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University of Calgary. Immunological Sciences Research Group

The Immunological Sciences Research Group formed in the Faculty of Medicine prior to 1987. In 2008, it became part of the Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases and subsequently was renamed the Immunology Research Group. In 2014, the Faculty of Medicine was renamed the Cumming School of Medicine.

University of Calgary. Division of Applied Psychology

The Division of Applied Psychology was first established in the Faculty of Education in 1962 as the Department of Educational Psychology. The Division of Applied Psychology was established within the Faculty of Education (which became in the Werklund School of Education in 2013) in the 2000/01 school year.

Effective May 2012, Applied Psychology (APSY) changed its name to Educational Psychology (EDPS). By 2015, it was listed as part of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, its mission being to contribute to the development of thought and practice in Applied Psychology through faculty and student research, the education of professionals, and collaboration with, and service to, local, national, and international communities.

Heads of the Department of Educational Psychology / Division of Applied Psychology:
J.S. Woodsworth, 1962-1973; B.P. Frost, 1973-1977; R.A. Lambert, 1977-1980; R.I. Brown, 1980-1987; L.H. Sandals, 1987-1992; H.A. Altmann (Acting), 1992-1994; S.E. Robertson, 1994-1999; K.V. Cairns, 2000-2001; B. Hiebert, 2001-2006; V. Schwean, 2006-2010; T. Strong, 2010-2012.

University of Calgary. Food Services

The Food Services unit existed on the campus as an independent unit from approximately the 1980s until it was taken over by Chartwells Educational Dining Services in 2005. In 2015, the food service contract was transferred from Chartwells to Aramark. By then, Food Services was listed as part of University of Calgary Ancillary Services, a group of self-funded operations offering services enhancing, supporting and serving the University of Calgary. All Ancillary proceeds stay on campus supporting academic, research, and student programming initiatives.

The mandate of University of Calgary Food Services is to oversee the food services operator and all food-related operations on campus including meal plans, catering, a variety of campus food retailers, vending, and liquor licensing.

Alberta Union of Provincial Employees. Local 52

Alberta Union of Provincial Employees represents a large number of government and board employees throughout the province. For administrative purposes, AUPE designates each department or unit a local number. The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, Local 52 is the sole bargaining agent for The University of Calgary support staff and was formed by an enactment of the Alberta legislature on June 14, 1976. Previously, The University of Calgary's support staff were served by the Civil Service Association of Alberta. Local 52 is autonomous within the structure of AUPE and bargains independently within AUPE's constitution. The Local consists of over 2000 salaried and casual members and is administered by four chapters which each elect an executive to look after the chapter's interest. Local 52's chapters are Operational/Administrative, General, Specialist/Advisor, and Trades/Technical. These chapters reflect the job families staff are classified under. Representatives to Local 52 Council are elected by the chapters, and the Local executive is elected from among the members of the Council.

Armstrong, Herbert S.

Herbert Stoker Armstrong was the first President of the University of Calgary. After serving as Dean of the Arts and Science Faculty at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, he came to the University of Alberta as Professor of Geology and Dean of the new Faculty of Science in 1962. He was appointed Vice-President (Academic) in 1963, and in 1964 became the first President of the University of Alberta at Calgary. When The University of Calgary received autonomy in 1966, he assumed the dual role of President and Vice-Chancellor, which he held until 1968.

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