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Purcell Blain fonds
CA ACU GBA F0217 · fonds · 1976-1981

The fonds consists of autobiography; recorded interview about his life and his hobby; and research notes and maps of old trails.

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William James Cleland fonds
CA ACU GBA F0541 · fonds · 1918-1920

The fonds consists of William's discharge certificate, appointment, and certificate from the Aero Club of Canada.

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H.R. Davies fonds
CA ACU GBA F0645 · fonds · Microfilmed 1968 (originally created 1906)

The fonds consists of a diary with very brief descriptions of the country, cities and rail travel. More details are given for the portion of the trip through the Rockies.

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Henry John Green fonds
CA ACU GBA F0853 · fonds · 1910-1913

The fonds consists of photographs of railway construction between Edmonton and Jasper.

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Elizabeth Haestie fonds
CA ACU GBA F0868 · fonds · 1978-1984

The fonds consists of research notes and drafts of Ferries and Ferrymen, includes copies of photographs collected for the book; two volumes of unpublished autobiography, and personal photos.

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Halford and Valentine Ltd. fonds
CA ACU GBA F0871 · fonds · 1946-1963

The fonds consists of financial statements and tax returns (1946-1950); customer account ledgers (1946-1950); Austin distributor's agreements (1948-1963); and a photograph of Austin dealers meeting (1951).

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Ernest Henry Harris fonds
CA ACU GBA F0893 · fonds · 1906-1961

The fonds consists of paybook, telegrams, and miscellany regarding First World War; timebook, certificates and miscellany regarding service with CPR.

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E.J. Lawrence fonds
CA ACU GBA F1121 · fonds · Photocopied 1981 (originally created 1879)

The fonds consists of E.J.'s diary describing the trip west, as transcribed by his daughter, Susan Lawrence Skinner.

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Donald Leslie fonds
CA ACU GBA F1141 · fonds · 1970s

The fonds consists of memoirs and transcript of interview.

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