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Architecture Montreal (3/6)
CA ACU CAA F0025-S0001-FL0012 · File · 1966-1967
Part of Norbert Schoenauer fonds

Notes, drafts (MS & TS), sketches, brochures, photographs, correspondence, October 1966 to April 1967 re: Guide Architecture Montreal 1967. Correspondents include R. David Bourke, Dobush Stewart Bourke (etc.); Frederick N. Smith, John B and John C. Parkin; Sylvia M. Sheppard of Affleck Desbarats (etc.); J. Kryton, Greenspoon Freedlander (etc.).

Architecture Montreal (6/6)
CA ACU CAA F0025-S0001-FL0015 · File · 1967
Part of Norbert Schoenauer fonds

Correspondence, March 1967 to September 1967. Correspondence include Joseph Baker, Vice President, P.Q.A.A.; R. David Bourke; Raymond F. Lagüe, P.Q.A.A.; Guy R. Legault, et al.

Banff Session '62
CA ACU CAA F0025-S0001-FL0016 · File · 1961-1962
Part of Norbert Schoenauer fonds

Correspondence, notes, etc. re: participation in [R.A.I.C.] Annual Conference in Banff, 1962. Also notes for article “Banff Session ‘62" and publication of same in Canadian Architect, March 1962. Correspondents include Douglas Shadbolt, Director, Nova Scotia Technical College; Ann M. Coffin, Canada Council; E, Raines, Chairman-Session ‘62.

Book Reviews
CA ACU CAA F0025-S0001-FL0017 · File · 1961-1970
Part of Norbert Schoenauer fonds

Notes, drafts, correspondence for book reviews: Moshe Safdie: Beyond Habitat; Karl Wilhelm Schmitt: Multistorey Housing; Robert E. Fischer, ed.: Environmental Control; Martin J. Larsson, ed.: New Architecture in Sweden.

CA ACU CAA F0025-S0001-FL0001 · File · 1963-1966
Part of Norbert Schoenauer fonds

Draft and article published in the Canadian Architect, Vol. II, No. 3. There is also a copy of a booklet which also contains the article and was sent to architect friends of Schoenauer. Some replies from said friends are included, i.e. Jan C. Rowan, editor, Progressive Architecture; Ian MacLennan, Vice-President, C.M.H.C.; Albert Bush-Brown, President, Rhode Island School of Design; David Crinion, C.M.H.C.