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Dresdnere, Simon
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Galerie Dresdnere.

  • Letter (1975 August 15), Toronto, Ont., from Simon Dresdnere, Galerie Dresdnere, to Alden Nowlan, Fredericton, N.B.
  • Typed letter(s) signed by the author thanking A. Nowlan for granting permission to publish an excerpt of the Telegraph-Journal article If only I'd met Miller Brittain in an art exhibition catalogue (Miller Brittain : retrospective) featuring M. Brittain's work. Includes references to the following: If only I'd met Miller Brittain.

Telegraph-Journal (Saint John, N.B.).

  • Correspondence (n.d., 1960 March 18 - 1983 May 27), between various representatives of the Telegraph-Journal and Evening Times-Globe and Alden Nowlan.
  • Correspondence discussing chiefly A. Nowlan's weekly Telegraph-Journal column, Alden Nowlan reports, which was published from October 5, 1968, to June 25, 1983; relating to article series resulting from A. Nowlan's travels in Cuba and Ireland and to other feature articles; offering comments and suggestions for various column topics and book reviews; and discussing the possibility of publishing a collection of A. Nowlan's Telegraph-Journal columns. Also represented is correspondence offering A. Nowlan employment with the Evening Times-Globe, the Telegraph-Journal and the Atlantic Advocate; announcing A. Nowlan's appointment as news editor at the Telegraph-Journal; offering A. Nowlan congratulations on various honours and awards received; discussing publication of Shaped by this land, the possibility of telecasts in New Brunswick of Up at ours series, Miracle at Indian River and the episode of Telescope featuring A. Nowlan and various other topics. Versos of several letters contain A. Nowlan's holograph annotations. Also includes poetry by Lois S. Welsford forwarded to A. Nowlan by Bert Burgoyne. Includes references to the following: Alden Nowlan's notebook; Alden Nowlan reports; Miracle at Indian River : short story collection; Review of Stuart Trueman's An intimate history of New Brunswick; Review of Stuart Trueman's You're only as old as you act; There was an old woman from Wexford : short story/novel chapter; Review of Dalton Camp's Gentlemen, players and politicans; Shaped by this land; Review of A. J. P. Taylor's Beaverbrook; Review of Stuart Trueman's My life as a rose-breasted grosbeak; Miracle at Indian River : television play; Life and times; Various persons named Kevin O'Brien; Campobello : the outer island; Testimony of a tent preacher; Review of Alfred G. Bailey's Thanks for a drowned island; Review of Geoffrey Stevens's Stanfield; Review of Pierre Berton's Drifting home; Frankenstein : the man who became god; Welfare without tears; Frankenstein : the play by Alden Nowlan and Walter Learning, the novel by Mary Shelley; Letter to the editor; Stage fright; If only I'd met Miller Brittain; The dollar woman : stage play; Review of John Edward Belliveau's The splendid life of Albert Smith and the women he left behind; Double exposure; Review of William M. Baker's Timothy Warren Anglin, 1822-96; Review of Heather Robertson's A terrible beauty; The incredible murder of Cardinal Tosca : stage play; Review of R. G. Moyles's The blood and fire in Canada; Review of David Adams Richards's Dancers at night; Review of Robert Gibbs's I've always felt sorry for decimals; The New Brunswick papers : what about the Irvings?; All on a summer's day; Review of David MacKay's The lumberjacks; Alden Nowlan in Cuba : Sorry we missed Fidel; Alden Nowlan asks : Mrs., Miss, Ms. - how about Ent?; A mild-mannered professor by day, he becomes 'Captain Poetry' at night; A black plastic button and a yellow yoyo : poetry collection; Playing the Jesus game : poetry collection; Up at ours : Treasures on earth; Up at ours : Full circle; Up at ours : The runaways; Treasures on earth : television play; Full circle : television play; The runaways; Alden Nowlan in Cuba : It's a farming country; Review of Cecil J. Houston and William J. Smyth's The sash Canada wore; Review of David J. Carter's Behind Canadian barbed wire; The 'Irving Press' that wasn't!; Review of Joel Garreau's The nine nations of North America; Review of Arlee D. McGee's It's up to you; The two Irelands : Belfast : friendliness amid the barbed wire; The two Irelands : Crossing a border that shouldn't be there; The two Irelands : Oh, how Dublin has changed!; The two Irelands : Hot tempers, quaint insults enliven Galway by-election; Review of Lawrence Martin's The presidents and the prime ministers; Hugh John had time to befriend a kid; Alden Nowlan in Cuba : Rum or costs plenty; Alden Nowlan in Cuba : Power breaks, flies and juicy tomatoes; Alden Nowlan in Cuba : Life is so much better than before Castro; Alden Nowlan in Cuba : No news is bad news; Alden Nowlan in Cuba : You notice the Russians; Alden Nowlan in Cuba : Unity crisis followed us