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Metis Genealogy Researchers' collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0159
  • Collection
  • 1999-2009

The collection consists of correspondence from researchers and inquirers which includes significant and substantial compilations on Metis genealogy. Includes pedigree charts, descendancy charts, family group sheets, essays, articles, and photocopied newsclippings. The files are arranged alphabetically by the names of the researchers or inquirers, and include William Frederic James Bell, Rhiannon Boardman, Jim Bowman, James D. Campbell, Mary Sandison Fox, Malcolm S. Gray, Kelly Guilmette, Andy Gullion, Jim Lavers, Gail Morin, Garnet Quigley, Tammy Rempel, and the Wylie family. Files include information on families descended from early fur trader bearing the following surnames: Auld, Bethune, Cook, Erasmus, Favell, Fellers, Gariepy, Gray, Gullion, Kwaraconte, Latreille, Laurence, McKay, McKinlay, Mowat, Nepissing, Robertson, Sandison, Wylie.

Metis Genealogy Project

Metis Association of Alberta fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F1316
  • Fonds
  • 1892-1979, predominant 1968-1978
  • The fonds consists of administration files pertaining to MAA locals, Metis history, government relations, meetings and conferences, the native Council of Canada, cultural heritage, housing, projects and programs, education, communications, other organizations, correctional institutes, land, recreation, environment, health and welfare, and economic development (1968-1978); personal files of various MAA employees (1969-1978); videos of meetings, workshops and special events (1967-1977); and audio recordings of meetings and workshops (1969-1973).
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING LOCALS/PLACES ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Alberta Beach, Anzac, Assumption, Athabasca/Baptiste Lake, Atikemeg, Beaver Dam, Big Bay, Big Prairie, Black Diamond/Turner Valley, Blue Ridge, Bonnyville, Cadogan, Cadotte Lake, Calahoo, Calamar, Calgary, Calling Lake, Canyon Lake, Caslan, Chard, Cold Lake, Coleman, Conklin, Desmarais, Dixonville, Drayton Valley, Drumheller, East Prairie, Edmonton, Edson, Elinor Lake, Elizabeth Colony, Enoch Reserve, Fairview, Falher, Faust, Fishing Lake, Fort Assiniboine, Fort Chipewyan, Fort McKay, Fort McMurray, Fort Vermilion, Gift Lake, Goodfish Lake, Graham Lake, Grande Cache, Grande Centre, Grande Prairie, Grimshaw, Grouard, Gunn, Gurneyville, Hienburg, High Level, High Prairie, Hines Creek, Hinton, Imperial Mills, Iron River, Janvier, Joussard, Keg River, Kikino, Kinuso, Lac La Biche, Lac Ste. Anne, Lloydminster, Long Lake, Mackenzie Valley, McLennan, Manning, Marlboro, Medicine Hat, Moose Lake, Moose Mountain, Nose Creek, Owl Lake, Owl River, Paddle Prairie, Peace River, Philomena, Plamondon Bay, Red Deer, Robb, Rocky Mountain House, Rycroft, Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) reserve, Slave Lake, Smith, Spruce Grove, Sputinow, St. Paul, Stein and Meander River, Sturgeon Lake, Swan Hills, Taber, Trout Lake, Truman, Valleyview, Wabamun, Wabasca, Wetaskiwin, Whitecourt, Whitefish Lake, Winterburn, Wolf Lake Colony, and Woodbend.
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING ORGANIZATIONS ARE ALSO IN THIS FONDS. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Alberta Commercial Fisheries Association, Alberta Native Communications Society, Alberta Native Education Foundation, Alberta Pe Ta Pun, ANDCO, Atchemowin Drama Club, Athabasca Fisherman's Co-op, British Columbia Metis Association, Canadian Association in Support of Native People, Canative, Edmonton Native Friendship Centre, Enviroment Conservation Authority, Federation of Metis Settlements, Fresh Water Fish Marketing Corporation, Humans on Welfare, Indian Association of Alberta, Indian-Eskimo Association, Indian Rights for Native Women, Kanata Fur Trappers Association, Manitoba Metis Association, Metis Newsletter, National Council of Welfare, Native Brotherhood, Native Council of Canada, Native Counselling Services, Native Federation of Alberta, Native Women's Association, Neegan Society, New Dawn Housing Co-op, Nistawayou Association, Northland School Division, Pappaschase [Passpasschase] Historical Society, Poundmaker's Lodge, Quebec Metis Association, Saskatchewan Metis Association, Team Products, and Voice of Alberta Native Women.

Metis Association of Alberta

Warren Sinclair's Metis Genealogy collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0158
  • Collection
  • 1997-1999

The collection consists of approximately 450 short biographies of Metis ancestors and 910 descendancy tables. Most of the individuals charted were born before 1900. The biographies and tables are indexed by surname.

