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White, M.E.

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M.E. White lived in Calgary, Alberta.

White, Francis

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Francis "Frank" White, 1844-1924, was born in Birmingham, England, and emigrated to Canada with his family in 1860. He worked for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway in Quebec for several years. He married Christina Ross and they had three children, Frank, William, and Jessie (Munro). Christina died when the children were young. In 1882 he was hired as treasurer of the Cochrane Ranche Company. He worked at the Cochrane Ranche at Big Hills (now Cochrane, Alberta) for a year, then became manager of the ranch when it moved southwest of Fort Macleod in 1883. He resigned at the end of 1884. In 1885 he married Annie Anderson, 1853-1941, and they had one son, Harold, 1888-1949. Frank started a sheep ranch west of Big Hill in 1885. By 1890 the Merino Ranch ran ca. 5000 head of sheep. In 1901 the ranch was sold to C.W. Fisher and the Whites moved to Fernie, British Columbia where Frank was land commissioner for the Crows Nest Pass Coal Company.

Whiddington, Henry Morgan

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  • 1877-1949

Henry Morgan Whiddington (1877-1949) and his younger brother William A. Whiddington (1881-1954) were active in Lethbridge, Alberta, where they dominated the local architectural scene for more than twenty years. Born in Scarborough, Yorkshire, England on 7 May 1877, Henry M. trained under his father William Whiddington (1849-1934), an architect in London, and with W.H. Duffield while attending classes at the Architectural Association in that city. Both he and his brother emigrated to Canada in 1906 and settled in Alberta where they are recorded among the first members of the newly formed Alberta Association of Architects. Henry M. joined the Alberta Association of Architects on 19 November 1906. He later went on to be Hon. Secretary of the Association in 1909 and was on Council of the Association in 1907. In 1912 he was appointed delegate of the Association to the Annual Convention of Builders Exchanges, Lethbridge.

Henry M. and his brother created a partnership and opened an office in the Strathcona neighbourhood of Edmonton in 1907 but by 1910 both had relocated to Lethbridge where they established that town's first professional architectural office. From that location, they also operated a branch office at Hosmer, British Columbia.

Their designs for institutional buildings borrowed from Edwardian and Beaux-Arts precedents and employed a formal symmetry evident in their plans for Fleetwood School (c. 1912) and for the Galbraith School (c. 1912). For unknown reasons William A. left Alberta in 1926 and Henry continued to practice under his own name. In late 1928 Henry moved to Cranbrook, British Columbia and opened an office there, but within two years the practice was closed. Henry later moved to Victoria, British Columbia in 1940 and died there on 19 September 1949.

Wheeler, Victor Weeks

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Victor Weeks Wheeler, 1893-1979, was born in England and came to Alberta in 1912. During the First World War he was a signaller with the 50th Infantry Battalion in France. On his return he spent several years as a telegraph operator at Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) railway stations across Canada. He then moved to North Carolina, USA. During the Second World War he served on the staff of the British Petroleum Mission in Washington, DC. After the war he became a naturalized American citizen, and worked for the Office of Price Stabilization, also in Washington, DC. He and his wife, Nellie, retired to Nebraska. In 1960 he decided to write a book about his experiences with the 50th Infantry Battalion. The book The 50th Battalion in No Man's Land, was published by the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation in 1980.

Wheatley, Henry Percival

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  • 1891-

Henry Percival Wheatley was born in Ireland on March 12, 1891. He enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force at Winnipeg, in 1915 and served as a Sergeant with the 101st Battalion.

Whalen, Lee Andrew

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  • 1959-2019

Lee Andrew Whalen was born 17 May 1959 in Barrie, Ontario. He was part of the 32nd Signal Regiment of the Canadian Armed Forces and served for 31 years. He spent some of his time in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with the United Nations Protection Force United (UNPROFOR). He took part in Peacekeeping force in Mostar and Srebrenica. Whalen died 27 August 2019 in Ontario.

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