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Mukherjee, Bharati
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Carver, Caroline.

Letter (1977 April 27), Toronto, Ont., from C. Carver to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee.Typed letter(s) signed by the author expressing admiration and appreciation for Days and Nights in Calcutta.

Cecil, Curt.

Letters (1976 November 23-1984 August 6), from C. Cecil to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee.Letters relating best wishes and news of mutual acquaintances at McGill as well as personal news. Includes newsclipping (1984 December 15) from Gazette ...

Chatterjee, Monish.

Christmas card (1984 December (?)), from M. Chatterjee to Clark Blaise, Bharati Mukherjee, Bart and Bernard Blaise.Autograph letter(s) signed by the hand of the author extending season's greetings.

Chowdhury, S.N.

Letter (1977 April 19), New Delhi, India, from S.N. Chowdhury to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee.Autograph letter(s) signed by the hand of the author thanking the Blaises for their hospitality.

Colombo, John Robert.

Letters (1971 October 4-1976 April 24), Toronto, Ont., from J.R. Colombo to Clark Blaise.Letters expressing interest in helping C. Blaise get published and requesting a curriculum vitae for a handbook of Canadian references.

Das, Amar.

Letters (1973 July 18-1973 August 2), Calcutta, India, from A. Das to Clark Blaise, Calcutta, India.Letters regarding C. Blaise's use of A. Das's car, arrangements for a dinner meeting with various Indian journalists and forwarding a cop...

Davis, Murray S.

Letters (1965 February 1-1985 July 5), from M. S. Davis to Clark Blaise.Letters regarding Murray S. Davis's life as a student, teaching positions, writing and family, and C. Blaise's work as well as news of mutual acquaintances and perso...

Delta'S Chelsea Inn.

Envelopes of letters (1978 December 18-1979 January 6), Toronto, Ont., from representatives of Delta's Chelsea Inn to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee.Envelopes of letters mailed to the Blaises after a racial incident in the lobby of the ho...

Denison University.

Correspondence (1963 August 9-1985 December 10), between representatives of Denison University and Clark Blaise and other related material.Correspondence regarding C. Blaise's student loan, contributions to anthologies published by Denison, p...

Di Giovanni, Norman.

Letter (1978 May 2), from N. Di Giovanni to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee.Typed letter(s) signed by the author regarding future meetings and N. Di Giovanni's English address.

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