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E. Preston Manning fonds.
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Files consist of audiocassettes containing radio spots and addresses by Preston Manning as well as by his father, Ernest Manning, including: 015.05 Ernest and Preston Manning; 015.06 Canada Commentary series; 015.07 Preston Manning addresses.


Folder consists of 1) Leadership for a new Canada, Reform Party of Canada Preston Manning electoral poster; 2) Preston Manning, Reform electoral poster; 3) Statement of principles and a pledge of commitment to constituents by Preston Manning upon becoming a Member of Parliament, 1994; 4) "This is your seat. On Monday, take it back." Now you have a REAL alternative. Preston Manning, Leader, Reform Party of Canada electoral poster.

E. Preston Manning fonds.

  • CA ACU SPC F0084
  • fonds
  • 1966-2019

Fonds consists of draft copies and source material for Preston Manning's books, "The new Canada" and "Think Big" as well as opinion editorials. Also includes personal journals kept by Manning during the period 1988-2000 while he was leader of the Reform Party and other material such as sermons, speeches, and committee files from prior to, during, and after his political career.

Manning, Preston

The new Canada

Subseries consists of material relating to the manuscript "The new Canada".

The new Canada working material

Files consist of working material for "The new Canada" manuscript such as correspondence, presentations, notes, and reference material.

The new Canada draft manuscript

Files consist of the draft manuscript for "The new Canada" with one file containing sections I-II and the other with section III and includes: 002.04 P. Manning draft manuscript Sept/91 (I); 002.05 P. Manning draft manuscript Sept/91 (III).

Chapter 2 - West wants in : Dabb/Grover drafts

File consists of draft manuscripts for Chapter 2, "The West Wants In" written by Frank Dabbs, a copy of the draft edited by Jennifer Grover, a communications consultant who worked for the Reform Party, and copies of two documents used as sources for the chapter, including the election platform of the Reform Party -- "The West Wants In!" -- and "Choosing a Political Vehicle to Represent the West", a presentation Manning gave to the Western Assembly on Canada's Economic and Political Future".

Chapter 9

Files consist of source materials for Chapter 9, e-mail correspondence, partial draft chapter, and handwritten notes including: 006.02 Chapter 9 - Liberal ethics : APEC affair; 006.03 Chapter 9 - Liberal ethics : billion dollar boondoggle – HRDC; 006.04 Chapter 9 : background on Shawinigate.

Chapter 12

Files consist of source materials for Chapter 12 and handwritten notes including: 008.06 Chapter 12 - PM4PM : strategy notes and meetings; 008.07 Chapter 12 - PM4PM : PM4PM campaign materials; 009.01 Chapter 12 - PM4PM : leadership campaign speeches/debates; 009.02 Chapter 12 - PM4PM : sample PM4PM campaign correspondence; 009.03 Chapter 12 - PM4PM : campaign results; 009.04 Chapter 12 - PM4PM : sample thank you/condolence letters; 009.05 Chapter 12 - PM4PM : background notes.

Chapter 14

Files consist of source materials for Chapter 14 and handwritten notes such as an outline for the chapter including: 011.01 Chapter 14 - Downward spiral : key incidents leading to loss of confidence in Stockwell Day; 011.02 Chapter 14 - Downward spiral: disintegration of Canadian Alliance caucus and creation of Democratic Representative Caucus; 011.03 Chapter 14 - Downward spiral : unity initiative - Canadian Alliance/Democratic Representative Caucus/Progressive Conservative; 011.04 Chapter 14 - Downward spiral : EPM unity correspondence/involvement; 011.05 Chapter 14 - Downward spiral : miscellaneous.

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