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E. Preston Manning fonds.
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Series consists of material published by Preston Manning including his two books "The new Canada" and "Think big" as well as opinion editorials (op eds).

The new Canada

Subseries consists of material relating to the manuscript "The new Canada".

The new Canada working material

Files consist of working material for "The new Canada" manuscript such as correspondence, presentations, notes, and reference material.

The new Canada reference material

Files consist of reference material for "The new Canada" manuscript including: 001.05 Edmonton Assembly 89 and Task Force; 001.06 Saskatoon Assembly 91; 001.07 Battle of Yellowhead; 001.08 Beaver River election, axe the tax, Senate; 001.09 Black/Jackman dinner, Sept. 5/90, corporate contacts - finance; 002.01 Native policy/Yukon; 002.02 Book project; 002.03 Material collected for "The new Canada".

The new Canada draft manuscript

Files consist of the draft manuscript for "The new Canada" with one file containing sections I-II and the other with section III and includes: 002.04 P. Manning draft manuscript Sept/91 (I); 002.05 P. Manning draft manuscript Sept/91 (III).

Think big

Subseries consists of records and ephemera relating to Manning's book "Think Big" which he wrote after his retirement from politics including draft chapters and source material as well as the original manuscript.

Chapter 1 - Premier's kid : Frank Dabbs version

File consists of correspondence with Frank Dabbs, a journalist and author, about his work on the book, a draft outline of the book, and Dabbs' draft chapter one of the book, entitled "The Premier's Kid".

Chapter 2 - West wants in : Dabb/Grover drafts

File consists of draft manuscripts for Chapter 2, "The West Wants In" written by Frank Dabbs, a copy of the draft edited by Jennifer Grover, a communications consultant who worked for the Reform Party, and copies of two documents used as sources for the chapter, including the election platform of the Reform Party -- "The West Wants In!" -- and "Choosing a Political Vehicle to Represent the West", a presentation Manning gave to the Western Assembly on Canada's Economic and Political Future".

Chapter 3

Files consist of a draft copy of chapter 3, "The Charlottetown Accord Campaign: Democratic Constitution Making" edited by Sandra Manning, handwritten additional pages written by Sandra Manning, and source material for Chapter 3 including: 001.03 Chapter 3 - Know more : original draft; 001.04 Chapter 3 - Know more : PM speeches and campaign activities; 001.05 Chapter 3 - Know more : Reform campaign materials; 001.06 Chapter 3 - Know more : background notes including Trudeau interview; 001.07 Chapter 3 : background papers.

Chapter 4

Files consist of source material for Chapter 4, handwritten and typewritten notes, and a description of a nomination meeting apparently written by Monte Solberg -- the Reform MP for Medicine Hat including: 002.01 Chapter 4 - 1993 election : pre election speeches; 002.02 Chapter 4 - 1993 election : 0 in 3 campaign; 002.03 Chapter 4 - 1993 election : election planning; 002.04 Chapter 4 - 1993 election (revolution eh?) : election campaign; 002.05 Chapter 4 - Revolution eh? (1993 election) : campaign speeches; 002.06 Chapter 4 - Revolution eh? (1993 election): background notes.

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