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McClelland, Ian
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Strahl, April 22

File consists of correspondence about statements made by McClelland and a copy of Stephen Harper's speech as President of National Citizen's Coalition.

McClelland, Ian

Where do we go from here?

File consists of a discussion paper of the role of political parties and leaders in today's political discourse, January 20.

McClelland, Ian

Opinion…Ian McClelland, Edmonton

File consists of McClelland's response to Edmonton Journal article "This is the election that matters: Harper's insularity and his strange bedfellow could spell the end of Canada," by Satya Das and Ken Chapman.

McClelland, Ian


File consists of copy of Back Bench political comic strip with the caption "Sadly, the New Democratic Party - Reform Party and Friends of the Three Stooges" alliance did not work…"

McClelland, Ian


File consists of correspondence between McClelland and Preston Manning including the relation of candidates to the caucus, and suggestions on how to respond to accusations of racism in regards to immigration policy.

McClelland, Ian

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