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Calgary Women's Writing Project Society fonds.

  • CA ACU ARC F0002
  • fonds
  • 1988-1989

Fonds consists of issues of "Forum", the newsletter of the Calgary Women's Writing Project Society.

Calgary Women's Writing Project Society

Frederick Hunter fonds.

  • CA ACU ARC F0014
  • fonds
  • [1974]

Fonds consists of notes on the University of Calgary written by F. Hunter.

Hunter, Frederick

Committee on Aging and Gerontology fonds.

  • CA ACU ARC F0021
  • fonds
  • 1978-1979

Fonds consists of the newsletter, "Up on Aging".

University of Calgary. Committee on Aging and Gerontology

Graduate Students' Association fonds.

  • CA ACU ARC F0020
  • fonds
  • 1969-1970, 1992-1998

Fonds consists of issues of "The Gradvisor" (1994-1998), "Matrix" (1992-1994), "Grad Women's Network Newsletter" (1993), "Grad Rag" (1969-1970).

University of Calgary. Graduate Students' Association

Network of Women Staff fonds.

  • CA ACU ARC F0022
  • fonds
  • 1990-1995

Fonds consists of the University Women's Network Newsletter (1990-1992) and issues of NeWS Update (1994-1995).

University of Calgary. University Women's Network

Centre for Gifted Education fonds.

  • CA ACU ARC F0043
  • fonds
  • 1989, 1995

Fonds consists of newsletters from the Centre for Gifted Education.

Centre for Gifted Education (Calgary, Alta.)

Ralph Hedlin fonds.

  • CA ACU ARC F0053
  • fonds

Accession consists of articles and reports written by Hedlin for a variety of newspapers and magazines, and for the clients of his economic consultancy firm

Hedlin, Ralph

Dr Donald Wetherell fonds.

  • CA ACU ARC F0055
  • fonds
  • 2001-2006

Fonds consists of course outlines, lecture notes, and correspondence relating to Dr Wetherell's teaching and course development activities at UofC

Wetherell, Donald G. (Donald Grant)

Office of Student Experience fonds.

  • CA ACU ARC F0074
  • fonds
  • 1968-1999

Fonds consists of administrative files, copies of the University Prospectus and the Viewbook, budget material, recruitment material, and records relating to the reassessment of the way in which the University of Calgary attracts propective students.

University of Calgary. Office of Student Experience

Department of Educational Administration fonds.

  • CA ACU ARC F0076
  • fonds
  • 1961-1981

Fonds consists of student teaching records, seminars, departmental annual reports, "Brief for External Examiners", photographs of Educational Administration events, and issues of the "Student Teaching Newsletter" (1963-1967).

University of Calgary. Dept. of Educational Administration

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