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  • 2000-

TMM Library and Archives is managed by the University of Calgary through a partnership with the Military Museums established in 2000

Morley, George

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  • 1927-2004

George James Morley was born in Ontario in 1927 and operated a retail appliance store in Toronto. After moving to Calgary with his family, Morley became involved with a wide variety of volunteer organizations that complemented his broad range of interests. He had strong interests in Canadian war history and was the founding president of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society, the past president of the N.W.M.P. Commemorative Association, and the director for The Red Coat Puppet Theatre; Morley authored the production “Westward Ride the Red Coats” that was performed in many Alberta schools.

Morley had a passion for comic art. His personal collection, that he began accumulating in the 1940s, includes clippings, comic books, and reference books, reference files on comic art and artists, and original artwork. Morley’s interest in war history is reflected in many of the strips he collected including G-8 and His Battle Aces, Navy Bob Steele, Flyin’ Jenny, and Captain Easy. He was also the founder and publisher of Strip Scene, a fanzine that celebrated the newspaper comic strip with articles, research information and artwork. Strip Scene was first published in 1977 and ran in print form for 25 issues through to 1984; long-time editor Carl Horak continues to maintain Strip Scene as a web presence.

Morley also carried this passion into his volunteer work with Calgary public schools as he worked extensively with students using his love and knowledge of comic art to encourage their own creativity. The George Morley Memorial Scholarship was established in his honour in 2004 to recognize students “with a high level of participation in the arts program."

George Morley died March 5, 2004.

Dr. Suzette Mayr

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Suzette Mayr is an award-winning author, poet, editor and educator who was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1967. As a Canadian of German and Afro-Caribbean background, Mayr often explores issues of race, identity and sexuality in her writing through the stylistic use of humour, cultural mythologies and surreal imagery.

Her novels include Moon Honey (1995 NeWest Press), The Widows (1998 NeWest Press), Venous Hum (2004 Arsenal Pulp Press), Monoceros (2011 Coach House Books) and Dr. Edith Vane and the Hares of Crawley Hall (2017 Coach House Books). Her novel Moon Honey was nominated for the Henry Kreisel Award for Best First Book and the Georges Bugnet award for Best Novel. The Widows was nominated for the Commonwealth Prize for Best Book in the Canada-Caribbean Region. Monoceros was the winner of the 2012 ReLit Award and the City of Calgary W.O. Mitchell Award, longlisted for the 2011 Scotiabank Giller Prize and was also nominated for the Ferro-Grumley Award for LGBT Fiction and the Georges Bugnet Award for Fiction.

A former President of the Writers’ Guild of Alberta, Mayr has edited six literary anthologies, and collaborated with Calgary theatre company Theatre Junction and visual artists Lisa Brawn and Geoff Hunter. She has been a writer-in-residence at the University of Calgary and at Widener University, Pennsylvania. Mayr is currently is a Professor at the University of Calgary’s Department of English, where she teaches courses in creative writing and contemporary literature studies.

Lewis L. Osborne

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  • 1954-1993

Lewis L. Osborne completed his PhD at the University of Calgary in 1981. He worked at the Illinois Natural History Survey, a research institution located on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from ca. 1987-1993. He was also a professor in the university's Department of Urban and Regional Planning prior to 1987.

University of Calgary. Committee on Aging and Gerontology

An ad hoc Steering Committe was set up in November of 1977 to advise on the University of Calgary's future role in the area of aging and gerontology and, under its auspices, a one-day in-house workshop was held in February of 1978. This was to enable faculty members with an interest in this area to exchange information and identify activities and problems which could be pursued within the research, teaching, and service roles of the university.

