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Calgary Institute for the Humanities

The Calgary Institute for the Humanities was established as a university-level research institute at the University of Calgary in 1976. The Institute is responsible to the Vice-President (Research). It fosters advanced study and research in a broad range of subjects reflecting its multi-disciplinary and multi-faculty orientation.

The Humanities Institute supports research in traditional humanities as well as in philosophical and historical aspects of the social sciences, sciences, arts, and professional studies. The humanities are not conceived as a specific group of academic disciplines, but include all forms of study that examine what is human.

In addition to its role at the university, the Calgary Institute for the Humanities encourages humanistic study outside of the university and dialogue between the academic community and the general public. Programs of the Institute include fellowship appointments, independent research initiatives by university faculty, strategic research projects, and community partnerships.

University of Calgary. Office of Risk Management, Insurance, Safety and Security

The Office of Risk Management, Insurance, Safety and Security was in existence at the University by the mid-1980s. Sometime after 2004, the name was changed to Risk Management and Insurance. The mandate of the department is to provide risk management and insurance services to the University of Calgary community in support of learning, teaching, research and administration.

University of Calgary. Office of the Vice-President. External Relations

The University of Calgary's vice-presidents are appointed by its Board of Governors, which has been granted this power by The Universities Act as well as the authority to assign duties to the vice-presidents on the recommendation of the President. The Vice-President (University Relations) is responsible for relationship-building with the university's internal and external communities and oversees the following areas: alumni relations, government relations, community engagement, marketing, and strategic communications with faculty, staff, alumni and the community.

The position originated in 2002 as Vice-President (External Relations), responsible for alumni relations, marketing, public relations and government relations. In 2011, it was renamed Vice-President (University Relations).

Incumbents have been: Roman Cooney (VP(External Relations), 2005-2008); Colleen Taylor (Interim VP(External Relations), 2009-2010); Diane Kenyon (VP(University Relations), 2011-)

University of Calgary. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UCVM) was established in 2005 to meet Alberta’s need for highly-skilled veterinary graduates supporting rural Alberta, production animal and equine industries, animal and human health research, and public health. The first students began classes in September 2008.

UCVM offers the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program, supervision leading to graduate degrees (MSc, PhD) in Veterinary Medical Sciences, and advanced clinical training programs (internships, fellowships, and residencies). UCVM is also committed to professional development programs for the veterinary community and to strengthening the connections between human and animal medicine, a concept known as One Health.

Deans of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine:
E.D. Janzen, Interim Dean, 2006-2007; Unknown, 2007-2008; A.E. Cribb, 2008-2016; E.K. Read, Interim Dean, 2016-.

University of Calgary. Dept. of Classics

Classics classes were first offered in the 1956/57 school year, with “Second Year Latin Authors and Prose Composition”, taught by V. E. Graham. A. D. Winspear began teaching the classics classes in 1957/58 and continued alone until 1964/65, when he was joined by a sessional instructor, Mrs. E. Swart. The Department of Classics was established in the 1961/62 school year as part of the Faculty of Arts and Science under Dean D. Smith. The Department of Classics became the Department of Philosophy and Classics under Dean T. M. Penelhum in 1964/65, who became the first head in 1967/68.

In 1969/70 the Department of Philosophy and Classics was divided into two departments. On April 1, 1976, the Faculty of Arts and Science was divided, and the Department of Classics moved to the Faculty of Humanities. In 1993/94, the Department was renamed the Department of Greek, Latin and Ancient History. In 2001/02 the Department of Greek, Latin and Ancient History was renamed the Department of Greek and Roman Studies. In 2010/11 The Department of Greek and Roman Studies changed from being in the Faculty of Humanities to the Faculty of Arts. In 2015, the Departments of Greek and Roman Studies and Religious Studies merged to become the Department of Classics and Religion.

Department Heads: 1967-1969: T. Penelhum; 1969-1974: B. Baldwin; 1974-1976: M. Molitor; 1976-1981: B. Baldwin; 1981-1987: M. Cropp; 1987-1989: J. Yardley; 1989-1993: M. Cropp; 1993-1998: J. Humphrey; 1998-2000: M. Cropp; 2000-2013: P. Toohey; 2013-2015: H. S. Nielson; 2015-2016: T. Ruparell

University of Calgary. Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities was established in 1976 when the Faculty of Arts and Sciences was divided into the Faculties of Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences, and the University College. The Faculty was officially inaugurated in February 1978 with Robertson Davies giving the address.
In 2010, the Faculty of Humanities merged with the Faculties of Fine Arts, Communication and Culture, and Social Sciences to form a new ""super faculty,"" the Faculty of Arts.

Deans of the Faculty of Humanities: J. Woods, 1976-1979; P.C. Craigie, 1979-1984; B.F. Chellas, 1984-1989; R.B. Bond, 1989-1997; H. Joldersma, 1997-1998 (Acting Dean); J.W. Humphrey, 1998-1999 (Acting Dean); P.-Y.A. Mocquais, 1999-2004; R. Smith, 2004-2008, D. Maher, 2008-2010 (Interim Dean).

Roubakine, Boris

Records were donated to the Archives by Glenn Mossop and Willard Schultz, friends and musical colleagues of Roubakine in whose custody the records had been since Roubakine's death in 1980.

University of Calgary. Development Office

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Led by the Vice-President (Development), the Development Office is responsible for fundraising on behalf of the University. The Development Office solicits donations from the community to assist with the University's educational programs, research, scholarship, and creative activity, coordinates and manages these gifts, reports back to donors, and says thank you in a variety of ways.

Formerly, the Development Office reported to the Executive Director, External Relations through the Office of Community Relations. About 2002, it began reporting to the Vice-President (Development).

University of Calgary. Committee on Aging and Gerontology

An ad hoc Steering Committe was set up in November of 1977 to advise on the University of Calgary's future role in the area of aging and gerontology and, under its auspices, a one-day in-house workshop was held in February of 1978. This was to enable faculty members with an interest in this area to exchange information and identify activities and problems which could be pursued within the research, teaching, and service roles of the university.

Arising out of the recommendations of the workshop, the former President, Dr. Cochrane, established a President's Committee on Aging and Gerontology in July 1978. The Committee had explicit terms of reference and the following membership: Dr. D. B. Black (Educational Psychology - Chairman; Ms. P. Allen (Executive Director, Kerby Centre); Dr. C. Emes (Physical Education); Mrs. H. McDonald (Past President, Alberta Council on Aging); Dr. G. Rosenberg (Faculty of Medicine); Professor A. E. D. Schonfield (Psychology); Ms. R. Troyer (Student representative); Mr. D. Yule (Faculty of Continuing Education); Dr. W. Zwerman (Sociology).

The committee met on four occasions and, on its recommendation, a coordinator was appointed in November 1978 for a ten-month term to: compile a list of all university research, teaching and service programs in the area of aging and geriatrics; to liaise with local committees and groups on behalf of the committee; to act as an information source for the community; and to publish an in-house newsletter.

Chairmen of the committee were: Donald B. Black (Educational Psychology) 1979-1980; Lawrence A. Fisher (Faculty of Medicine) 1980-1983; A. E. David Schonfield (Department of Psychology) 1983-1986. No information is available for the President's Committee on Aging and Gerontology after 1986.

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