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Memorabilia collection.
CA ACU ARC C0001 · Colección

Collection consists of ephemeral items that relate to the university's activities and that are considered worthy of retention

CA ACU ARC C0001-IT0001 · Unidad documental simple · 1969-1983
Parte de Memorabilia collection.

Hugh Farthing Bursary trophy from Canadian Legion TVS #52. The individuals listed on the trophy are: Miss J. Strom 1962; Miss A. Snyder and Miss G. Goddard 1963; Miss M.L. Jones 1964; Donna Fraser 1965; Mary Anderson 1966; Margaret Ratcliff 1967; Diane Fairweather 1968; Miss D.M. Schmidt 1969; Miss Doline Keller 1970; Miss Lorraine McGuire 1971; Miss H.L. Gullacher 1972; Miss Laurel Patten 1973; Miss Sue Jensen 1974; Miss Brenda Sasseville 1975; Miss Gayle Powell 1976; Miss Nancy Young 1977; Miss Whitney Bassarab 1978; Miss Nancy Mankles 1979; Miss Marybeth De Gruyter 1980; Miss Sharon Leigh 1981; Mary Grainger 1982; Miss Loretta Tusseland 1983.

CA ACU ARC C0001-IT0003 · Unidad documental simple · n.d.
Parte de Memorabilia collection.

Consists of the handwritten manuscript of Londa Shembe's translation of his grandfather's writings. Londa, was the head of the South African Zulu Independent Church, with around one million members. The translation was published by the University of Calgary Press in 1994 with the title The Scriptures of the AmanaNazaretha of Ekuphakameni. A copy of the book accompanies the manuscript.

Framed Coat of Arms
CA ACU ARC C0001-IT0006 · Unidad documental simple · 1966
Parte de Memorabilia collection.

Consists of framed official notification of the granting of the University of Calgary's coat of arms

Discovery Space Shuttle
CA ACU ARC C0001-IT0008 · Unidad documental simple · 1992
Parte de Memorabilia collection.

Consists of framed pictures and crests, presented and signed by Roberta Bondar, from the Space Shuttle Discovery mission STS-42.