Arising out of the recommendations of the workshop, the former President, Dr. Cochrane, established a President's Committee on Aging and Gerontology in July 1978. The Committee had explicit terms of reference and the following membership: Dr. D. B. Black (Educational Psychology - Chairman; Ms. P. Allen (Executive Director, Kerby Centre); Dr. C. Emes (Physical Education); Mrs. H. McDonald (Past President, Alberta Council on Aging); Dr. G. Rosenberg (Faculty of Medicine); Professor A. E. D. Schonfield (Psychology); Ms. R. Troyer (Student representative); Mr. D. Yule (Faculty of Continuing Education); Dr. W. Zwerman (Sociology).

The committee met on four occasions and, on its recommendation, a coordinator was appointed in November 1978 for a ten-month term to: compile a list of all university research, teaching and service programs in the area of aging and geriatrics; to liaise with local committees and groups on behalf of the committee; to act as an information source for the community; and to publish an in-house newsletter.

Chairmen of the committee were: Donald B. Black (Educational Psychology) 1979-1980; Lawrence A. Fisher (Faculty of Medicine) 1980-1983; A. E. David Schonfield (Department of Psychology) 1983-1986. No information is available for the President's Committee on Aging and Gerontology after 1986.

University of Calgary. Faculty of Kinesiology

The School of Physical Education was formed in 1960. The name was changed in 1975 to the Faculty of Physical Education. In 1996, the faculty was renamed the Faculty of Kinesiology.

Kinesiology is a multidisciplinary science encompassing anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, psychomotor behaviour, and social and cultural factors. The Faculty of Kinesiology trains professionals who have a strong foundation in the study of movement and sport from both the theoretical and applied perspectives. The students are exposed to learning opportunities through the integration of research, education, and practical applications of knowledge.

Deans of the Faculty of Kinesiology:
L. Goodwin, 1966-1968 (Head); L. Goodwin, 1968-1975 (Director); L. Goodwin, 1975-1977 (Dean); G.E. Kingston, 1977-1978 (Acting); R.C. Jackson, 1978-1988; W.L. Veale, 1988-1998; R.F. Zernicke, 1998-2006; W.R. Giles, 2006-2012; P. Werthner, 2012-.

Western Universities Telecourse Consortium

The Western Universities Telecourse Consortium (WUTC) was initiated by President Murray Fraser and several other western university Presidents in 1992. Don Detomasi was appointed by President Fraser as the University of Calgary's representative on WUTC; the position was later taken over by Tom Keenan. WUTC was initially funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Skills, Training and Labour, but later received funding from the four provincial governments and membership fees.

The Consortium was a collaboration between post-secondary educational institutions and educational broadcasters. The mandate of the Consortium was to develop and deliver first and second-year university courses through accessible telecourses in order to increase university access for students in Western Canada. The Consortium was administered by an Executive Director, a Board of Directors and a Program Development Committee. It is unclear if the University withdrew from the Consortium in 1996.

University of Calgary. Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences was formed in 1977 after the dissolution of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It included the departments of Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, Geography, History, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

In 2010, the Faculty of Social Sciences merged with the Faculties of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Communication and Culture to form a new super faculty, the Faculty of Arts.

Deans of the Faculty of Social Sciences: H.K. Betz, 1977-1981; D.A. Seastone, 1981-1986; A.W. Rasporich, 1986-1995; S.J. Randall, 1995-2006; K. McQuillan, 2007-2010.

Vocational and Rehabilitation Research Institute

The Vocational and Rehabilitation Research Institute (VRRI) is an independent research and demonstration centre that has been affiliated with the University of Calgary since 1966. Its mandate is to develop, investigate and demonstrate ways in which the dignity and values of individuals with developmental disabilities can be enhanced. This is done through applied research projects initiated internally and through collaborative research with members of the community.

VRRI provides support services such as residential services (support in any setting in which an individual chooses to live), recreation, community services (supporting in work placements, volunteer placements and leisure activities), a bottle depot, a research department, and Cool-Talk (a column written by VRRI self-advocates).

VRRI also provides professional development information in publications and multimedia including Coffee Break Brief, Rehabilitation Review, Current Awareness Bulletin, Bridges (magazine), and pamphlets.

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