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Stanley Ibbotson fonds
CA ACU GBA F3315 · Archief · 1917-1976

The fonds consists of memoirs, military papers, and records relating to his work with the Canadian Pacific Railway.

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Ray A. Matthews fonds
CA ACU GBA F3279 · Archief · [ca. 1884-2001]

The fonds consists of photographs, negatives and colour slides of Canadian Pacific and Canadian National locomotives and other rolling stock. Also included are textual records, which includes the notebooks Matthews used for tracking locomotives, certification cards and identification for Matthews, and notebooks of daily repairs kept by Matthew's father, Fred.

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Alfred Price fonds
CA ACU GBA F3270 · Archief · 1921

The fonds consists of draft biographies of Canadian Pacific Railway employees and their photographs. This was likely a first draft of Price's book Rail Life.

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Roy Kaiser fonds
CA ACU GBA F3217 · Archief · 1937-1972

The fonds consists of pamphlets, timetables, and other records of the Calgary Municipal Railway and Calgary Transit; and dues cards for the Calgary Municipal Railway Association.

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CA ACU GBA F3211 · Archief · [ca. 1910-1915]

The fonds consists of transcript of interview with Gertrude Routledge by her grandson John Olson, in which she describes working at Pryce-Jones Department Store (incomplete with some pages missing); photographs of the family and their home; and tiny caricatures drawn by John Routledge, including one of a railway conductor.

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Floyd Yeats fonds
CA ACU GBA F3210 · Archief · 1886-2000

The fonds consists of photographs taken by Yeats of CPR locomotives and rolling stock, events, railway stations, and related views; photographs taken by other photographers of the same subjects; a postcard collection of railway views; films of railway operations; correspondence and record interviews with other railway enthusiasts (especially Oliver Stanley) re photograph identifications and exchanges; CPR marketing material; and engineers' orders, trip tickets and timetables.

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Don Kepler fonds
CA ACU GBA F3206 · Archief · [ca. 1926-1960]

The fonds consists of a flight log book, newspaper clippings and photographs of life in Calgary and Portland.

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David Jones fonds
CA ACU GBA F3183 · Archief · [ca. 1900-2013]

The fonds consists of original records, photographs and his research material regarding the history of the Canadian Pacific Railway police; photographs of railway operations in Calgary.

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Charles Shaw fonds
CA ACU GBA F3175 · Archief · [ca. 1940]

The fonds consists of a draft of his memoirs, Tales of a Pioneer Surveyor.

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