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E. Preston Manning fonds.
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Files consist of audiocassettes containing radio spots and addresses by Preston Manning as well as by his father, Ernest Manning, including: 015.05 Ernest and Preston Manning; 015.06 Canada Commentary series; 015.07 Preston Manning addresses.

Chapter 4

Files consist of source material for Chapter 4, handwritten and typewritten notes, and a description of a nomination meeting apparently written by Monte Solberg -- the Reform MP for Medicine Hat including: 002.01 Chapter 4 - 1993 election : pre election speeches; 002.02 Chapter 4 - 1993 election : 0 in 3 campaign; 002.03 Chapter 4 - 1993 election : election planning; 002.04 Chapter 4 - 1993 election (revolution eh?) : election campaign; 002.05 Chapter 4 - Revolution eh? (1993 election) : campaign speeches; 002.06 Chapter 4 - Revolution eh? (1993 election): background notes.

Other speeches and working material

Files consist of speeches given by Manning organized by subject as well as reference and working materials including: 008.13 Speeches to Assemblies, speech materials; 008.14 Speeches humorous, speech materials; 008.15 Speeches on faith/political speeches; 008.16 Speeches - unused drafts and materials; 009.01 Speech file to 1993 - I frameworks, II introductions; 009.02 III issues; 009.03 IV attacks, V conclusions, VI anecdotes, VII quotes, VIII special groups/places; 009.04 Book "2000" prospectus (best of PM) - Stogsdill summary of PM speeches; 009.05 Energy and regulation.

Assisted Human Reproduction

Files consist of material relating to the House of Commons health committee on assisted human reproduction including: 011.05 Assisted human reproduction, PM member of House of Commons health committee; 011.06 Assisted Human Reproduction Health Committee, House of Commons.


Folder consists of 1) Leadership for a new Canada, Reform Party of Canada Preston Manning electoral poster; 2) Preston Manning, Reform electoral poster; 3) Statement of principles and a pledge of commitment to constituents by Preston Manning upon becoming a Member of Parliament, 1994; 4) "This is your seat. On Monday, take it back." Now you have a REAL alternative. Preston Manning, Leader, Reform Party of Canada electoral poster.

Chapter 5

Files consist of source materials for Chapter 5, handwritten and typewritten notes, and comments on the draft chapter by various readers, readers' comments, and summary notes written for Manning on the Somalia Inquiry and includes: 002.07 Chapter 5 - Mr. Manning goes to Ottawa : background notes; 002.08 Chapter 5 - Mr. Manning goes to Ottawa : Liberal ethics.

Chapter 6

Files consist of source documents for Chapter 6, handwritten and typewritten notes, a rough outline of the chapter, and e-mail correspondence including: 003.01 Chapter 6 - Oui ou non : background notes including interviews with Trudeau/Cretien; 003.02 Chapter 6 - Oui ou non : EPM speeches - unity/secession.

Manning Centre for Building Democracy

Files consist of material relating to the Manning Centre such as correspondence, presentations and reports including: 011.08 Growing Ontario's innovation system: the strategic role of university research; 011.09 MH Treasury - Science and innovation investment framework 2004-2014; 011.10 Roundtable on democratic reform, Quebec - April 2006; 011.11 Correspondence and working material, 2006; 012.01 Reports and presentations, 2006; 012.02 Media mission to Israel - August 2007; 012.03 The political process: the role of the Party Whip; 012.04 Faith political seminars; 012.05 Manitoba campaign manager manual; 012.06 Executive program in political management: reading list for course in political communication January 22-24, 2009; 012.07 A request for proposals for the design and delivery of a training program to equip Canadians of all religious faith communities to express and apply their faith-based values in the political arena with wisdom and graciousness.

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