allen; Edith's correspondence (1941-1965), chicken, egg and butter accounts (1919-1947), certificates and will; George's correspondence (1938-1987), and records pertaining to education (1920s-1941), Airdrie annexation (1980-1986), Airdrie United Church (1957-1961), investments (1969-1987) and Airdrie Farmers' Union of Alberta/Unifarm (1960-1984); Eleanor's journals about Vietnamese immigrants (1980-1985), and miscellaneous correspondence and programs; John S.'s personal papers and poetry (restricted), Rhinoceros Party returns (1980), university essays on the farm movement, and miscellany; Ann's book (1983) and miscellany; John T.'s diaries (1895-1924) and miscellany; and family photographs and newsclippings.

Cooper (family)

Kate Shaw Brighty Colley fonds

  • ACU GBA F0556
  • Fundos
  • 1918-1974
  • The fonds consists of manuscripts of While Rivers Flow and her articles about nursing and northern Alberta; scripts for radio broadcasts; correspondence with, and reminiscences of fellow public health nurses; list of public health nursing staffs; and photographs of northern Alberta and nursing.
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Alaska Highway, Bigstone Band (Cree), Mary E. Conlin, Amy Louise Conroy, Margaret Manuel Elwell, Olga Freifeld, New Brigden (Alta.), Treaty 8, Wabasca (Alta.), and Olive Watherston.

Colley, Kate Shaw Brighty

Billy and Evelyn Cochrane fonds

  • ACU GBA F0549
  • Fundos
  • 1885-1919
  • The fonds consists of ranch employees wage book (1886-1895); stock record book (1885-1903), including ranch manager's diary (1886-1887); Evelyn's diaries (1902-1907); photographs of the family and ranch; and miscellaneous family letters, greeting cards, newsclippings and recipes.
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Edward Allen, Harry Baines, Malcolm Beaton, Adam Blackburn, George Blake, Peter Bradley, William Brodie, David Bryant, John Carmichael, Frank Channels, Chinese in Alberta, William Conklin, Pat Daly, William Dawson, James Doland, Edward Prince of Wales, Charles Erb, W.J. Ellis, H. Graham, John Graham, John A. Grant, Mow Gung, Ted Hills, William Herrick, Frank W. Jenkins, G.H. Johnson, William Lang, Edward London, James Lowery, Archibald McCallum, Dan McDonald, John McEwen, R. McGregor, George McPherson, Tom Meehan, Henry Minesinger, John Mortimer, Michel Penrose, F. Perry, William Playfair, Albert Prain, recipes, George Ross, Frank Simpin, E. Sandilands, G.H. Schneider, John Sissons, Robert Stewart, William Sverdrup, Green Walters, Tony Walters, Charley Wang, Philip Weinard, and James Young.

Cochrane, Billy

Chritchley family fonds

  • ACU GBA F0525
  • Fundos
  • 1879-1990, predominant 1879-1950

The fonds consists of Ernest Chritchley's tax returns (1917-1940, 1949), notes on the history of Crown Lumber Co. (1955), and correspondence (1950); Anna Chritchley's diary of packages sent to Harry F. (1941-1946), correspondence (1938, 1963), scrapbook of menus (1934-1941), recipes, cooking lessons, and newsclippings; Annie Rose Pearce's correspondence (1879-1894) and autograph book (1883); Gwen Chritchley's scrapbook of trip to England and France (1939); and Hornibrook family accounts, certificates and newsclippings (1913-1943). Also consists of Harry F. Chritchley's photographs (with commentary) about life as a student at the University of Alberta (1926-1930); shareholder statements (1936-1950); programs; newsclippings; invitations; correspondence and notes on Calgary streetcar routes, lumber companies and Alberta personalities; a recording describing the 1920s Bronco Custers singing group (1973); correspondence (1963); legal agreement (1951-1952); and Crown Lumber director's report (1956). Also includes photographs of the Chritchley, Ellithorpe and Hornibrook families (1883-1950), of Harry F. with the Calgary Highlanders (1940s), and of Alberta and Calgary.

Chritchley (family)

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