Sinclair, Warren

Gail Morin's Metis genealogical collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0173
  • Collection
  • 1994

The collection consists of a database of 65,434 records of persons who were Metis ancestors. For each individual, dates and places of birth, baptism, marriage, death, and burial, and notes on sources are given if known. Using Ancestral Quest software, the data can be linked to show genealogical relationships in the form of pedigree charts and descendancy charts.

Morin, Gail

Charles Denney fonds and Metis genealogy files

  • CA ACU GBA F0667
  • Fonds
  • [ca.1855]-2002
  • The fonds consists of family history files of families with Red River and Metis connections (compiled 1967-1985); indexes to the files; genealogical source materials including microfilms of parish and census records from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta; the Denneys' extensive personal and family correspondence, and certificates, teaching agreements, memberships and other personal documents. Includes photographs of the Denney, Colby, Wilson, and Sherlock families; published and unpublished articles and stories by Charles Denney and Elsie Denney; research files; and papers of Elsie's grandmother, Priscilla Gilmour.
  • RECORDS RELATED TO THE FOLLOWING METIS/RED RIVER FAMILIES ARE IN THIS COLLECTION. SEE INVENTORY FOR DETAILS: Adams, Ademer, Agure, Aldrich, Allan, Allard, Allardyce, Allary, Amyotte, Anderson, Andrews, Arcand, Armit, Asham, Atkinson, Auger, Auld, Baby, Bahan, Baille, Ballendine, Bangs, Bannatyne, Bannerman, Barbeau, Barber, Barclay, Baron, Bates, Beads, Bear, Beauchamp, Beauchemin, Beaudry, Beaulieu, Beaupre, Beauregard, Beauvais, Beddome, Begg, Beioley, Belanger, Belcourt, Bell, Bellegarde, Bellehameur, Bellerose, Berard, Bercier, Berube, Beuchain, Bird, Birston, Bisson, Black, Bompas, Bonneau, Borwick, Bottineau, Boucher, Bourassa, Bourke, Bouvier, Bowen, Boyer, Brabant, Braconnier, Brass, Brazeau, Breland, Bremner, Brown, Bruce, Bruneau, Brunelle, Bruyere, Budd, Bunn, Buxton, Cadotte, Calder, Caldwell, Callihoo, Cameron, Campbell, Campion, Camsell, Caplette, Caraconte, Cardinal, Carey, Caron, Carrier, Carriere, Carter, Cavileer, Chaboillez, Chalifoux, Champagne, Charette, Charles, Chartier, Chartrand, Chastelain, Chenaille, Chrisholm, Christie, Clare, Clark, Clarke, Clemons, Clouston, Coates, Cochrane, Cocking, Collin, Collins, Comtois, Cook, Cooper, Corrigal, Corrigan, Costin, Cote, Courchene, Courtepatte, Courtoreille, Coutu, Cowie, Cox, Cromarty, Cummings, Cunningham, Cusitar, Cyr, Daguire, Dahl, Daigneault, Dajenais, Daniel, Dauphinais, Davis, De Caze, Deacon, Dease, Delaronde, Delorme, Demarais, Denig, Dennet, Denning, Dennison, Desauntels, Deschambeault, Descheneau, Descoigne, Descoteaux, Desjardins, Desjarlais, Deslauriers, Desmarais, Demaris, Desnoyers, Desrochers, Desrosiers, Dion, Donald, Drevor, Dubois, Dubreuil, Ducharme, Dufresne, Duma, Dumais, Dumont, Dupuis, Durand, Dyer, Eccles, Edwards, Elder, Else, Enaud, Erasmus, Ermitinger, Fagnant (Fayant), Falcon, Faries, Favel, Ferguson, Fidler, Finlay, Finlayson, Firth, Fisher, Flamond, Fletcher, Flett, Fleury, Folster, Forbister, Forester, Fortescue, Fortney, Foulds, Fournier, Franks, Fraser, Frobisher, Fulcher, Gaddy, Gagnon, Gareault, Gariepy, Garneau, Garrioch, Garriock, Garton, Gaudet, Gaudry, Gauthier, Gervais, Gibbons, Gibson, Gill, Gladman, Gladstone, Gladu, Godin, Good, Gordon, Gosselin, Gouin, Goulet, Gowler, Graham, Grandbois, Grant, Gray, Green, Grieve, Griffin, Grisdale, Groat, Guilbault, Gullion, Gunn, Hackland, Halcrow, Halket, Hallett, Hamelin, Hamilton, Harcus, Hardisty, Hargrave, Hargreave, Harkness, Harkus, Harper, Harriott, Harrower, Hay, Hayden, Haywood, Henault, Henderson, Henry, Herbert, Herchmer, Herman, Heron, Hickenberger, Hodgson, Hogue, Holmes, Hope, Hopper, Houle, Hourie, House, Howse, Hughes, Humphreville, Huppe, Inkster, Irvine, Irwin, Isbister, Jackson, Jannot, Jerome, Joachim, Jobin, Johnston, Johnstone, Jordan, Jourdain, Kauffman, Keith, Kennedy, King, Kipling, Kirkby, Kirkness, Kirton, Klyne, Knight, Knott, L'Esperence, L'Hirondelle, La Libertie, La Pierre, La Plante, Lacerte, Laderoute, Ladouceur, Lafleur, Lafond, Lafourmaise, Laframbois, Lafrenier, Lagimodiere, Lalonde, Lambert, Lamirande, Land, Landry, Lane, Lapointe, Larance, Larocque, LaRose, Latour, Laurent, Lavallee, Laverdure, Laviolette, Lawson, Leask, Leblanc, Leclair, Ledoux, Leland, Lemire, Lennie, Lepine, Letendre, Leville, Lewis, Lillie, Lingan, Linklater, Livingston, Livingstone, Logan, Longmore, Louis, Louise, Loyer, Lucier, Lusted, Lyons, McAllum, McArthur, McAulay, McBeth, McCauley, McChorister, McCollister, McDermot, McDermott, McDonald, McDonell, McDougall, McEwan, McEwen, McFarland, McGillis, McGillivray, McIntosh, McIntyre, McIvor, McKay, McKenney, McKenzie, McKinnon, McKnight, McLaughlin, McLean, McLenna, McLeod, McMillan, McMurray, McNab, McPhail, McPherson, McQueen, McRae, McTavish, McVicar, Mageau, Mainville, Malaterre, Marion, Martin, Mason, Massey, Matheson, Meaver, Mercredie, Merriam, Miles, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Moar, Moberly, Monkman, Montour, Moore, Moran, Morand, Morgan, Morin, Morrison, Morrisseau, Morwick, Mowat, Mowatt, Muir, Munro, Munroe, Murray, Nabes, Nadeau, Nault, Nisbet, Nolin, Norn, Norquay, Norris, Noyes, Ogden, Omand, Oram, Ouellette, Page, Pambrun, Pangman, Paquette, Paquin, Parenteau, Parisian, Parisien, Park, Paterson, Paul, Peebles, Pelletier, Penrose, Perreault, Peterson, Petit-Coteau, Phillips, Philpott, Piche, Plante, Pocha, Poison-Blanc, Poitras,Polson, Pratt, Prince, Pritchard, Pruden, Puttenaude, Racette, Rainville, Reid, Richard, Richrds, Rickards, Riel, Rivard, Robbilard, Robertson, Robinson, Ross, Rowand, Rowland, Roy, Ruiet, Rundle, Sabiston, Salois, Salter, Sanderson, Sansregret, Sargent, Saucier, Sauve, Savoyard, Sayers, Schmidt, Scott, Settee, Setter, Shannon, Sherlock, Sherwood, Short, Simpson, Sinclair, Sissons, Slater, Small, Smith, Spence, Spencer, St. Cyr, St. Denis, St. Germain, Stalker, Steele, Steinhauer, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stuart, Sutherland, Swain, Swanson, Tait, Tanner, Tate, Taylor, Templeton, Thibert, Thomas, Thompson, Thorne, Todd, Tourand, Traill, Trottier, Truthwaite, Turcotte, Turner, Vandal, Vandale, Vandall, Vandel, Venne, Vermett, Versailles, Villebrun, Villeneuve, Vincent, Vivier, Voller, Ward, Waugh, Welsh, Wentzel, Whimpster, White, Whiteway, Whitford, Wilison, Wilkie, Wills, Winter, Wishart, Wood, Work, Wylie, Yale, Young and Zace.

