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University of Calgary. Deans' Council

The Deans' Council has been empowered by The Universities Act to advise the President regarding academic matters, to act as an executive body for the General Faculty Council, to authorize lecturing and teaching by others than staff members, and to exercise disciplinary jurisdiction with respect to students. It functions in an advisory capacity to the Board of Governors and the General Faculties Council as well as the President. In 1967 it consisted of the President and the deans of the different faculties, but by 1982 the Vice-Presidents, Associate Vice-President (Academic) and the Director of Libraries were also on the Council. Secretaries of the Dean's Council have been C.W.H. Linton, 1967-1968; Ian Adam (Acting Secretary), November 1968-February 1969; and W.F.M. Stewart, [1969]-1980. The Executive Assistant to the President now serves as Secretary to Deans' Council and to its Executive Committee.

University of Calgary. Dept. of Facilities Management

Physical planning on the University of Alberta at Calgary campus from 1960 to 1966 was carried out by the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. In about 1966 this position was divided between the new Campus Planning Department, responsible for campus physical development, and the Department of Building and Grounds, responsible for coordination of construction projects. These departments reported to the Vice-President (Capital Resources), and later the Vice-President (Services). By 1976 the departments were merged into one Department of Physical Plant which provided, operated, and maintained University buildings and works; managed related services; and provided staff and leadership for the planning, design and construction of new and modified facilities. In about 1982 the Department was divided into the Campus Development Department, which provided for the University's physical environment including design and construction administration, and the Department of Buildings and Grounds which was responsible for the operation and maintenance of the physical environment and services. Physical Plant was again unified by 1989 and the former Campus Development's responsibilities were divided between Physical Plant's Campus Development Major Project Group and the Campus Space Management Division. The name of the unit changed to the Department of Facilities Management in 1998.
In 2009, Facilities Management joined with Facilities Development and the Office of Sustainbility to become Facilities Management and Development, known as FMD or FM+D, under Vice-President Facilities. In 2014, the name was streamlined to Facilities.

The Campus Ecology Committee was established in 1978 under Dr. Stephen Herrero (Chair) for the purpose of protecting existing areas that might have some ecological and teaching value to the University. The Committee's objectives were to foster and disseminate information on natural and semi-natural campus areas, to inventory vegetation and wildlife, explore possibilities for long-range planning and identification of campus natural areas and to review the impact of campus management policies on natural areas.

University of Calgary. Faculty of Continuing Education

The first non-credit programs were offered in Calgary through a branch of the University of Alberta Department of Extension. The University of Calgary Division of Continuing Education was formed in 1965 under the Vice-President (Academic) area. Headed by a Director, it informed the University community of the educational needs of society and provided the public with opportunities for a part-time educational experience through means such as summer session and evening credit programs and an extension program of non-credit courses, workshops, seminars and institutes. In 1976 the Division administered a lecture series for senior citizens by Grant MacEwan.

In 1977, the Division of Continuing Education became the Faculty of Continuing Education. In 2004, Continuing Education ceased being a faculty and became an academic unit called University of Calgary Continuing Education. In its revised role, it continued to work with faculties to identify, design and market high quality educational opportunities to lifelong adult learners in the community.

Deans of the Faculty of Continuing Education: R.S. Chapman, 1978-1983; A.B. Hamilton, 1983-1988; D.M. Kirby, 1988-1994; T.P. Keenan, 1994-2003; John Humphrey, 2003-2004 (Acting Dean).

University of Alberta in Calgary. Faculty of Arts and Science

The University of Alberta Faculty of Arts and Sciences opened a branch in Calgary in 1951 and offered the first year of a BA or BSc degree. This event added to the U of A's presence in Calgary: Calgary Normal School had become a Calgary branch of the U of A's Faculty of Education in 1945 and offered Arts and Science courses. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences offered a second year of a BA or BSc in 1959 and full degrees in 1960.

Indicative of the growing autonomy of the University of Alberta, Calgary, the Faculty gained its own dean in 1955. Until ca.1968, degrees offered by the Faculty were of three years in duration. In 1969, the General Faculties Council approved the addition of a four-year program.

In October, 1970 the Advisory Committee on Teaching Evaluation (or Baker Committee) was established by the Striking Committee of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences to recommend to the Dean of Arts & Sciences methods to improve teaching and procedures to adopt for the fair and effective evaluation of teachers. Dr. J.A. Baker was the Chair of the Committee. A preliminary report was sent to the Dean in January, 1971 and the procedures noted in the report were adopted later that year. The procedures underwent a review process in 1973 and 1974.

In 1976, the Faculty was divided into the faculties of Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences, and the University College.

Deans of the Faculty of Arts and Science:
W.H. Johns, 1955-1958; D.E. Smith, 1958-1962; unknown, 1962-1963; M.H. Scargill, 1963-1964; T.M. Penelhum, 1964-1967; B.G Wilson, 1968-1971; R.W. Wright, 1971-1973; R.G. Weyant, 1973-1976; N.R. Parsons, 1976-1977.

University of Calgary. Faculty of Education

In 1945, by agreement between the Government of Alberta and the University of Alberta, teacher education became the responsibility of the University. Prior to that time the education of the vast majority of prospective teachers was carried out in the Normal Schools of the province, one of which had operated in Calgary since 1906. The Calgary Branch of the University of Alberta opened on the former Normal School/Technical Institute campus in north Calgary in 1946, and all students in attendance registered in the Faculty of Education. The program was provided by faculty in Education and in Arts and Science. A Dean of Education was appointed in 1962, but the Faculty remained part of the U of A Faculty of Education until 1963 when a separate Faculty of Education was formally established in Calgary. Calgary Branch staff meetings were begun in 1945, and Calgary faculty attended the Faculty of Education Council in Edmonton.

