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University of Calgary. Faculty of Kinesiology

The School of Physical Education was formed in 1960. The name was changed in 1975 to the Faculty of Physical Education. In 1996, the faculty was renamed the Faculty of Kinesiology.

Kinesiology is a multidisciplinary science encompassing anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, psychomotor behaviour, and social and cultural factors. The Faculty of Kinesiology trains professionals who have a strong foundation in the study of movement and sport from both the theoretical and applied perspectives. The students are exposed to learning opportunities through the integration of research, education, and practical applications of knowledge.

Deans of the Faculty of Kinesiology:
L. Goodwin, 1966-1968 (Head); L. Goodwin, 1968-1975 (Director); L. Goodwin, 1975-1977 (Dean); G.E. Kingston, 1977-1978 (Acting); R.C. Jackson, 1978-1988; W.L. Veale, 1988-1998; R.F. Zernicke, 1998-2006; W.R. Giles, 2006-2012; P. Werthner, 2012-.

Western Universities Telecourse Consortium

The Western Universities Telecourse Consortium (WUTC) was initiated by President Murray Fraser and several other western university Presidents in 1992. Don Detomasi was appointed by President Fraser as the University of Calgary's representative on WUTC; the position was later taken over by Tom Keenan. WUTC was initially funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Skills, Training and Labour, but later received funding from the four provincial governments and membership fees.

The Consortium was a collaboration between post-secondary educational institutions and educational broadcasters. The mandate of the Consortium was to develop and deliver first and second-year university courses through accessible telecourses in order to increase university access for students in Western Canada. The Consortium was administered by an Executive Director, a Board of Directors and a Program Development Committee. It is unclear if the University withdrew from the Consortium in 1996.

University of Calgary. Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences was formed in 1977 after the dissolution of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It included the departments of Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, Geography, History, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

In 2010, the Faculty of Social Sciences merged with the Faculties of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Communication and Culture to form a new super faculty, the Faculty of Arts.

Deans of the Faculty of Social Sciences: H.K. Betz, 1977-1981; D.A. Seastone, 1981-1986; A.W. Rasporich, 1986-1995; S.J. Randall, 1995-2006; K. McQuillan, 2007-2010.

Vocational and Rehabilitation Research Institute

The Vocational and Rehabilitation Research Institute (VRRI) is an independent research and demonstration centre that has been affiliated with the University of Calgary since 1966. Its mandate is to develop, investigate and demonstrate ways in which the dignity and values of individuals with developmental disabilities can be enhanced. This is done through applied research projects initiated internally and through collaborative research with members of the community.

VRRI provides support services such as residential services (support in any setting in which an individual chooses to live), recreation, community services (supporting in work placements, volunteer placements and leisure activities), a bottle depot, a research department, and Cool-Talk (a column written by VRRI self-advocates).

VRRI also provides professional development information in publications and multimedia including Coffee Break Brief, Rehabilitation Review, Current Awareness Bulletin, Bridges (magazine), and pamphlets.

University of Calgary. University General Counsel

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The University General Counsel advises on the legal issues at the University of Calgary. This includes such things as procedures governing student discipline, recommendations that are not consistent with the provisions of the Universities Act, appropriate wording for policies and procedures, and statements in publications that are contrary to Human Rights. Also known as University Legal Services and University Legal Counsel.

University of Calgary. Law Library

The Law Library has existed at the University since ca. 1977, shortly after the inception of the Faculty of Law. Following a major donation from a local law firm in 2005, the library was named the Bennett Jones Law Library. Administered under the auspices of the University of Calgary Libraries, the Law Library has always had its own librarian specializing in the needs of the Faculty.

The Bennett Jones Law Library provides legal information resources and services to support the teaching and research programs of the Faculty of Law and the University of Calgary. It also helps meet the legal information needs of Calgary's legal community. For members of the Law Society of Alberta, the library offers a free library card, reduced photocophy costs, and document delivery services. In addition, it is open to any member of the public requiring access to the collection.

Assistance is provided in identifying and locating sources of legal information and other appropriate library materials. The Bennett Jones Law Library has a rare book collection which contains publications on such subjects as Australian Law, Constitutional History, and Wills & Estates. An archival copy of each thesis from the LL.M. program is available for viewing in the library only.

Centre for Gifted Education (Calgary, Alta.)

The Centre for Gifted Education was established in 1988 with a mandate and funding from the Department of Advanced Education of the Province of Alberta. The Centre is housed in the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary and is one of only two such centres in Canada.

The mission of the Centre is to meet the intellectual and socio-emotional needs of gifted individuals through research, professional development, community liaison, and instructional programs.

Working towards this vision: the knowledge generated through the Centre's research is used to maximize the potential of students who are gifted and talented; educators and other professionals benefit from the development and delivery of graduate programs, preservice activites, inservice activities, and consultation provided by the Centre to enhance their professional practice; gifted students and their parents benefit from direct services offered by the Centre; and The Centre for Gifted Education plays a facilitative role in providing and sharing expertise throughout the province.

University of Calgary. Dept. of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering was formed in 1960 in the Faculty of Engineering. A new Civil Engineering wing was opened at the University in 1982. In 2005, the Faculty of Engineering was renamed the Schulich School of Engineering.

The department approaches teaching by exposing the students to the broad base of the discipline and then allowing options for specialization. At the graduate level, degrees offered are PhD, MSc, and MEng.

Heads of the Department of Civil Engineering: R.A. Ritter, 1966-1967; R.H. Mills, 1967-1969; H.A.R. de Paiva, 1969-1972; M.A. Ward, 1972-1984; R.E. Loov, 1984-1986; M.A. Sargious, 1986-1988 (Acting); R.E. Loov, 1988-1989; N.G. Shrive, 1989-1995; J.F. Morrall, 1995-1996 (Acting); N.G. Shrive, 1996-2000; T. G. Brown, 2000-2005; R.C.K. Wong, 2005-2007; T.G. Brown, 2007-2009; R.C.K. Wong, 2009-.

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