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Archival description
Wade E. Philpott fonds
CA ACU SPC F0154 · Fonds · 1961-1985

Fonds consists of puzzles, computer programs, articles, works by other authors, correspondence between W.E. Philpott and various persons including Martin Gardner, Harry L. Nelson, Joseph S. Madachy.

Philpott, Wade Edward
Victor Meally fonds.
CA ACU SPC F0155 · Fonds · 1954-198-?

Fonds consists of correspondence with various persons including H.S.M. Coxeter and Harry O. Davis, notebooks, manuscripts on mathematical topics and works by other authors with annotations by V. Meally.

Meally, Victor
Marjorie Rice fonds
CA ACU SPC F0229 · Fonds · 1975-2017

Fonds consists of records created or received by Marjorie Rice during her mathematical research and discovery of tiling patterns, and her study and exploration of tessellations and patterns derived from various geometric shapes.

Rice, Marjorie
Leon Bankoff fonds.
CA ACU SPC F0159 · Fonds · 1909-1997

Fonds consists of correspondence and related material such as notes, solutions, papers and reprints of various correspondents including Norman Anning, Donald Coxeter, Clayton W. Dodge, Paul Erdos, Martin Gardner, Victor Thébault, Charles W. Trigg and Leo Sauvé; research material on a broad range of mathematical topics; notebooks; manuscripts of mathematical articles and solutions and book reviews; published works; works about L. Bankoff; photographs; slides; and miscellaneous. Fonds also includes selected issues of many mathematics journals including American Mathematics Monthly and Mathematics Magazine.

Bankoff, Leon
John R. Hendricks fonds.
CA ACU SPC F0160 · Fonds · 1988-2007

Fonds consists of manuscripts and published works by J.R. Hendricks, a compact disk containing many of his publications, works about him and works by others.

Hendricks, John Robert
Harry L. Nelson fonds.
CA ACU SPC F0158 · Fonds · 1960-1986

Fonds consists of correspondence between H.L. Nelson and various persons relating to puzzles and games and to Journal of Recreational Mathematics during period when H.L. Nelson was editor of the journal.

Nelson, Harry L.
David A. Klarner fonds.
CA ACU SPC F0193 · Fonds

Fonds consists of correspondence with internationally renowned mathematicians; manuscripts of articles and papers; research, teaching and conference materials; newspaper clippings; notebooks; pamphlets; published works; awards; an unpublished manuscript written with Dutch mathematician Nicholaas G. de Bruijn entitled Pattern enumeration; and papers and articles by others.

Klarner, David A.
C.M. Jones fonds
CA ACU SPC F0156 · Fonds · 1988

Fonds consists of correspondence between Ms. C.M. Jones and Richard Guy and solutions to problems in number theory.

Jones, C. M.
CA ACU SPC C0019 · Collection · 1935-2009

Fonds consists of Leon Bankoff's collection of material relating to a geometric figure, the 'arbelos'. Includes correspondence, primarily with other mathematicians including Clayton W. Dodge, Howard Eves, Leo Sauvé, and Charles W. Trigg; manuscripts including notebooks; published works; works by others; and material by and about M. Victor Thébault.

Dodge, Clayton Willard
Charles W. Trigg fonds.
CA ACU SPC F0157 · Fonds · 1894-1986

Fonds consists of correspondence; research material on a broad range of mathematical topics; manuscripts of mathematical articles, notes, calculations and solutions to mathematical problems; and published work.

Trigg, Charles Wilderman