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Alexander Begg fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F0176
  • fonds
  • 1843-1914
  • The fonds consists of correspondence (1854-1905) relating to his newspaper businesses, the Temperance Colonization Society, the crofters' immigration scheme, the Alaskan boundary, and the Dunbow Ranche; legal records; diaries (1842-1904); correspondence, minutes and incorporation documents for the railway company; and certificates, appointments and commissions. Includes Emily's correspondence (1853-1914) and photographs of the Begg family.

Begg, Alexander

Wesley F. Orr fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F1428
  • fonds
  • 1849-1972, predominant 1849-1898
  • The fonds consists of Orr's diaries (1849-1887, 1893-1897), indexed letterbooks (1888-1897), certificates, and account books; and family correspondence, autograph albums, family photographs, newsclippings and scrapbook.
  • LETTERS TO/ABOUT THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE/SUBJECTS ARE IN THE LETTERBOOKS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS AND FOR A MORE COMPREHENSIVE LIST: Lord Campbell Gordon Aberdeen, Alberta Southern Railway, George Alexander, James Alexander, William H. Atkinson, Hon. A.R. Augers, John Bain, John A. Bangs, James Bannerman, James W. Barclay, William Barker, Reginald Barthorp, Lewis Baxter, John Beattie, Margaret Beattie, Charles Beck, Mayor Bentley, H.D. Beveridge, J.W. Boss, O.H. Bott, Robert George Brett, J.S. Brisco, N.E. Brooks, Samuel Brown, William Brown, George Barclay Bruce, buffalo bones, A.M. Burgess, Acton Burrows, W.C. Caldwell, Calgary Agricultural Society, Calgary-Alberta and Montana Railway, Calgary Herald, Calgary Tribune, Arthur L. Cameron, Alexander Campbell, Canadian Agricultural, Coal and Colonization Co., Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) (passenger traffic, repair shops and stations), Alfred Carey, Hon. John Carling, James Carroll, Hugh S. Cayley, Chinese, Duke of Connaught, W.G. Conrad, Charles F. Conybeare, J. Creagh, Mr. Justice A. Cross, Crowsnest Pass Railway, William H. Cushing, Thomas Mayne Daley, Donald Watson Davies, Edgar Dewdney, W.H. de Wolf, Frank Dick, Howard Douglas, electric lighting, R. Elliott, A.J. Ellis, William Fisk, J.G. Fitzgerald, George Fleming, James Forrest, I.S. Freeze, Leonard Gaetz, W.J. Gage, Mayor C. Gallagher, Paul Gaston, Edward F. Gigot, R.B. Gordon, Great North West Central Railway, Rev. Sister Green, A.F. Grady, James Grierson, Harold Gruner, John A. Hamilton, L.A. Hamilton, Col. Josiah Harris, Frederick Haultain, George Hellier, James Henderson, High River Coal Mine, G. Hiller, Hudson's Bay and Pacific Railway Co., William Roper Hull, John A. Ingram, Col. Atcheson Gosford Irvine, R.A. James, Hon. J.H. Jameson, Robert Kerr, James Delamere Lafferty, John Lineham, James A. Lougheed, Dr. Lovingheart, Alexander Lucas, lumber trade, Alexander McBride, George W. McBride, Peter McCarthy, Rev. John McDougall, Walter McIntosh, J.S. Mackie, James A. McKenzie, Hon. Charles H. Mackintosh, D. McLean, C. McMillan, James A. McMillan, H.W. McNeill, Charles A. Magrath, Miss J.M. Malloy, Supt. Richard Marpole, George Morrison, John T. Moore, George Morrilaws, James Muir, Augustus Meredith Nanton, John Ryerson Neff, John Niblock, Frank Oliver, Adam C. Orr, James Orr, J.G. Osborne, J.T. Pattison, William Pearce, F.W. Pettit, Bishop Pinkham, prostitution, public welfare, James Quinn, A.G. Ramsay, Silas Alexander Ramsay, William T. Ramsay, Red Deer Valley Railway, William Reid, Daniel Riley, J.B. Ritchards, Rocky Mountain Railway, Norman Ross, Amos Rowe, Joseph Royal, sanatoriums, Saskatchewan Homestead and Colonization Co., W.B. Scarth, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred C. Schreiber, Henry Scott, Sheep Creek Coal Mine, Arthur L. Sifton, Clifford Sifton, Leopold Slatterly, smallpox, smelting, John Stewart, McLeod Stewart, Thomas Stone, David Suitor, Thomas Sutherland, Harry Symons, W.B. Thorne, H. Villard, Major James Walker, William V. Walsh, F. White, Frank White, Harry White, Gen. Supt. F. Whyte, Rev. Thomas G. Williams, and Mrs. Fred Wood.

Orr, Wesley Fletcher

Mooney family fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F2954
  • fonds
  • [ca. 1857-1948]

The fonds consists of Canadian Pacific Railway and financial papers of Arthur W. Mooney (1900-1921); will of M.E. O'Dell (1895); teaching certificates and agreements of Sarah Hassard (1907-1911); poem, letter and program re events in Biggar. Also consists of photographs of Biggar, Saskatchewan including Bennett buggy, streets, schools, theatrical productions, Royal Visit (1939), Boy Scouts at the University of Alberta, Canadian National Railway engines, railway station, swimming class, views of early oil wells in Saskatchewan and Alberta, homesteading at Fabyan Lake, Alberta, buffalo and elk, and views in Edson and Brule areas.

