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Mukherjee, Bharati
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Globe And Mail.

  • Correspondence (1974 August 17-1982 July 7), between representatives of Globe and Mail and Clark Blaise.
  • Correspondence regarding William French's review of Tribal justice as well as articles and a book review which C. Blaise wrote for the Globe and Mail.
  • Includes references to the following: Tribal justice; The march; A North American education : short story collection; Broward Dowdy; Relief; Grids and doglegs : short story; At the lake; Among the dead; I'm dreaming of Rocket Richard; Days and nights in Calcutta; Review of John Gardner's Mickelsson's ghosts; A Canada-India literary link in need of help; Race incidents make India wary of Canada.

Gordon, Lenny.

  • Letters (1976 October 18-1981 January 3), from L. Gordon to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee.
  • Letters forwarding photographs of the Blaise family which L. Gordon took in India, extending Christmas greetings and discussing personal matters. Includes four photographs.

Grumbach, Doris.

  • Letters (1979 February 21-1985 January 30), from D. Grumbach to Clark Blaise.
  • Letters commenting on Lunar attractions, expressing appreciation for a dinner and congratulating C. Blaise on his appointment as Adjunct Professor in Creative Writing at Columbia University.

International P.E.N. Canadian Centre.

  • Letters (1976 February 28-1977 September 14), Montreal, P.Q., from representatives of International P.E.N. Canadian Centre to Clark Blaise, and related material.
  • Letters regarding membership in the Centre, a reading given by C. Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee and a personal invitation to a P.E.N. party. Includes the P.E.N. charter, notices of meetings, a slate of officers for 1976-77, May and October 1985 Newsletters, 1985-86 executive and membership list and a schedule of 1985-86 congresses and seminars.

Jarman, Mark.

  • Letters (1983 June 21-1984 December 2), from M. Jarman to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee.
  • Letters about M. Jarman's travels, work and news of mutual acquaintances. Includes a review of M. Jarman's short story collection Dancing nightly in the tavern.

Jugtown Pottery.

  • Letter (1974 December 3), Seagrove, N.C., from Jeanette Moore, Jugtown Pottery, to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee, Montreal, P.Q.
  • Autograph letter(s) signed by the hand of the author indicating a gift from Jugtown Pottery has been shipped to the Blaises from John and Karie Friedman.

Paki : notes

Holograph notes including a list of characters and scene descriptions for the teleplay which was a collaboration between C. Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee written for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's series For the record. It was apparently never broadcast; see letter (1980 April 11) from Sam Levene, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, to C. Blaise, MsC

Speech delivered on the occasion of the sesquicentennial of Denison University : speech

Brochure from Denison University with article titled Celebrating the sesquicentennial : 'interpreting' focus of humanities week featuring a photograph of C. Blaise and listing his speech and reading from days and nights in Calcutta as part of the schedule of events; typescript fragment and typescript with holograph revisions and C. Blaise's holograph annotation "Draft of Denison Speech Nov 9, 1981".


Black and white passport photographs of C. Blaise, Bharati Mukherjee and Bart and Bernard Blaise.

Man and his world : short story

Typescript with C. Blaise's holograph annotation "One of the stories in Appropriate Passions"; typescript (photocopy); and photocopy of published story in Fiction International 12, 1980, p. 80-90. This story was also published in Literary Review, v. 29, no. 4, Summer 1986, a special issue on Writers of the Indian Commonwealth guest-edited by Bharati Mukherjee and Ranu Vanikar.

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