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Blaise, Anne.

Correspondence (n.d., 1960 January 9-1984 November 23), chiefly between A. Blaise and Clark Blaise.Correspondence about C. Blaise's student days at Denison University, Harvard, and the University of Iowa, his travels in Europe and India, his ...

Mukherjee, Sudhirial L.

Correspondence (1972 November 27-1984 December 3) between S.L. Mukherjee and Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee.Correspondence regarding arrangements for the Blaises's trips to India, the welfare of the Blaise children while staying with thei...

New, Peggy.

Letters (1977 July 4-1978 February 8), from P. New to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee.Letters expressing admiration and appreciation for Days and nights in Calcutta and discussing the Blaises's visit and other matters.

Schmidt, Heidi.

Letters (1982 May 20-1985 March 19), from H. Schmidt to Clark Blaise.Letters regarding H. Schmidt's writing, applications for various grants, requests for letters of recommendation and comments on H. Schmidt's work, news of mutual acquai...

Blaise, Bart.

Letters (1974 February 6-1982 April 5) from B. Blaise to Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee and from various universities to B. Blaise.Letters about B. Blaise's activities and applications to various universities.

Blaise, Lee.

Correspondence (1960 July 16-1978 December 17), chiefly between L. Blaise and Clark Blaise.Correspondence about Clark Blaise's studies, travels in Europe and India and writing and about L. Blaise's work, health and other personal matters...

Marsano, Emily.

Letter (1984 December 20), New York, N.Y., from E. Marsano to the Blaise family, Iowa City, Iowa.Autograph letter(s) signed by the hand of the author expressing appreciation for a gift from the Blaises.

Thomas, Audrey.

Letters (1976 December 21-1984 December 4), from A. Thomas to Clark Blaise.Letters regarding A. Thomas's writing and position as writer-in-residence at Concordia University, her travels, including a visit with the Blaises in India, requests ...

Vanikar, Ranu.

Letters (1972 August 8-1982 July 4), from R. Vanikar to Clark Blaise and Bharti Mukherjee.Letters regarding the birth of R. Vanikar's son, her work and studies in England, news of mutual acquaintances and relatives, and arrangements for visit...

Weintraub, Hillel Neil.

Correspondence (1962 July 25-1980 February 1), between H.N. Weintraub and Clark Blaise.Correspondence regarding H. N. Weintraub's studies, reading, work and travels, news of mutual acquaintances and C. Blaise's writing.

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