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Capsules and Model Structures

Series contains scale models of various projects worked on by Jeffrey Lindsay. Projects include tenesgrity towers, Simon Fraser University space frames, hi-rise building, and balsa wood capsules.


Series consists of correspondence which were kept in three separate sub-series: an alphabetical correspondence while Roberts was at the CBC and possibly in other organizations; chronological correspondence exclusively from CBC maintained by a record keeping assistant in day file order while Roberts was head of serious music at CBC; and personal correspondence with composers and other colleagues which Roberts maintained in his home and alongside correspondence he received during his various professional engagements and after his retirement. There is correspondence interfiled in other series as well.

Correspondence 'A'

Includes records on Violet Archer, Istvan Anhalt, Murray Adaskin, Richard Arnell. Also includes news clippings.

Correspondence 'B'

Includes records on Alexander Brott, Walter Buczynski, John Beckwith, Norma Beecroft, Michael Baker, Gena Branscombe and Benjamin Brittan. Also includes news clippings and pamphlets.

Correspondence 'E'

Includes records on S.C. Eckhardt-Gramatte and Ferdinand Eckhardt. Also includes news clippings.

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