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Ottawa (Ontario)
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Thomas Dunlop Rankin maquettes

  • CA ACU CAA F0049
  • Coleção
  • 1922

Two maquettes of gargoyles carved as models for the grotesques that would subsequently be carved in the upper corners of the entrance to the Senate Chamber of Canadian Parliament. The maquettes were donated by the family of Thomas Dunlop Rankin (1886-1965) who supervised the reconstruction of Parliament Centre Block (1916-1927). Initials carved into the grotesques "W.J.A." are those of Walter Joseph Allen who was an English sculptor employed on the construction of the Centre Block. Allen worked as the superintendent of the modeling and carving shop and was responsible for the team of carvers from April 1917 to June 1924.

Rankin, Thomas Dunlop

Canada Department of National Health and Welfare

  • Letter from Ian Eisenhardt, National Director of Physical Fitness, Canadian Department of National Health and Welfare, Ottawa, Ontario, to Christie Harris, Huntingdon, B.C.
  • File consists of letter indicating that Christie Harris's radio script Never Mind the Old Gray Mare has been submitted to the National Council on Physical fitness for possible use at country meetings as part of the rural recreation program.
  • Typescript, signed.

Kanata Teron (6/8)

Kanata Teron, Beaverbrook, subdivision and golf course plan, topographical map, and preliminary shadow study.

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