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Wetherell, Donald Grant

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Donald Grant Wetherell, 1949- , was born in Edmonton, Alberta and educated at the University of Saskatchewan and Queen's University. In 1980 he married Irene Kmet who was educated at the same universities and who is a lawyer and historian. Together they formed D.G. Wetherell and Associates and co-authored several books on Alberta history, including Homes in Alberta : Building, Trends and Design, 1870-1967 / Donald G. Wetherell, Irene R. A. Kmet. -- Edmonton : University of Alberta Press, Alberta Culture and Multiculturalism, Alberta Municipal Affairs, 1991; Useful Pleasures : The Shaping of Leisure in Alberta, 1896-1945 / Donald G. Wetherell with Irene Kmet. -- Edmonton : Alberta Culture and Multiculturalism, 1990; Breaking New Ground : A Century of Farm Equipment Manufacturing on the Canadian Prairies / Donald G. Wetherell with Elise A. Corbet. -- Saskatoon : Fifth House in association with Alberta Community Development, 1993; Town Life : Main Street and the Evolution of Small Town Alberta, 1880-1947 / Donald G. Wetherell, Irene R. A. Kmet. -- Edmonton : University of Alberta Press, Alberta Community Development, 1995; Alberta's North : A History, 1890-1950 / Donald G. Wetherell and Irene R. A. Kmet. -- Edmonton : University of Alberta Press, 2000; Alberta Formed, Alberta Transformed / edited by Michael Payne, Donald Wetherell & Catherine Cavanaugh. -- Edmonton : University of Alberta Press, 2006; and Architecture, Town Planning and Community : Selected Writings and Public Talks by Cecil Burgess, 1909-1946 / edited by Donald G. Wetherell. -- Edmonton : University of Alberta Press, 2005.

Westgate, Charles R.

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Charles R. Westgate, 1866-1942, was born in England and emigrated to Sudbury, Ontario in 1885. He attended Methodist seminary for two years and then established a business in Montreal. He married Harriet Elizabeth Lewis, 1862-1954, and they had three sons, Charlie, ?-ca. 1918, Bill, ?-ca. 1920s, and John Gordon. Charles had investments in southern Alberta coal mines and ca. 1909 was an officer of the Bow River Centre Collieries Limited. By 1913 he was secretary-treasurer of Prairie Coal Co., a group of Montreal investors who had bought coal deposits along the Bow River near Brooks, Alberta.

The company opened the Bow City Coal Mine in 1909 and set up a town site called Bow City. In 1914 Charles and the family moved to Bow City, and ca. 1919 he bought the company's assets and formed his own called Kleenbirn Collieries, Limited. He also held Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) coal leases and co-owned the People's Coal Mine with T.H. Wiggins. Charles retired in 1937 and Gordon took over. In 1943 Kleenbirn expanded, with government backing, to provide coal for war needs. The company closed its underground mine ca. 1944 in order to concentrate on strip mining begun in 1932. After about 1953 sales fell off to local sales only.

West, Ralph Edwin

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Ralph Edwin West, 1892-1918, was born in Kettering, England and came with his family to Calgary, Alberta in 1907. He worked at Donnelly, Watson and Brown as a stenographer and bookkeeper and then became involved with the Calgary YMCA after training at the YMCA College in Chicago. In 1916 he became Boys work director at the Regina YMCA. In the latter position he travelled to numerous events in Canada and the USA. In 1917 he enlisted in the 249th battalion and was posted overseas with the First Canadian Mounted Rifles. West was killed at Monchy in August, 1918.

Welsh, Alfred Peter

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Alfred Peter Welsh, 1858-1949, was born in Somerset, England. He came to Alberta in 1883. He served with Steele's Scouts during the 1885 Riel Rebellion (North West Rebellion). He then established a ranch in the Sheep Creek (Millarville) area. In 1890 he married Alice Maud Mary le Bagge, ?-1904, who was originally from Waterford County, Ireland. They had four children who survived to adulthood, Arabella, Leonard, Helen Barbara le Bagge (Averill), 1898-?, and Charles William Henry le Bagge "Harry", 1900-?. The ranch was named Ardmore Ranch after Alice's home in Ireland. The Welshes were very active in Christ Church, Millarville. Alfred remarried in 1908. He and his second wife, Edith, had one daughter, Clodagh (Strallendorf). In 1918 the ranch was sold to Thomas Barnes and the Welshes moved to Duncan, British Columbia.

Wells, Egbert I.

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Egbert I. Wells, 1886-1969, was born in Hastings North Township, Ontario and moved to Alberta in 1902 to a farm at Wellsville, 12 miles south of Fort Macleod. He and his wife Isabella May Rollins were married in September 1914 in Lethbridge and they had four children, Margaret (Reasbeck, later Maxwell), 1919-2018 , Egbert Rollins, 1915-1969, Jean [Horricks], 1928- , and Allen Rollins, 1931- . They later moved to Calgary, then returned to the Fort Macleod area.

Jean Wells wrote an account of life on the farm in Morning Has Broken / Jean Wells. -- Victoria : Trafford, 2003; and Allen wrote The Winter Count / Allen R. Wells. -- Bloomington: Xlibris, 2012.

Weinfield, John Joshua "J.J."

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John Joshua Weinfield, 1879-1985, was born in Zbarash, Austria. He came to Montreal with his parents in 1886, and in 1903 was the first Jewish graduate of the Montreal College of Pharmacy. He ran two drugstores in Montreal. In 1911 he married Sophia Sereth, ?-1971, daughter of Henry N. Sereth of Calgary. They had four sons including Jack and Stanley (Winfield). The family moved to Calgary in 1913 and in 1917 J.J. established the John J. Weinfield Drug Company Ltd. at 238-8th Avenue SW. He subsequently operated drug stores at several locations. From 1929 to 1934 he was a travelling salesman for Benson and Hedges and from 1937 to 1943 he worked at an Alberta Liquor Store. He moved to Vancouver in 1944 and practiced pharmacy until his retirement in 1959.

Webster, Herbert Alfred

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Herbert Alfred Webster, ?-1964, came to Canada in the 1920s and established a ranch in the Shouldice Park area immediately west of Calgary, Alberta. He and his wife, May Alexandra, [?-after 1980], retired to Calgary.

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