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Canadian Who'S Who.

  • Letters (n.d., 1972 - 1982 November), from officials, chiefly Kieran P. Simpson, Editor, Canadian Who's Who, to Alden Nowlan.
  • Letters relating to A. Nowlan's biographical entry in Canadian Who's Who. Includes copies of 1972 and 1982 entries.

University Of Alberta.

  • Correspondence (1970 September 9 - 1975 August 9), between various faculty members at the University of Alberta and Alden Nowlan.
  • Correspondence arranging a poetry reading, extending an invitation to participate in a conference on the short story, requesting permission to publish poetry in textbooks, and relating to submission and publication of poetry in the periodical Modern Poetry Studies. Item 13 encloses biographical material to be included in one of the textbooks. Includes references to the following: Various transformations; Tenth wedding anniversary; In praise of the great bull walrus; Their first meeting; Four o'clock in the morning; The bull moose; Warren Pryor; The execution; Alden Nowlan reports; Alden Nowlan's notebook.

Canadian Fiction Magazine.

  • Correspondence (1972 September 6 - 1980 January 30), between editors of Canadian Fiction Magazine and Alden Nowlan.
  • Correspondence inviting submissions for publication consideration, and relating to publication of the short story Will ye let the mummers in? in Canadian Fiction Magazine. Includes brief biography published with short story. Includes references to the following: Will ye let the mummers in? : short story; Miracle at Indian River : short story collection; Various persons named Kevin O'Brien; Double exposure; The incredible murder of Cardinal Tosca : stage play.

Vancouver Art Gallery.

  • Correspondence (1976 April 21 - 1976 September?), between E. Theodore Lindberg, Supervisor of Programmes, Vancouver Art Gallery, and Alden Nowlan.
  • Correspondence relating to publication of the article Alden Nowlan : confessions of a bad painter in the Vancouver Art Gallery periodical Vanguard (v. 5, no. 7, September 1976), the article being one of a series of invitational essays sponsored by the Canada Council. Item 7 encloses a letter from a reader of the article. Includes references to the following: Bread, wine and salt; Various persons named Kevin O'Brien; Miracle at Indian River : short story collection; Campobello : the outer island; Frankenstein : the man who became god; Alden Nowlan : confessions of a bad painter.

Four neo-sonic poems : poems

Typescript, holograph and typescript (carbon copy) drafts of four poems described by A. Nowlan as "Poems published in Fiddlehead under pseudonym Bhikkhu Bannister, as satire on some current versififers (sic)". The poems, titled Talkin boat (variant title Pea Seas pome), Ah shung uv inn-oh-sense end uv-spear-ay-since, Amerika and Peein dews, published in the Fiddlehead, no. 94, Summer 1972. File includes repository photocopies of two letters to Robert Gibbs, Fiddlehead editor in 1972, enclosing the poems and A. Nowlan's biographical note about Bhikkhu Bannister; biographical note used in the Notes on contributors section of the periodical. Item 7 shows pseudonym as Bhikku MacBain; items 2, 4, 6 and 8 contain A. Nowlan's signed holograph annotations of date and include carbon copies. Includes references to the following: Pea Seas pome; Four neo-sonic poems; Amerika; Peein dews; Talkin boat; Ah shung uv inn-oh-sense end uv ex-spear-ay-since.

I, Icarus : poem : page proof

Photocopies of previously published poems I, Icarus, The execution, The mysterious naked man and The masks of love; and page proofs of the four poems, A. Nowlan's author's commentary on the poems, titled Recalling the circumstances, and a short biography, all published in the anthology Transitions III : poetry (Commcept Publishing, 1978). File includes repository photocopy of covering letter, July 17, 1978, from Commcept Publishing Ltd. enclosing the galleys. Includes references to the following: The execution; I, Icarus; The masks of love; The mysterious naked man : poem; Recalling the circumstances.

International Biographical Centre.

  • Letter and biographical entry (n.d., 1976 April), from editors of International Biographical Centre to Alden Nowlan.
  • Typed letter(s) signed by the author (photocopy) enclosing A. Nowlan's entry in the 7th edition of the International authors and writers who's who, and requesting an updated biography for the 8th edition. Item 2 is a proof of A. Nowlan's entry for the 8th edition. Includes references to the following: The rose and the puritan : poetry collection; A darkness in the earth; Wind in a rocky country; Under the ice; The things which are; Bread, wine and salt; The mysterious naked man : poetry collection; Playing the Jesus game : poetry collection; Between tears and laughter; I'm a stranger here myself.

Lever, Bernice.

  • Correspondence (n.d., 1981 March 10 - 1981 March 15), between B. Lever and Alden Nowlan.
  • Correspondence regarding a visit to Fredericton by B. Lever. Includes a brief promotional biography of B. Lever.

Nowlan, Alden

  • Bio-bibliographies, ca. 1962-1983.
  • Bio-bibliographies. Includes four typescript (carbon copy) items drafted by A. Nowlan, copies of entries from several biographical dictionaries and other miscellaneous bio-bibliographic material.

Aunt Jane.

In the Human Voice Quarterly, v. 2, no. 3, August 1966, p. 44. Also contains Warren Pryor, Carl, Marian at the Pentecostal meeting, When like the tears of clowns, Beginning, The anatomy of angels and God sour the milk of the knacking wench, p. 44; A poem for Elizabeth Nancy and Summer, p. 45; as well as short bio-bibliography, p. 43. Includes references to the following: Aunt Jane; Warren Pryor; Carl; Marian at the Pentecostal meeting; When like the tears of clowns; Beginning; The anatomy of angels; God sour the milk of the knacking wench; A poem for Elizabeth Nancy; Summer.

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