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Ian Hamilton fonds
CA ACU SPC F0240 · fonds · 2010-2019

Consists of Hamilton's records of his writing activities related to the first 13 of his Ava Lee novels and two Uncle Chow Tung novels, published between 2010 and 2019. The materials include one or two typescripts drafts for each book, line edits in hand (except for Couturier of Milan and Dragon Head King of Hong Kong), editors comments (except for Couturier of Milan and Dragon Head King of Hong Kong), page proofs as well as one research notebook, published reviews and interviews and some original book cover designs for Ava Lee novels. The novels are: Water Rat of Wanchai (#1), Disciple of Las Vegas (#2), Wild Beasts of Wuhan (#3), Red Pole of Macau (#4), Scottish Banker of Surabaya (#5), Two Sisters of Borneo (#6), King of Shanghai (#7), Princeling of Nanjing (#8), Couturier of Milan (#9), Imam of Tawi Tawi (#10), Goddess of Yantai (#11), Mountain Mask of Sha Tin (#12), Dragon Head King of Hong Kong (prequel #0.5/#13), Uncle Chow Tung novel (#1) -Fate, Uncle Chow Tung novel (#2) -Foresight.

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CA ACU SPC C0043 · Collection · 1995-2000

Fonds consists of material relating to Polo, the galloping game: an illustrated history of polo in the Canadian west (Cochrane, AB: Western Heritage Centre Society, 2000), including photocopies of research material from various sources, correspondence, photographs and published journals.

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Jeanne Perreault fonds
CA ACU SPC F0248 · fonds · 1989-1992

Fonds consists of materials relating to the book she co-edited with Sylvia Vance, Writing the Circle, Native Women of Western Canada -An Anthology Edmonton: NeWest Press, 1990, and includes manuscripts, correspondence and reviews.

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Chantal Bowen fonds
CA ACU SPC F0234 · fonds · 1987-1998; 2011

Consists of documents Chantal Bowen created and kept about her involvement in Studio D and includes newspaper clippings, a budget report from 1989, lists of NFB films produced between 1974 and 1991, 8 photographs of her and other Studio D colleagues (1992-1996), VHS covers including one original photograph; Studio D pamphlets, 17 VHS cassettes of films she produced and edited at Studio D. There is one 2011 letter from Chantal Bowen re an award nomination for a Studio D colleague, and her CV from ca 2005.

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rob mclennan fonds.
CA ACU SPC F0173 · fonds · 1980-2015

Fonds consists of correspondence; notebooks, manuscripts of poems, poetry collections, novels, essay collections, articles, book reviews, essays, conference papers, interviews and prose from rob mclennan's blog; editing and publishing files; material relating to reading series; articles, interviews, reviews and other material about r. mclennan; works by others; and miscellaneous materials of interest collected by r. mclennan.

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Josee Beaudet fonds
CA ACU SPC F0238 · fonds · 1980-2005

Accession consists of records created and accumulated by Josee Beaudet during her film making career at the National Film Board of Canada in the French language office of Studio D (also known as Regards des Femmes).

The material includes copies of film festival catalogues (2 files) 1987-1993, NFB publications and other publications with articles on individual women film makers including Beaudet (3 files) 1990-2005), Reports written by Beaudet (1 file) 1986-1990, documentation about Le Jardin Ouble produced by Beaudet (1 file) 1994, and 7 VHS tapes in French and English of films Josee Beaudet was involved with.

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Genni Gunn fonds.
CA ACU SPC F0153 · fonds · 1978-2020

Fonds consists of correspondence; manuscripts of novels, poems, poetry collections, short stories, screenplays, opera libretto, music scores, translations, speeches, essays and proposal for an unwritten biography; material relating to conferences, writers festivals and workshops; works about G. Gunn and published works.
An accrual received in 2016 (Acc 2016.016) with a date range of 1983-2014, includes the complete drafts of novel Solitaria (boxes 1-5), and some drafts of other works including Tracing Iris, several short stories, Tracing Iris film script, reviews, correspondence with writers and editors, including Carolyn Swayze, correspondence with translators for Tracing Iris and Solitaria into other languages including Italian and Dutch, interviews given in magazines, records of workshops and conferences attended and papers given, records on awards adjudications, reading lists and reference materials.

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Linda Sandler collection.
CA ACU SPC C0009 · Collection · 1975-1976

Fonds consists of correspondence with George Bowering, Margaret Atwood and other Canadian authors, chiefly relating to the special Margaret Atwood issue published by Malahat Review (no. 41, January 1977) and edited by L. Sandler; preliminary work, sound recordings, transcripts and several drafts of L. Sandler's Interview with Margaret Atwood, published in the special issue; drafts of the table of contents and preface written by L. Sandler; and draft of Tom Marshall's essay Atwood under and above water, also published in the special issue.

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Kenneth McGoogan fonds.
CA ACU SPC F0124 · fonds · 1974-2019

Fonds consists of correspondence including subject files; notebooks, daytimers and contact books; manuscripts of novels, screenplays, biographies, short stories, articles, columns, book reviews, essays, and speeches; published works; editing work; scrapbooks of articles and reviews clipped from the Calgary Herald; teaching files; material relating to conferences, writers' festivals and workshops; material relating to songwriting; miscellaneous personal records and material about K. McGoogan; and works by others. Fonds also includes sound recordings and original songs written by K. McGoogan, other music, interviews and readings; videocassettes of personal appearances; and photographs.

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