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Hudson's Bay Company Posts fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F0980
  • Fondo
  • 1683-1911, predominant 1683-1888

The fonds consists of journal of daily occurrences at York Factory (1786-1789); McLeod's Lake post journal (1845-1848); Qu'Appelle Lake post journal (1857-1858 [typescript]); Fort St. John post fur account book (1909-1911); minutes of Northern Department council meeting (1883); and diary of Mr. Robinson, secretary of HBC commissioner, Joseph Wrigley, about 1887 trip to Alberta and Saskatchewan HBC posts (photocopy). Includes Fort Vermilion post balance sheet (1888); invoice from York Factory to Swan River District (1852); Fort Dunvegan daily account book (1891-1899 [photocopy]) and line of credit (1888); correspondence with French about claims to Hudson Bay (ca. 1687 [microfilm]); James Keith NWC and HBC papers (1802-1851 [microfilm]); Arthur Dobbs papers about HBC and search for Northwest Passage (1683-1752 [microfilm]); statement of account with Wesleyan Mission (1841-1842); statement of account with Russian American Fur Co. (1843-1844); anonymous diary kept during 1852 flood of Red River; letter from William Hemming Cook (1802), letter from Hugh Inkster (1801), letter from William Smith (1839), John Willes stock sale (1832).

Hudson's Bay Company

Frederick J. Niven fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F1393
  • Fondo
  • 1776-1963, predominant 1900-1944
  • The fonds consists of correspondence, literary manuscripts (The Three Marys, When I was a Child, His Hour or Two, Mine Inheritance, Triumph, What's Past is Prologue, Family Album, The Staff at Stimsons, A Candle in the Rain, Tales of the Black Flag, Hands Up, Brothers in Arms, Under Which King, Island of Arran, The Transplanted, Once Upon a Time, The Garricks of Renfrew, Dead Men's Bells, The Flying Years, etc.), reviews of books, publication agreements, scrapbooks, newsclippings and family photograph albums. Includes Pauline's diaries (1947, 1959, 1961) and correspondence. Also includes material collected by Frederick for research purposes: ration ticket of Cree, Mechawayis of the Sweet Grass band (1885), and newsclippings about Sitting Bull, Sioux uprisings, etc. (1890s).
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Blackfoot, Canadian Authors Association, Bliss Carman, John Murray Gibbon, George H. Gooderham, William H. New, Walter J. Phillips, poetry, and Bernard Keble Sandwell.

Niven, Frederick J.

David Thompson fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F1787
  • Fondo
  • Microfilmed 1958 (originally created 1790-1825)

The fonds consists of diaries of travel and observations in western Canada.

Thompson, David

Peter Fidler fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F2037
  • Fondo
  • Copied 1967-1970 (originally created 1792-1969)

The fonds consists of Fidler's journal while in the vicinity of Calgary (1792); his journal, including census information while in the Red River Settlement (1814-1815); and information about Fidler and his house in Bolsover, compiled by a descendant, Mary Fidler (1969). Other records copied from the HBC Archives are present, including Peigan Post returns (1832), and Richard Hardisty letters about the fur trade (1874, 1882).

Fidler, Peter

Simon McTavish fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F2475
  • Fondo
  • 1805

The fonds consists of a bound copy of Simon McTavish's will, with opinions of legal referees on points of law raised by his heirs.

McTavish, Simon

James Sutherland fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F1765
  • Fondo
  • 1814-1856
  • The fonds consists of letters to brother, John Sutherland, in Orkney, Scotland. Includes Sutherland's will and some correspondence regarding his estate.
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Robert Clouston, James Gaddy, Colin Inkster, James McTavish, Moose Factory, Norway House, Red River Settlement, Sir George Simpson, James Sinclair, George Sutherland, Roderick Sutherland.

Sutherland, James

John W. Proctor fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F1506
  • Fondo
  • 1823-1973, predominant 1939-1945

The fonds consists of John's autobiography, military papers, newsclippings, album of Second World War photograph, scrapbook and oil company share certificates; family histories of the Proctor and Wright families; and diary kept by Minnie Proctor Northrup (John's aunt) during trip across Canada with Conservative MPs (1902). Includes a letter from Gen. T.B. Strange to Capt. Joshua Wright about the 1885 Riel Rebellion (North West Rebellion).

Proctor, John W.

Richard C. Hardisty fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F0888
  • Fondo
  • 1825-1958, predominant 1845-1894
  • The fonds consists of R.C. Hardisty's HBC correspondence, related to operations at various posts (1870-1887), and personal correspondence (1845-1889). Also includes some correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and personal papers of Eliza, Richard G., and other family members.

Hardisty, Richard C.

Patrick, McPherson family fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F1451
  • Fondo
  • 1825-1975, predominant 1845-1946
  • The fonds consists of Murdoch McPherson's diary (1834), McPherson family correspondence (1845-1895), and miscellaneous family and HBC papers (1825-1893); and Patrick family correspondence (1878-1946), Alfred Patrick's diary (1833), and various family certificates, genealogical charts and newsclippings. Includes Lillian Morrison's nomination of A.P. Patrick as Calgary's Citizen of the Century (1975).
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Coal mines and mining, Sandford Fleming, Fort Yukon, Capt. John Franklin, J.A. Grant, Bella Hardisty, Richard Hardisty, William Lucas Hardisty, Lapierre House (Yukon), I Macallum, Sir John A. Macdonald, Catherine McLachlan, Alexander Murray Hunter, Patrick Oils Ltd., Sheep Creek Coal Mine, Silver City, Edward Smith, Lord Strathcona, Betsy Sutherland, Catherine Swanston, and John Thomson.

Patrick family

A.E. Cross family fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F0609
  • Fondo
  • 1836-1987, predominant 1890-1987

The fonds consists of extensive correspondence between A.E. Cross and Helen Cross (1899-1928); correspondence of A.E. Cross pertaining to the brewery, ranch, personal matters, and organizations in which he was active (1890-1932); correspondence of J.B. Cross regarding the brewery, ranch and personal matters (1933-1937); A7 Ranche business correspondence (1913-1943); Calgary Brewing and Malting Company business correspondence (1892-1906); Helen's correspondence and records of organization in which she was active (1880-1944); correspondence and school records of the Cross children (1912-1948); family memorabilia (1892-1949); correspondence and business records of Sandy Cross and Rothney Farm (1935-1987); and extensive photographs of the Cross family, the A7 Ranche, and Rothney Farm.

Cross family

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