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Carlo Carbone/Studio Cube models
CA ACU CAA C0020 · Colección · 2017

Consists of five scale models made for the Jeffrey Lindsay and Fuller Research Foundation Canadian Division themed exhibition Montréal et le rêve géodésique/Montreal’s Geodesic Dreams. Curated by Cammie McAtee with Carlo Carbone and Réjean Legault, the exhibition was held at the Centre de design, École de design, Université du Québec à Montréal, from September 21 until December 10, 2017. The models, along with full-scale details and a prototype dome, were designed and constructed by Carlo Carbone and his students in the design research laboratory Studio Cube of the École de design, UQAM. Students who collaborated on the construction of these models include Maxime Beaulieu, Julien Daly, Daniel Demay, Laurent Fouillet, and James Luca Pinel.

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Danial Plamondon Fonds
CA ACU TMM F0104 · Fondo · 2014

Consists of a single item: "An Artificial Falkands' Experience" being a memoire recounting Danial Plamondon's experiences as a Captain with the 42 Survey Engineer Regiment, UK, during the Falklands' Islands war in 1982.

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Ian Hamilton fonds
CA ACU SPC F0240 · Fondo · 2010-2019

Consists of Hamilton's records of his writing activities related to the first 13 of his Ava Lee novels and two Uncle Chow Tung novels, published between 2010 and 2019. The materials include one or two typescripts drafts for each book, line edits in hand (except for Couturier of Milan and Dragon Head King of Hong Kong), editors comments (except for Couturier of Milan and Dragon Head King of Hong Kong), page proofs as well as one research notebook, published reviews and interviews and some original book cover designs for Ava Lee novels. The novels are: Water Rat of Wanchai (#1), Disciple of Las Vegas (#2), Wild Beasts of Wuhan (#3), Red Pole of Macau (#4), Scottish Banker of Surabaya (#5), Two Sisters of Borneo (#6), King of Shanghai (#7), Princeling of Nanjing (#8), Couturier of Milan (#9), Imam of Tawi Tawi (#10), Goddess of Yantai (#11), Mountain Mask of Sha Tin (#12), Dragon Head King of Hong Kong (prequel #0.5/#13), Uncle Chow Tung novel (#1) -Fate, Uncle Chow Tung novel (#2) -Foresight.

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CA ACU GBA C0204 · Colección · 2008-2009

The collection consists of an illustrated essay, “Alexander Herbert Eckford, 1867-1946, of the High River Horse Ranch, Alberta and Templeknowe, Roxburghshire, Scotland”.

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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine fonds.
CA ACU ARC F0006 · Fondo · 2007-2009

Fonds consists of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine newsletters and business plans. Fonds includes series for Newsletters, and Business Plans.

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Arthur Lloyd fonds
CA ACU GBA F2766 · Fondo · 2006

The fonds consists of an essay written by Arthur’s son John Robert Lloyd containing extensive quotes from letters about his work experiences in Alberta; and three copies of photographs of downtown Calgary in the late 1930s.

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Priscilla Rowland fonds
CA ACU GBA F2915 · Fondo · 2006

The fonds consists of a recorded interview with Priscilla Rowland about her ranching life and activities. The interview was conducted by Michael Robinson, President of the Glenbow Museum.

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