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Archivistische beschrijving
Gertrud Lessmann Fonds
CA ACU TMM F0087 · Archief · 1905-1945

The collection consists of one three ring binder with 19 double-sided pages in plastic sleeves and 13 single-sided pages taken from a photo album and placed in the three ring binder. At the end of the binder there is a single plastic sleeve with 2 inserts relating to an Belgian individual who died in Buchenwald. The collection also contains a certificate from the offices of Adolf Hitler, received by Gertrud Lessman and accompanied by a large photo.

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Audrey Cochran Fonds
CA ACU TMM F0069 · Archief · 1940-1945

Fonds consists of one photo album and associated loose photos. The photographs predominantly relate to Cochran's military career with the RCAF during the year of WWII. Some photographs are captioned, presumably in Cochran's hand.

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Norma Stowe Fonds
CA ACU TMM F0074 · Archief · 1941-1945, 2012

Fonds consists of material gathered and created by Norma Stowe during her time of service during WWII in the South African Military Nursing Service. Stowe sent letters home from both South Africa and Cairo where she was stationed as a nurse working for the South African Army. These letters are arranged chronologically in the Correspondence series. Photographs, which were likely originally sent as enclosures, are arranged in the Photographs series. Other material, including ephemera, certificates, and military documentation, is arranged in thematic series corresponding to the folders in which the material was received into the archives.

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S.G. Pallesen Fonds
CA ACU TMM F0062 · Archief · 1943 - [195-]

Fonds consist predominantly of aerial photos depicting, primarily, northeastern France. Also includes photographs of family and friends of Corporal S.G. Pallesen, and a photocopied journal from 1943 and 1946. Fonds are divided into two series, one photographic and one textual.

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Humphrey M.C. Carver Fonds
CA ACU TMM F0118 · Archief · 1943-1945, 1977-1992

Consists predominantly of research and draft material towards Humphrey Carver's 1945 publication, "Personnel Selection in the Canadian Army: A descriptive study".

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Stuart Anderson Fonds
CA ACU TMM F0122 · Archief · 1932-1945

Consists predominantly of photographs documenting the 2nd Quebec Conference, the Potsdam Conference, and the Yalta Conference. Also includes photography relating the British Home Guard During WWII as well as the Lausanne conference of 1932.

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CA ACU GBA F1682 · Archief · 1883-1983

The fonds consists of annals of activities in western Canada (1883-1946 [photocopied]); newsclippings (1924-1975); various histories of the order; photographs of Sacred Heart Convent, St. Mary's school and pupils (1913-1950s); and miscellaneous programs, communion cards, pamphlets, calendars and greeting cards. Includes a publication, "Catholic Centennial Souvenir, 1812-1912" (on microfilm); Sister L.A. Hochstein's MEd thesis, "Roman Catholic Separate and Public Schools in Alberta" (1954); and a recorded interview with teacher, Ethel MacDonald (1978).

John Cody fonds
CA ACU TMM F0150 · Archief · 1945-1994

Consists of two items of correspondence and five photographs. Subject matter is John Cody's connection with the American 509th Bomb Group especially during it's connection to the Enola Gay and the bombing of Hiroshima in WWII.

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CA ACU TMM F0109 · Collectie · ca.1940-1977

Collection consists of material relating to the Dieppe raid. Includes taped interviews of veterans of the raid; transcripts of interviews; photographs and slides; war diaries of various Canadian military units participating in the raid; military reports written after the raid; German accounts; correspondence with German veterans; collection of articles, pamphlets, thesis and other published material about the raid; research material for and manuscripts of J. Mellor's book Forgotten heroes : the Canadians at Dieppe; and miscellaneous material.

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James Richard McNamara fonds
CA ACU TMM F0116 · Archief · 1918-1946

Consists of photographs, textual records and military medals predominately related the military career and death in combat of James McNamara during WWII.

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