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Medina, Kate
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Doubleday & Company, Inc.

  • Letters (1977 March 7-1978 October 31), New York, N.Y., from representatives of Doubleday & Company, Inc. to Bharati Mukherjee and royalty statements.
  • Letters regarding promotion, sales and reviews of Days and nights in Calcutta, B. Mukherjee's travel plans, and forwarding articles of interest and royalty statements for the journal.

Lunar attractions : novel

Typescript (photocopy) and typescript with holograph revisions. Identified by C. Blaise in holograph annotation as "Penultimate copy-minor revisions". Includes letter (1978 March 5), from C. Blaise to his editors and agent regarding "a few syntactical corrections" which are listed in the letter with page references; all corrections are included as holograph revisions in this draft. Letter also includes an explanation of the new pagination (from previous draft) involving cuts and inserts which begins at page 304 and continues to end.

How I met my wife : article

Typescript with holograph revisions and typescript (photocopy). Item two and three have C. Blaise's holograph annotations "Written in request of Doubleday (Kate Medina) for 'personal copy' before publication of India Book" and "Requested (internally) by Doubleday for promotion of Days & Nights".

Lusts : novel : setting copy

Typescript (photocopy) with printer's holograph annotations. Includes memorandum (1983 August 19), to Kate Medina, Doubleday & Company, Inc., forwarding this and following two files. 1 p. Also includes memoranda (1982 December 11), from Mark Hurst, Copy Editing, Doubleday & Company, Inc. to the Plant and Designer regarding spelling and style sheets. 18 p.

Lunar attractions : novel : setting copy

Typescript (photocopy) with printer's holograph annotations. Includes memorandum (1978 December 2), from James A. Brenner, Hanover Plant, Doubleday & Company, Inc., to Kate Medina forwarding this and following two items. 1 p.

Virginia Barber.

  • Letters (n.d., 1976 March 11-1978? January 5), from or forwarded by Ginger Barber and Mary Evans, of Virginia Barber, to Alice Munro. Some letters have no date.
  • Correspondence relating to periodical publication of short stories, chiefly those later published in collection Who do you think you are? Includes letters from editors and publishers forwarded by Virginia Barber to A. Munro. Includes reference to the following: Who do you think you are? : short storiesl; The beggar maid; Accident; Pleistocene; Characters; Providence; Dance of the happy shades : short stories; Spelling; The red dress; Red dress-1946; Something I've been meaning to tell you : short stories; Mischief; Royal beatings; Lives of girls and women : novel; Grapefruit; Half a grapefruit; Wild swans; The colonel's hash resettled; The honeyman's daughter; The honeyman's granddaughter; Privilege; Simon's luck; Mr. Black; A better place than home; Emily; Material.

Doubleday & Company, Inc.

  • Correspondence (n.d., 1971 July 19-1985 October 29), between representatives of Doubleday & Company, Inc., chiefly Kate Medina, and Clark Blaise.
  • Correspondence about the publication, promotion, sales, reviews and foreign language publications of various C. Blaise works. Includes miscellaneous newsclippings, mainly about India, and invoices for books sent to the Blaises by K. Medina.
  • Includes references to the following: The salesman's son grows older; Days and nights in Calcutta; A North American education : short story collection; Tribal justice; Grids and doglegs : short story; Notes beyond a history; The seizure; He raises me up; Among the dead; Lunar attractions; The march; I'm dreaming of Rocket Richard; Words for the winter; The swollen and the crisp; The book that changed my life; To begin, to begin; Extractions and contractions; A class of new Canadians; Lusts; Review of Ved Mehta's Mamaji; Man and his world; The birth of the blues; Resident alien; South; Memories of unhousement; Identity; Cut, Print; Partial renovations; Pursuit; North-South/East-West.

Tribal justice : short story collection : setting copy

Typescript and typescript (photocopy) with printer's holograph annotations. Setting copy for the stories The fabulous Eddie Brewster, Notes beyond a history and How I became a Jew consists of photocopies of the published stories from New Canadian writing, 1968 published by Clarke, Irwin & Company Limited. Includes memorandum (1 May 1974), from Gail Hogans, Doubleday & Company, Inc., to Scott Simons, Smithsburg Composition, regarding a correction for the galley. 1 p. Typescript. Also includes memorandum (1974 July 16), to Kate Medina, Doubleday & Company, Inc., forwarding setting copy, reader's galleys and confirmation proofs. 1 p. Typescript.

Days and nights in Calcutta, part one : journal : fragments

Holograph fragments written in a three-ring spiral notebook labelled "Calcutta Journals Concluding Sections". Includes an outline of the journal and fragments of sections 9 to 13 of II including the section (II, 12) describing the charity première of Raj Kapoor's film Bobby and descriptions of the Blaise's hectic social life in Calcutta. Also includes a fragment of the epilogue and a letter (n.d.), on a page detached from the notebook, from C. Blaise to Kate Medina, Doubleday & Company, Inc., regarding excerptable parts of the journal.


  • Letters (1978 December 19-1980 September 9), from officials at Doubleday to Alice Munro.
  • Letters related to publishing of A. Munro's work, and forwarding copies of other authors' books.
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