Associate Dean (Academic) (1961-1985) had responsiblity for curriculum, calendar, early childhood education, practicum, inservice, general academic matters. Associate Dean (Administration) (1950-1973) had responsiblity for chair or membership of university and faculty committees, membership of external organizations, representation to government, internal faculty matters. Associate Dean (Student Affairs) (1966-1974) had responsibility for admissions, scholarships, grade summaries, curriculum, new building plans.

In 2013, the Faculty of Education was renamed the Werklund School of Education.

Deans of the Faculty of Education: H.T. Coutts, 1960-1961; H.S. Baker, 1961-1970; A.A. Gibb, 1970-1971 (Acting Dean); John Macdonald, 1971-1975; F.D. Oliva, 1975-1976 (Acting Dean); R.F. Lawson, 1976-1986; F.D. Oliva, 1986-1994; W.I.S. Winchester, 1994-1999; A.V. LaGrange, 1999-2007; B. Clark, 2007-2009 (Acting Dean); D. Sumara, 2009-.

University of Calgary. Faculty of Fine Arts

In 1966 an ad hoc committee recommended that a Faculty of Fine Arts be established at the University of Calgary. Before this period, a joint Department of Fine Arts and Fine Arts Education was administered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Education, and courses in art, drama and music were offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The Faculty of Fine Arts opened in July 1967, and was comprised of the Departments of Drama, Art and Music which each offered four-year programs. In 1978, Masters programs were approved for these areas. The Faculty was governed by a Council which determined policies for curriculum, standards, enrolments, approval of new programs and administrative procedures. The Executive Council was the screening committee for the preparation of all material that was considered by the Faculty of Fine Arts Council.
In 2010, the Faculty of Fine Arts merged with the Faculties of Communication and Culture, Humanities, and Social Sciences to form a new ""super faculty,"" the Faculty of Arts.

Deans of the Faculty of Fine Arts: A.R. Johnston, 1968-1973; J. Marchbank Salmon, 1973-1980; L.A. Robertson, 1980-1986; B.S. Sheehan, 1986-1987 (Acting Dean); J.P.L. Roberts, 1987-1996; M. Yacowar, 1996-2000; A.E. Calvert, 2000-2010.

University of Calgary. Faculty of Graduate Studies

In 1959, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Edmonton allowed some students to work toward their degrees at the University of Alberta in Calgary. The Faculty of Graduate Studies was later established at the University of Calgary in 1964. The Faculty is governed by a Graduate Faculty Council of which all Heads of Departments that offer graduate programs are members. The Council determines policies for the Graduate Faculty including admission standards, fee schedules, enrolments, approval of new programs and thesis requirements. The Joint University/Schools Liaison Committee is a standing committee of the Graduate Faculty Council that reports to the Council through the Dean. The Liaison Committee has authority for approval or rejection of research proposals for graduate student theses or academic staff research.

A major objective of the Faculty of Graduate Studies is to provide leadership and support for excellence in graduate education and research. An important responsibility is to ensure that graduate degrees granted by the University of Calgary meet high national and international standards. The faculty works to ensure that the best students are recruited and admitted to the University of Calgary and promotes uniform standards of excellence across programs.

Deans of the Faculty of Graduate Studies: J.B. Hyne, 1968-1976; G.M. Greig, 1976-1977 (Acting); J.B. Hyne, 1977-1989; D.J. Bercusson, 1989-1997; B.R. Gaines, 1997-2000; J. Frideras, 2000-2001 (Acting); R.L. Mansell, 2001-2004; W.L. Veale, 2004-2007; F. Hall, 2007-2011; L. Young, 2011 (Interim), 2012-.

University of Calgary. Office of Institutional Analysis

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The Office of Institutional Research was established in November 1969 following the Report of the President, Review of Administrative Structures and Functions published in that year. Lead by a Director who reported to the President, the Office provided statistical data, information, reports and analyses to the President and the University Policy Committees upon request. It was considered vital to the University in ensuring the punctual provision and analysis of data essential to the development and execution of policy. In 1982, the name of the office was changed to Office of Institutional Analysis, or OIA, and it moved administratively to the Vice-President (Academic) area. In the 1980s, responsibility for OIA was transferred to the Vice-President (Priorities and Planning) area. By July 1989, OIA was again under VP (Academic) and Provost, but the reporting relationship shifted to the Vice-President (Finance and Services) in 1994. By 1991, the Office's role had been expanded to include the development of management tools and techniques with University administrative application. The Director of OIA is a non-voting resource member of the University Planning Committee. In 2002, OIA's reporting relationship shifted once again from the Vice-President (Finance and Service) to the Provost and Vice-President (Academic).

Directors of the Office of Institutional Analysis: B.S. Sheehan, 1971-1980; S. Braun, 1981 (Acting Director); E.A. Hillman, 1981-1984; Shepard Braun, 1984-2002; Doug Shale, 2002-xx; xxx; Jodi Magee, pre-2015-.

University of Calgary. Faculty Women's Club

The Faculty Women's Club was established in 1956 for the purpose of giving the wives and women members of Faculty an opportunity to become acquainted with one another, to assist the University in any appropriate manner and to raise funds for city charities. Their programs over the years have included running the University Ball, Afternoon Book Clubs, Thursday Hikers, Bridge Club, Bible studies, bazaars and auctions. The Club has also supplied support at convocation and official events and provided scholarship monies.

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