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Media, Op. Eds

Files consist of research and final versions of opinion editorials written by Manning including: 002.06 Media, op. eds: background (2007-8); 002.07 Media, op. eds: background (2009); 002.08 Media, op. eds: background (2010); 002.09 Media, op. eds: background (2011) - personal archives & business; 003.01 Media, op. eds: background (2012); 003.02 Media, op. eds: background (2013) - personal archives & business, P. Manning personal files; 003.03 Media, op. eds: background (2014); 003.04 Media, op. eds: background (2015) - personal archives and business; 003.05 Media, op. eds: contracts/agreements - personal archives & business; 003.06-003.07 Media, op. eds: ideas, sources - personal archives & business.

Opinion editorials

Subseries consists of opinion editorials (Op Eds) written by Manning.

Electronic storage

File consists of a memory stick containing columns (including op eds) and speeches by Manning, mainly in Microsoft Word 97-03 documents.

Chapter 1 - Premier's kid : Frank Dabbs version

File consists of correspondence with Frank Dabbs, a journalist and author, about his work on the book, a draft outline of the book, and Dabbs' draft chapter one of the book, entitled "The Premier's Kid".

Chapter 15

Files consist of source material for Chapter 15 such as letters to Manning marking his retirement and handwritten notes including: 011.06 Chapter 15 - The scout : background material; 011.07 Chapter 15 - The scout : House of Commons exit; 011.08 Chapter 15 - The scout : sample of retirement correspondence.

Original "Think big" manuscript

Files consist of the original manuscript of "Think Big", which was edited down from 232,000 words to 155,000 words prior to being published. File 012.03 includes notes written by Preston Manning regarding which elements of the original manuscript were not included in the published book.

Assisted Human Reproduction

Files consist of material relating to the House of Commons health committee on assisted human reproduction including: 011.05 Assisted human reproduction, PM member of House of Commons health committee; 011.06 Assisted Human Reproduction Health Committee, House of Commons.

Retirement scrapbook

File consists of a scrapbook of correspondence and notes created for Manning's retirement as the representative of the federal constituency of Calgary Southwest in the Canadian House of Commons

Chapter 14

Files consist of source materials for Chapter 14 and handwritten notes such as an outline for the chapter including: 011.01 Chapter 14 - Downward spiral : key incidents leading to loss of confidence in Stockwell Day; 011.02 Chapter 14 - Downward spiral: disintegration of Canadian Alliance caucus and creation of Democratic Representative Caucus; 011.03 Chapter 14 - Downward spiral : unity initiative - Canadian Alliance/Democratic Representative Caucus/Progressive Conservative; 011.04 Chapter 14 - Downward spiral : EPM unity correspondence/involvement; 011.05 Chapter 14 - Downward spiral : miscellaneous.

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