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E. Preston Manning fonds. Dossier
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Chapter 1 - Premier's kid : Frank Dabbs version

File consists of correspondence with Frank Dabbs, a journalist and author, about his work on the book, a draft outline of the book, and Dabbs' draft chapter one of the book, entitled "The Premier's Kid".

Chapter 6

Files consist of source documents for Chapter 6, handwritten and typewritten notes, a rough outline of the chapter, and e-mail correspondence including: 003.01 Chapter 6 - Oui ou non : background notes including interviews with Trudeau/Cretien; 003.02 Chapter 6 - Oui ou non : EPM speeches - unity/secession.

Chapter 8

Files consist of source materials for Chapter 8 (including notes of a meeting with J.C., Feb 16, 1998), handwritten and typewritten notes relating to the chapter contents, a description of the Reform caucus room, and e-mail correspondence including: 004.06 Chapter 8 - Leader of opposition : background notes; 004.07 Chapter 8 - Leader of opposition : tax relief campaigns; 005.01 Chapter 8 - Leader of opposition : tax reform proposals; 005.02 Chapter 8 - Leader of opposition : other speeches; 005.03 Chapter 8 - Leader of opposition : budget speeches 1998, 1999, 2000; 005.04 Chapter 8 - Leader of opposition : relations with premiers/Calgary declaration; 005.05 Chapter 8 - Leader of opposition : efforts to reform federalism; 006.01 Chapter 8 - Leader of opposition : Quebec speeches.

Chapter 10

Files consist of source materials for Chapter 10, handwritten notes, email correspondence, and two draft Chapter 10, "There's No Place Like Home", with annotations including: 006.05 Chapter 10 : miscellaneous background; 006.06 Chapter 10 : draft with Sandra Manning's corrections; 006.07 Chapter 10 : draft with suggested corrections by the children.

Book miscellaneous

File consists of source materials for "Think Big" including correspondence, memos, speeches, the Reform Party's draft Code of Conduct (1990), Reform publicity, notes on federal political events (1997-2001), Manning's various political membership and business cards, and other related records. Also includes notes on the comparison between the original draft text of "Think Big" and the published text.

Canadian Centre meetings

The objective of the organization was to lay the foundations of a new political venture in the federal political arena.

Correspondence - personal archives and business

Files consist of Manning's personal and business correspondence during and after his political career including: 014.02 Correspondence, EPM personal - personal archives and business; 014.03 Correspondence 2006-2009 - personal archives and business; 014.04 Correspondence 2010-2011 - personal archives and business; 014.05 Correspondence 2012-2013 - personal archives and business; 014.06 Correspondence 2014-2015.

Electronic storage

File consists of a memory stick containing columns (including op eds) and speeches by Manning, mainly in Microsoft Word 97-03 documents.


Files consist of audiocassettes containing radio spots and addresses by Preston Manning as well as by his father, Ernest Manning, including: 015.05 Ernest and Preston Manning; 015.06 Canada Commentary series; 015.07 Preston Manning addresses.


Folder consists of 1) Leadership for a new Canada, Reform Party of Canada Preston Manning electoral poster; 2) Preston Manning, Reform electoral poster; 3) Statement of principles and a pledge of commitment to constituents by Preston Manning upon becoming a Member of Parliament, 1994; 4) "This is your seat. On Monday, take it back." Now you have a REAL alternative. Preston Manning, Leader, Reform Party of Canada electoral poster.

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