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Alden Nowlan fonds. Newlove, John
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Two Tasmanians : poem

  • CA ACU SPC F0008-S0004-FL0629
  • Dossier
  • [between 1963 and 1968]
  • Fait partie de Alden Nowlan fonds.

Holograph rough draft fragments; and typescript (carbon copy) clean copy. Item 2 includes second carbon copy. Poem dedicated to John Newlove. Includes references to the following: Two Tasmanians.

Nowlan, Claudine.

  • Letters of condolence, telegrams and sympathy cards (n.d., 1983 June 27 - 1984 January 7), from friends to C. and John A. Nowlan.
  • Sympathy cards and letters of condolence paying tribute to Alden Nowlan sent to the Nowlan family following A. Nowlan's death in June 1983. Cards acknowledging contributions to charitable societies made in A. Nowlan's memory precede cards and letters in each file. Items arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Includes references to the following: Alden Nowlan reports; For Claudine because I love her; The mysterious naked man : poetry collection; The rose and the puritan : poetry collection; I might not tell everybody this; Great things have happened; How beautiful art thy feet with shoes; He sits down on the floor of a school for the retarded; Miracle at Indian River : short story collection; Legacy; Alden Nowlan's notebook.

Catanoy, Nicholas.

  • Correspondence (n.d., 1969(?) - 1982 August 17), between N. and Marie-Claude Catanoy and Alden and Claudine Nowlan.
  • Correspondence relating news about writing, travels and various other topics. Letters dated 1969-1970 relate chiefly to the anthology Modern Romanian poetry, edited by N. Catanoy, and for which A. Nowlan helped contact Canadian poets willing to write English versions of the translated poems. Item 2 is a draft of the letter sent by A. Nowlan to Canadian poets regarding the translations and includes a list of recipients of the letter. Includes references to the following: Between tears and laughter; Psalm (I search for you...); Folk song; Hide and seek (My small and precious ones...); Various persons named Kevin O'Brien; The guide; Frankenstein : the man who became god; Shaped by this land; The dollar woman : stage play; The incredible murder of Cardinal Tosca : stage play.

Flat Earth Society.

  • Correspondence (n.d., 1970 November 15 - 1981 February 24), relating to the Flat Earth Society, between various officials, members and interested individuals.
  • Correspondence relating to the organization, structure and aims of the Flat Earth Society, to dissemination of literature about the Society and to applications for membership. Contains several letters concerning media coverage of the society including a film proposal from the National Film Board. Verso of letter dated July 19, 1972, contains A. Nowlan's holograph note about a conversation with Dorothy Livesay. Undated letters arranged alphabetically by correspondent at the front of the file; remainder of the file arranged chronologically. Includes references to the following: Between tears and laughter; Gruel and plovers' eggs; Kyran's christening; For Marilee; Would you buy a used globe from this man?.

Newlove, John.

  • Correspondence (n.d., 1968 April 27 - 1981 November 10), between J. Newlove and Alden Nowlan.
  • Correspondence discussing current literary projects, books being considered for publication, employment, Canadian authors, literature and poetry, genealogy, adaptation of Indian legends, English adaptations of Romanian poetry (for Nicholas Catanoy's anthology), poetry submitted by A. Nowlan to Jewish Dialog for publication consideration and various other topics. Includes several poems by J. Newlove; galley proofs of A. Nowlan's poems published in Canadian poetry : the modern era, an anthology edited by J. Newlove; and a copy of A. Nowlan's letter of recommendation supporting J. Newlove's grant application. Includes references to the following: Miracle at Indian River : short story collection; Bread, wine and salt; The chief who refused to die; The mysterious naked man : poetry collection; Playing the Jesus game : poetry collection; Ypres : 1915; Gardens of the wind; Between tears and laughter; He perceives that his son is becoming a man; "The books I enjoyed the most in 1972..."; Curious encounters; Cousin Wilfrid's DT blues; This elegant hotel is situated in midtown Toronto overlooking beautiful Queen's Park; Act two; Frankenstein : the man who became god; I, Icarus; The spy; The changeling; Revelation; A boy in a red loin cloth; Re-entry; A black plastic button and a yellow yoyo : poem; O'Sullivan's world; Cornflowers; Long ago and far away.

Canada Council.

  • Correspondence (n.d., 1976 July 29 - 1982 August 26), relating to membership on Canada Council juries, between various officials at Canada Council and Alden Nowlan.
  • Correspondence relating to A. Nowlan's membership on various selection committees and juries for new play development, theatre arts, arts grants and Governor General's Literary Awards.