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Beiseker Historical Society collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0004
  • Collectie
  • Copied 1980 (originally created 1901-1969)

The collection consists of photographs of local personalities, businesses, farming scenes, schools and events.

Beiseker Historical Society

David Breen's Library and Archives Canada Ranching collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0005
  • Collectie
  • Photocopied 1971 (originally created 1880-1926)
  • The collection consists of correspondence, circulars, petitions, and records about land and grazing leases.
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING SUBJECTS ARE ALSO IN THIS COLLECTION. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Agricultural Societies, Sgt. Charles Allen, Thomas Anderson, George Barry, Battle Creek Association, R.B. Bennett, Benton and St. Louis Cattle Co., Bow River Horse Ranch, H.L. Bowyer, British American Ranch Co., J.M. Browning, Brown Ranch Co., Calgary and Edmonton Railway lands, Canadian Agricultural, Coal and Colonization Co., Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) lands, William Carter, Hugh St. Quentin Cayley, J.E. Chipman, George Cloakley, Matthew Henry Cochrane, Cochrane Ranche Co., William F. Cochrane, Collingwood Ranch, Conrad Brothers, Conrad Price Cattle Co., J.M. Conger, A.E. Cox, Crow Indian reserve, Dakota Stock Grazing Co., Hon. Mayne Daly, R. Burton Deane, Col. John S. Dennis, Edgar Dewdney, Insp. Arthur W. Duffus, Charles Elliott, George B. Elliott, Moreton Frewen, J.A. Gemmill, Gilbert Goddard, Charles Grayson, William Antrobus Griesbach, James Hargrave, Alexander Stavely Hill, Walter Ings, William H. Irvine, Sir John Lister Kaye, William Duncan Kerfoot, J.K. Kerr, George Lane, G.H. Lydiard, Dr. Duncan McNab McEachran, Hon. David L. McPherson, Maunsell Brothers, C.R. Mitchell, Mount Head Ranch, Mount Royal Ranch, Augustus Meredith Nanton, New Walrond Ranch, H.A. Noble, Northwest Cattle Co., Northwest Stock Association, Frank Oliver, William G. Oliver, Oxley Ranch, Sgt. D. Paterson, William Pearce, Hon. J.H. Pope, Powder River Cattle Co. prairie fires, Const. A. Purves, Quorn Ranch, Sgt. Major C.C. Raven, 1885 Riel Rebellion (North West Rebellion), Daniel E. Riley, Philips Ross, Saskatchewan Stock Growers' Association, Walter Scott, C. Sharples, sheep, Hon. Clifford Sifton, Spencer Brothers, Charles Stewart, Charles Stimson, Frederick S. Stimson, Thomas Stone, Thomas B. Strange, Samuel B. Steele, William W. Stuart, J.R. Sutherland, E.E. Taylor, Sir Charles Tupper, Twin Butte Cattle and Horse Association, United Farmers of Alberta (UFA), R.A. Wallace, Walrond Ranch, Western Stock Growers' Association, Hon. Thomas White, Winder Ranche, and Wood Mountain Stock Ranch.

Breen, David

Calmar and District Historical Society collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0009
  • Collectie
  • Copied 1981 (originally created 1895-1938)

The collection consists of photographs of local personalities, farming scenes, and social events.

Calmar and District Historical Society

Coronation Local History Committee collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0014
  • Collectie
  • Copied 1979 (originally created 1911-1951)

The collection consists of photographs of Coronation and area personalities, farming views, street scenes and events.

Coronation Local History Committee

Coyote Flats Historical Society collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0015
  • Collectie
  • 1975

The collection consists of reminiscences and historical information regarding families, churches, schools and organizations in the area. Includes information about families of these ethnic groups: Americans, Austrians, Belgians, Czechs, Danes, Dutch, English, Germans, Hungarians, Japanese, Jews, Lithuanians, Poles, Russians, Slavs, and Ukrainian.

Coyote Flats Historical Society

DeBolt Historical Society collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0017
  • Collectie
  • Copied 1979-1981 (originally created 1921-1964)

The collection consists of photographs of DeBolt personalities, farming views, picnics, sports days and other events.

DeBolt Historical Society

Del Bonita Historical Society collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0018
  • Collectie
  • 1907-1981

The collection consists of drafts of family histories and historical articles (1980-1981), and copy negatives of photographs of local personalities, farming scenes, and social events (1907-1978).

Del Bonita Historical Society

Drought Relief Project collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0022
  • Collectie
  • Compiled 1959 (originally created 1932-1939)

The collection consists of manuscript entitled "Drought Relief and Assistance in Alberta, 1932-1939", compiled from various acts, orders-in-council, statistics, etc. Includes a summary of relief in Alberta by P.G. Kromsons.

Drought Relief Project

Drybelt Pioneers Oral History Project collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0023
  • Collectie
  • 1957-1959

The collection consists of transcripts of interviews with Francois Adams, Walter Adams, Winfred George Anderson, R. Ross Annett, Christian Bartsch, Frank Collicutt, C.C. Connors, B. Coultis, Mrs. Gordon Cruikshank, J.G. Elliott, Mrs. W.H. Featherstone, Gordon Forster, Hugh Forster, John R. Gordon, James Hannaford, W.G. Hodgson, Richard Imes, Mrs. William Ireland, Francis O. Jacques, Fergusson James, Russell Johnston, Frank Love, Hon. J.F. Lymburn, Fred Madge, Augustus Snider McLean, Mrs. Arthur Peake, David Latta "Scotty" Porteous, Lorne Proudfoot, Victor Quelch, Mrs. M. Satre, Charles Seefeldt, William Snell, John Kenneth Sutherland, Sigurd Torie, J.W. Turnbull, Joseph Winkler, Mrs. William C. Winning, and Mrs. Herschel Wright. Includes an interview with C.M. Sternberg about the early dinosaur collecting of his palaeontologist father, Charles H. Sternberg. Also includes photographs donated by interviewees.

Drybelt Pioneers Oral History Project

Endiang Local History Committee collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0026
  • Collectie
  • Copied 1984 (originally created 1906-1945)

The collection consists of photographs of personalities, streets and farming in the Endiang area.

Endiang Local History Committee

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