Mooney, Arthur W.

Edgar Dewdney fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F0673
  • fonds
  • 1861-1926, predominant 1861-1903
  • The fonds consists of correspondence, reports, appointments, newsclippings, etc., pertaining to the Dewdney Trail and his early career in British Columbia; correspondence, speeches, diaries (1879, 1882-1883, 1885-1886, 1888), reports and newsclippings related to his duties as Lieutenant-Governor and Indian Commissioner of the North-West Territories; appointments and correspondence as Minister of the Interior; some correspondence as Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia; and a series of personal correspondence of Blanche Dewdney (1914-1926).
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Magnus Begg, Big Bear (Cree), C.O. Card, Laurence Clarke, Columbia and Kootenay Railway and Transportation Co., Conservative Party, Crowfoot (Blackfoot), William Crozier, Nicholas Davin Flood, D.W. Davis, George M. Dawson, Amor de Cosmos, J.S. Dennis, Cecil Denny, Gabriel Dumont, Amedee Emmanuel Forget, I.S. Freeze, William McGirr, Bishop Vital Grandin, Col. A.G. Irvine, Dr. Augustus Jukes, Father Albert Lacombe, Wilfrid Laurier, Jean L'Heureux, Marquess of Lorne, James A. Lougheed, Hugh John Macdonald, John A. Macdonald, D.L. Macpherson, Frederick D. Middleton, Military Colonization Ranche, Walter Moberly, Mormons, Frank Oliver, William Pearce, William Dell Perly, Piapot (Cree), Poundmaker (Cree), Red Pheasant (Cree), Hayter Reed, Louis Riel, North-West Mounted Police (NWMP), Joseph Royal, Charles B. Rouleau, William B. Scarth, Alfred Richard C. Selwyn, Sitting Bull (Sioux), Sir John Thompson, Judge Jeremiah Travis, Tsimshian, William C. Van Horne, Laurence Vankoughnet, Col. James Walker, Walrond Ranch and Fred White.

Dewdney, Edgar

James Kennedy Cornwall fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F0583
  • fonds
  • 1861-1955
  • The fonds consists of newsclippings about his life (1912-1955); his articles and reports on the Peace River country and the fur trade; photographs of the north, natives and Cornwall; and miscellaneous personal papers. Includes Fort Resolution post diaries (1861-1862, 1880-1883), profit statements and list of goods (1881).
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: George W. Allan, Beaulieu family, Beaver Indians, William Carpenter Bompas, Robert Randolph Bruce, Julian Stewart Camsell, Laurence Clarke, Rev. Nicholas Coccola, Rev. Dupire, T.C. Elliott, Finlay River (BC), James Flett, Fort St. James (BC), C.W. Frank, Charles P. Gaudet, Great Slave Lake, Frederic William Howay, David Laird, Rev. Dickson MacDonald, Roderick Macfarlane, Dr. William M. Mackay, Alexander Mackenzie, Chief Charles Martin, Monkman Pass, Alexander Campbell Murray, William Norn, Pacific Great Eastern Railway, Charles V. Sale, Sir George Simpson, Simpson Pass, Wapiti pass, and water power.

Cornwall, James Kennedy

Wood family fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F1961
  • fonds
  • 1864-2007, predominant 1886-1966

The fonds consists of John Taylor Wood's diaries, speeches and miscellaneous correspondence ((1864-1903); Zachary Taylor Wood's diaries (primarily NWMP/RNWMP journals) (1886-1915), personal papers (1879-1915), and Yukon memorabilia (1897-1915); Stuart Taylor Wood's diaries (primarily RNWMP/RCMP journals)(1908-1951), personal papers (1910-1966), and records related to Herschel Island (1904-1964); Stuart Taylor Wood's research collection, related to the history of the Mounted Police (1873-1960s), including material about Major James Walsh, Fort Walsh, the March West, Wood Mountain, the Cypress Hills Massacre, various NWMP forts, and the Yukon during the Klondike gold rush; Zack Taylor Wood's letters to his wife during the Second World War (1939-1945); and extensive photographs of the Wood family, Mounted Police, Yukon and Herschel Island (1878-1961).

Wood (family)

James J. Hill fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F2020
  • fonds
  • Microfilmed 1985 (originally created 1866-1916)

The fonds consists of letterbooks of personal correspondence (1874, 1877-1916), pre-railway business correspondence (1866-1878), and railways correspondence (1877-1898).

Hill, James J.

George McMullen fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F3147
  • fonds
  • 1871-1937

The fonds consists of the Prospectus of the Canada Pacific Railway syndicate (1871), photographs of the family, the family bible, other miscellaneous items and correspondence between family members in the late 1930s.

McMullen, George

Marcus Smith fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F1692
  • fonds
  • Microfilmed 1973 (originally created 1872-1885)

The fonds consists of work diaries of survey parties in British Columbia and the prairies, including the trip by cart and horse west from Winnipeg and across the Yellowhead Pass. Includes some letters and memoranda.

Smith, Marcus

Oliver B. Buell fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F0307
  • fonds
  • 1873-1905

The fonds consists of photographs of Riel's trial (1885), scenes along the CPR (1886), Alberta's inauguration (1905), and the Buells; letters from people who attended his entertainments (1873-1905); and newspaper reviews of his shows (nd).

Buell, Oliver B.

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