Denney, Charles

Geoff Burtonshaw's Metis Genealogy Research collection

  • CA ACU GBA C0138
  • Collection
  • 1794-1994, predominant 1875-1992

The collection consists of photocopies of Metis genealogical research material collected by Burtonshaw from such sources as Library and Archives Canada, various libraries and churches, and personal contacts. Includes a complete run of "The Metis Newsletter" as well as Metis Researcher lists compiled by Burtonshaw. Burtonshaw's personal memoirs "I Remember" are included. Also includes photographs of Manitoba and Geoff's hometown of Valpoy, Barkerville and the Cariboo country of British Columbia, Fort Simpson, Hay River, Nahanni, Batoche, the Fidler family reunion, etc.

Burtonshaw, Geoff

Doug Vivier fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F2442
  • Fonds
  • 1984-1996

The fonds consists of his personal papers, including genealogical records and his application for Metis status; incorporation documents and work orders for Frontier Services; minutes, correspondence, and reports of various organizations to which he belonged, including the Metis Association of Alberta / Metis Nation of Alberta (Zone 3 and Local 87), Calgary Native Friendship Society, and Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee; and reference material related to the Metis.

Vivier, Doug

James Peters fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F1464
  • Fonds
  • Copied 1960 (originally created 1885)

The fonds consists of photographs taken during service in the Riel Rebellion, including military views, Metis and Indians.

Peters, James

Frederick Archibald Brewster fonds

  • CA ACU GBA F0260
  • Fonds
  • 1924-1969

The fonds consists of Frederick's obituary, information on the Jasper Masonic Lodge, and photographs of a Cree woman and a Metis man.

Brewster, Frederick Archibald

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