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Mukherjee, Bharati
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Schildkrout, Enid.

  • Postcard (1977 October 26), Nigeria, from E. Schildkrout to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee, Montreal, P.Q.
  • Autograph letter(s) signed by the hand of the author regarding E. Schildkrout's travel plans and looking forward to Days and nights in Calcutta.

Singh, Ram.

  • Letter (1977 October 28), Charlebourg, P.Q., from R. Singh to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee.
  • Autograph letter(s) signed by the hand of the author expressing admiration for Days and nights in Calcutta.

Smart, W.J.

  • Letter (1977 October 5), Islington, Ont., from W.J. Smart to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee.
  • Typed letter(s) signed by the author commenting on Days and nights in Calcutta and other work by C. Blaise and B. Mukherjee.

Spencer, Elizabeth.

  • Letters (1977 March 24-1985 May 10), Montreal, P.Q., from E. Spencer to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherkjee.
  • Letters regarding E. Spencer's teaching creative writing and position as writer-in-residence at Concordia University, her own writing, news of mutual acquaintances, and expressing admiration for C. Blaise's work. Includes a comment about Lusts by E. Spencer and sent to Doubleday for publicity purposes.

Spencer, M. E.

  • Letter (1978 November 23), Cardson, Alta., from M.E. Spencer to Patrick Watson, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Toronto, Ont., and forwarded to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee.
  • Typed letter(s) signed by the author regarding an interview of C. Blaise and B. Mukherjee on CBC Television and suggesting ideas for a series of plays.

Spivak, Talbot.

  • Letters (1966 November 1-1974 June 29), from T. Spivak to Clark Blaise.
  • Letters relating T. Spivak's impressions of India, discussing his writing and teaching and commenting on Tribal justice.

St. Lawrence University (Canton, N.Y.).

  • Correspondence (n.d., 1974 September 29-1983 August 8), between representatives of St. Lawrence University, chiefly Joe David Bellamy, and Clark Blaise.
  • Correspondence regarding C. Blaise winning the St. Lawrence Award for Fiction for Tribal justice and the Fels Award for first publication of To begin, to begin in Fiction International, his participation in Canada Week and the Fiction International/St. Lawrence University Writers' Conference in 1975, the publication of various stories, essays and reviews by C. Blaise in Fiction International as well as his position as contributing editor, J. D. Bellamy's writing, news of mutual acquaintances and personal matters and the acquisition of Fiction International by San Diego State University Press. Includes a brochure about the 1975 Writers' Conference in which C. Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee participated, a news release about the creation of a Canadian studies program at St. Lawrence University and copies of J. D. Bellamy's recommendations of C. Blaise to York University, U.S. Immigration and the Canada Council.
  • Includes references to the following: A North American education : short story collection; Tribal justice; Writing Canadian fiction; To begin, to begin; The sense of an ending; Days and nights in Calcutta; Lusts; Man and his world.

State University Of New York At Plattsburgh.

  • Letters (1983 March 29-1983 August 24), Plattsburgh, N.Y., from Alexis Levitin, State University of New York at Plattsburgh, to Clark Blaise.
  • Letters regarding C. Blaise giving a presentation at SUNY- Plattsburgh and discussing A. Levitin's work and personal, family matters.

Stringer, Daisy.

  • Greeting card (196-?), from D. Stringer to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee.
  • Autograph letter(s) signed by the hand of the author wishing the Blaises bon voyage.

Svendsen, Linda.

  • Letters (1980 February (?)-1983 December 12), from L. Svendsen to Clark Blaise.
  • Letters regarding L. Svendsen's addresses, plans and writing and congratulating C. Blaise on winning the Books in Canada Best First Novel Award for Lunar attractions.
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