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Undergraduate workbooks, yearbooks, and certificates

The Sub-sub-series consists of Dr. Hatfield's undergraduate notebooks and workbooks containing handwritten and typed notes from lectures, colored diagrams from labs and experiments, and outlines of examinations. The Sub-sub-series also contains a file of certificates of awards, Dr. Hatfield's transcripts from the University of Alberta, and the Fall 1951 convocation booklet.

Graduate and postdoctoral training and research

The Sub-sub-series consists of records reflecting Dr. Hatfield's graduate and post-doctoral activities as a graduate student at the University of Alberta and as an internist at the University of Minnesota. The records consist of Dr. Hatfield's graduate thesis on 'A Study of the Effects of the Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH) and Cortisone in Certain Selected Diseases', research records from projects and studies undertaken at the University of Minnesota, certificates and credentials, and articles and papers Dr. Hatfield presented at conferences.

Mandate, minutes, and correspondence

The Sub-sub-series consists of records describing the organization of the Royal Commission, including discussions on the mandate and direction of the Commission, correspondence regarding issues of confidentiality, minutes of the Commissions proceedings, correspondence on the dissatisfaction that several of the commissioners had with the direction of the Commission, and a copy of the Statement of Claim issued by the commissioners following their dismissal in December 1991.

Hearings, briefs, and submissions

The Sub-sub-series consists of transcripts from the hearings held by the Royal Commission in the fall of 1990 and the spring of 1991. Hearings were held in most major cities across Canada from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John's, Newfoundland, and also included Yellowknife and Whitehorse in the North West Territories. The Royal Commission heard both public and private submissions and briefs from individuals, community associations, religious groups, and medical, industrial, and research organizations. The Sub-sub series also consists of the binders of reference and background information that were prepared for the Commissioners before each hearing.

Research proposals, reviews, and reports

The Research and Evaluation Branch of the Royal Commission was established to research and report on projects identified by the commissioners in order to assist them in their evaluation of the issues. The Branch was sub-divided into working groups that concentrated on issues in four main areas: Infertility, Assisted Human Reproduction, Pre-Natal Genetics, and Embryo and Fetal Tissue Research. The Sub-sub-series consists of records related to the work of the Research and Evaluation Branch, including research proposals, commissioner's reviews of the proposals, draft manuscripts, correspondence between the commissioners on the efficacy of the process, and final reports released by the Branch.

Canadian Geoscience Council

Mossop was on the Executive of the Canadian Geoscience Council from 1988-1990. He served as Vice-President (1988), President (1989), and Past- President (1990). He also involved in the Nominating Committee in 1990 (Chair), 1991 and 1992.

Geological Association of Canada

Mossop was president of the Geological Association of Canada from 1986-1987, and served on numerous committees including the Nominating Committee (1989, 1990), Ambrose Medal Committee (1990), Ad Hoc Committee on GAC Publications (1990-91), and Past President’s Meal Committee (1995, 1998). He was also the chair of the Ten-Year Strategy Committee (1994-97), co-chair of the GeoCanada 2000 Organizing Committee (1998-2000), and was a field trip leader for the 2005 Earth Systems Processes Conference.

Other boards and committees

Sub-sub-series 3 includes records pertaining to the International Geoscience Education Organization (GeoSciEd IV) 2003 Calgary Conference.

Faculty of Medicine

The Sub-series consists of records reflecting Dr. Lewis’ administrative responsibilities and activities as Associate Professor of Psychiatry at McGill University. The records illustrate Dr. Lewis’ participation on various committees including the Committee on the Role of the University, First Year Curriculum Committee, and the Permanent Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Education (P.A.C.U.M.E), the Postgraduate Curriculum Committee, the Training Committee, and the Faculty Committee for Residency Training. The Sub series also consists of reports on “Postgraduate Training at McGill,” “Recognition of the Changing Role of the Psychiatric Resident,” “Faculty Committee for Residency Training,” “Postgraduate Training on Psychiatry at McGill,” “Report on the State of Affairs [for the postgraduate training course],” and a report on a visit to Duke University to investigate methods of undergraduate training.

Allan Memorial Institute

The Sub-sub-series consists of administrative records that reflect Dr. Lewis’ role as Clinical Director of the Allan Memorial Institute, the psychiatric wing of the Royal Victoria Hospital which forms part of McGill’s University Health Centre. Records include administrative correspondence including fundraising and staffing issues, procedures books, and minutes of staff meetings, the Recreation Committee/Activity Therapy Committee and of Day Hospital Committee meetings. The Sub-sub-series also consists of a “Proposal for the Reorganization of the Allan Administrative System,” a report on “Responses to a Medicare Strike in a Psychiatric Hospital,” a “Patient Statistics Preliminary Report” reviewing discharged patients and a one-year follow-up, and reports on a Management Study for the Allan Memorial Institute.

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